Jack Franks Chickens Out of His Second League of Women Voters’ Forum

Two years ago State Rep. Jack Franks skipped the McHenry County League of Women Voters Forum.

He was running against Steve Reick.

Jack Franks, empty suit, was not seen in the empty seat next to GOP County Board Chairman candidate Mike Walkup.

Jack Franks, empty suit, was not seen in the empty seat next to GOP County Board Chairman candidate Mike Walkup.

Last night Jack Franks chickened out of his second League of Women Voters event.

One could be excused for thinking that Franks cannot bear the scrutiny that questions he himself cannot censor might provoke.

Republican opponent Mike Walkup was allowed to give a five-minute statement, but, to the dismay of many of the audience, was not allowed to answer questions.

That statement will be published in the near future.


Jack Franks Chickens Out of His Second League of Women Voters’ Forum — 29 Comments

  1. Perhaps Jack was too busy removing Trump/Pence yard signs from around the county.

  2. Franks has never accomplished anything – ever.

    The voters literally just vote for him because of ice cream.

    Voters couldn’t possibly support him because of his policy positions?!

    He does everything Mike Madigan wants him to do – all the time.

    The Democrats ruin everything, yet accomplish nothing.

    The Democrats ruined the GOP dominated county board.

    Democrats can’t cut taxes 10%?!

    Franks is running to run the county board – the GALL he has!

  3. Ice cream works.

    Jack is this counties most self serving politician.

  4. Still waiting for Moderate to lost Jack’s accomplishments.

    I can list 1.

    In retaliation to a Metra board member, Franks passed legislation to end pensions for those and other RTA boards.

  5. Who am I?

    Martin Luther?

    Do it yourself.

    What you’ll find is Franks literally does nothing.

    He has never passed legislation.

    The Democrats capable at doing nothing, while ruining everything.

  6. Jack Franks lobbies for years to have the head of McHenry County an elected position.

    November 6, 2012 – Referendum for County Board Executive form of government fails.

    March 18, 2014 – Referendum to make the County Board Chair a voter elected position succeeds.


    June 6, 2014 – Northwest Herald reporter interviewed State Representative Jack Franks while he was pushing for two county advisory referendums.

    “Franks made clear that he is not pushing for County Board changes as an effort to run for the chairman’s seat in two years, following the footsteps of former state senators Chris Lauzen and Dan Cronin, now chairmen of the Kane and DuPage county boards.

    ‘What I’m trying to do is reduce our property taxes in McHenry County and make it livable so people don’t leave,’ Franks sad.

    ‘I can promise you I am not running for county chairman in 2016.

    This has nothing to do with me.

    This is about good government.'”

    One proposed referendum was to convert the county board from 6 districts with 4 members each, to 16 districts with one member each.

    The other referendum was to prohibit tax hikes if EAV falls.

    Neither proposed referendum made it to the election ballot.


    Thus Jack Franks broke the promise he made in June 2014.


    Current Democrat 63rd District State Representative Jack Franks voted for many unfunded and underfunded state mandates on local units of government that became state law.

    The Illinois Municipal League, which is a lobbying group that represents local villages / cities / towns, produced a document that lists many of those laws (Public Acts) by General Assembly:

    Illinois Municipal League

    Report to the Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates Task Force

    March 4, 2015

    presented to Evelyn Sanguinetti, Lieutenant Governor, chair of the task force

    Jack Franks has been in office from the 91st General Assembly (1999 – 2000) to the current 99th (2015 – 2016) General Assembly.



    State of Illinois

    Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates Task Force

    Report: Delivering Efficient, Effective, and Streamlined Government to Illinois Taxpayers

    Presented by Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti (chair of the task force) to Governor Bruce Rauner on December 15, 2015

    Members of the Task Force included State Representative Jack D Franks





    Jack Franks voted for state unfunded mandates on local government, that became state laws, as a State Representative.

    Some unfunded mandates result in hiked property taxes (other options are service cuts, increase productivity, etc.).

    Some of the unfunded mandates on local governments that Jack Franks voted for are a document produced by the Illinois Municipal League.

    That document was submitted to the Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandate Task Force, of which Jack Franks was a member.

    Jack Franks says he has never voted for a tax hike, but he has voted for unfunded mandates that became state laws that result in property tax hikes and other types of fee and tax hikes.


  7. Where was Franks?

    The empty seat was as empty as his promises.

    What is Jackie boy afraid of?

    Why would a candidate who claims to be for the people refuse to debate his opponent?

    It sure looks like Jackie knows Mike has better answers and a better message.

    In the food chain, Jackie would be a donut.

    A bunch of empty calories without any nutritional value.

    Does he know that and knows a debate would expose him as “empty calories”?

    Is that why he stayed home?

    The voters need to really consider why Franks did not bother to attend the debate.

    Remember on Election Day, he did not care enough about you to waste his time at a debate that would educate the voters on who each candidate really is.

    When the going got tough, Franks stayed home.

    He did not even show up.

    Walkup does care.

    That is why he did show up.

    This demonstrates a huge difference between the candidates.

    Franks talks big but it is absent real tax saving accomplishments.

    Walkup stands the post and gets it done.

    Vote for a real leader, not a career politician.

    Vote for Walkup.

  8. In that same type of vein Xout42

    Article from CHICAGO TRIBUNE

    September 3, 2016

    “Will County questions legality of
    new pension law
    Board member Tom Weigel,
    R-New Lenox,
    calling it DISCRIMINATORY 
    And unconstitutional.

    Weigel, said the new law UNFAIRLY SINGLES OUT board members and SHOULD ALSO INCLUDE MUNICIPAL
    and TOWNSHIP elected officials”.

    “This legislation SHOULD have INCLUDED
    MUNICIPAL & TOWNSHIP Officials, apparently they were in the original piece and taken out.”

    On Jackos website he BRAGS . . .

    “The original version of Senate Bill
    2701, filed by state Sen. Pam Althoff,
    R-McHenry, only required county board members to keep time sheets. But

    Pam Althoff was used like a tool by
    Letting Franks rewrite this bill to target
    MC Board Members & use that in the 2016

    Instead of being a team member with
    Leadership skills, Jacko TARGETS,
    BULLYS & MANIPULATES situations
    Where the outcome would have been
    More appropriate.

    Then Jacko takes credit for Althoff’s
    Bill, while the orginal bill was MORE
    Appropriate & inclusive.

    Franco’s unwitting minions eat the
    Ice cream, while other discerning
    Of these MADIGOON learned behaviors.

    Freckles/feckless Jacko 🙁

  9. McHenry along with the rest of the State is Democrat.

    He doesn’t have to do a thing, but ride the Hildabeasts upcoming landslide win in McHenry County.

    Didn’t those Obama wins and celestial taxes in McHenry County teach anyone, that there are no Republicans, but only various degrees of Democrat opportunists here?

  10. DJ is spot on. McHenry County is a total Democratic haven.

    That’s why it majority voted for Mitt last cycle, has a nearly 100% GOP dominated county board and all but one member of the legislature is a Republican.

  11. OK Lorna – I’ll give that to you.

    But I doubt ALL those people were pure spectators/undecided voters.

    Most were League volunteers, paid staff, party insiders or reporters.

    There were a handful of people there that weren’t semi-public figures, hence FYI needs to chill out because it was political theater.

  12. It matters not if there were TWO people there.

    If they are your constituents, you need to be there for them.

  13. Moderate?

    Oh, those people don’t count.

    Those people are this or those people are that.

    What makes you the high and mighty arbiter of who counts for what?

    Even God is no respecter of persons; why would you pull that baloney to sidetrack this discussion?

  14. Who was in the audience, Cindy?

    That sort of matters.

    Let’s recap:

    Undecided voters/unbiased voters didn’t even show up for this forum.

    Lorna quite astutely pointed out about 100 people were there.

    That’s less than 1% of the eligible voter population.
    So, who were those less than 1% of people that showed up?

    Cal writes, “to the dismay of many of the audience, [Walkup] was not allowed to answer questions.”

    Who was dismayed?!

    They weren’t the enumerated silent majority.

    They were, by majority, local GOP leadership.

    Where God has anything to do with this is beyond me.

  15. Jack Franks lobbies to have the McHenry County Board Chair a voter elected, rather than board elected, position.

    That referendum passes.

    Then Jack Franks as one of the candidates for that position refuses to debate at the League of Womens Voter Forum, just as he refused to debate two years ago while a candidate for 63rd District State Representative.

    Jack Franks in 2014 promised that he would not run for County Board Chair in 2016.

    That turns out to be a broken promise, because he is running for County Board Chair in 2016.

    A key point of Jack Franks 2016 County Board Chair campaign is and agenda to cut property taxes in every taxing district in McHenry County by 10%….but he refuses to release the plan until after the election and does not specify a time frame to accomplish the goal.

    That is next to impossible given existing collective bargaining agreements, underfunded pensions, existing bond debt service schedules, and a whole lot more.

    But this is the year Jeffery Lichte filed to run as a Republican candidate in the March 15, 2016 primary election for 63rd State Representative District.

    The Democrat candidate who went unopposed for 63rd District State Representative was Jack Franks.


    Jack Franks:

    – runs for the position for which he said he would not run (County Board Chair in 2016)

    – refuses to participate in a debate for the position he lobbied to create (League of Womens Voter debate for County Board Chair

    – refuses to release his plan to cut property taxes 10% until after the election (you have to elect him or wait until the election to see what’s in the plan).

    – just happens to be the Democrat candidate in the primary in which one of his supporters files to run as a Republican (Jeffery Lichte filed as Republican in March 15, 2016 primary for 63rd District State Representative).

  16. +++++++++++++++
    On August 27th, 2016, Mark posted the same thing.

    On August 28th, Mark posted the same thing

    On August 29th, 2016, Mark posted the same thing.

    On August 30ty, Mark posted the same thing

    On August 31st, 2016, Mark posted the same thing.

    On September 3rd, Mark posted the same thing

  17. Ha ha ha LOL

    Love it ! 🙂
    Pictures of Jacko with
    His pants on fire are need
    For the website too !

  18. Like most Democrats, Frank’s doesn’t seem to like democracy.

    The people are beneath him.

  19. Adding to the above list.

    Jack Franks:

    – In 1998 pledged to serve a maximum of 6 terms as State Representative, but he’s on his 9th term now.



    Northwest Herald

    September 20, 1998

    “In his speech, Franks pledge to hold himself to three terms in the Illinois house.”


    Northwest Herald

    November 4, 1998

    by Jami Peterson

    “Franks, a political newcomer, has said he plans to serve only 3 terms if elected.”

  20. Typo.

    – In 1998 pledge to serve a maximum of 3 terms (6 years) as State Representative, but he’s on his 9th term now.

  21. Ha, the picture of those ‘Franks’ look like a pile of red dicks on a horn-dog!!

    Appropriate for Lying Jack Franks!

    He’s one evil dude.

    And if he gets in, McHenry County can bend over, here it comes again!


  22. Here’s the WGN jack franks interview where he’s Lying again!

    What an arrogant S.O.B.


    He doesn’t have the authority as Chairman elect to decrease property taxes by 1% let along 10!!!


    He says multiple times

    “When I’m running McHenry County”.

    That actually made the hair on my neck stand on end!

    He wants to bring Springfield gridlock and Crook County politics via Madigan to McHenry County!

    He is Madigan’s biatch, a Grandstander who never accomplished getting a meaningful bill passed in his 18 YEARS IN SPRINGFIELD and he’s a liar.

    Those little dixie cups with cheap ice cream that he hands out once a year has cost you plenty, McHenry County!

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