More Voters Say Politicians Make False Promises to Get Elected

Look at the following headline from an article published yesterday by Rasmussen Reports in the context of Jack Franks making false promise to cut property tax bills 10%.


“More Voters Than Ever Say Politicians Make False Promises To Get Elected,” says the headline.

The article’s first paragraph is below:

An overwhelming majority of voters continues to believe politicians don’t keep their campaign promises and are even more convinced it’s because they’ll say whatever it takes to get elected.

Here are the two questions:

  1. Do most politicians keep their campaign promises?
  2. When politicians break campaign promises, is it usually because they deliberately made a false promise to get elected or because of unforeseen events after they took office?
Jack Franks at his Crystal Lake Town Hall Meeting flanked by private security.

Jack Franks promoting his Cut10 program at his Crystal Lake Town Hall Meeting flanked by private security.

Why is Franks’ promise false?

If elected McHenry County Board Chairman, Franks would have some influence over, although no vote on the McHenry County budget.

The County budget is about 10% of each homeowner’s property tax bill.

So, to cut people’s tax bills 10%, as he promises, the County budget would have to be zero.

There would be no County services.

No County Jail.

No County Health Department.

You get the idea.


More Voters Say Politicians Make False Promises to Get Elected — 13 Comments

  1. Pretty curious that Fierabras, being from Lake County, cares soooo much about Jack Franks.

  2. The flankers / dark suits in the picture are private security, not union operatives?

  3. Agree Cindy about Moderate NOT ?

    But then ModerateNOT throws a fair
    Amount of turds out on the table that
    Barely hold a shred of truth or fact.

    Please note this part, “Fierabras, BEING
    FROM Lake County”.

    That could mean so many different

    Holding my imagination back
    On this part.

  4. Apparently noone has asked Franks who the operatives are.

    Private security seems unlikely.

    If not union operatives, perhaps they are from the Madigan political patronage machine.


    So Jack Franks prefers his campaign events rather than the League of Womens Voters debates.

    He did not say that when he was lobbying for first the County Executive form of government in 2012, and the voter elected County Board Chair in 2014.

    That would have not gone over to well.

    If the referendum passes, and I run for County Executive or County Board Chair, I will not debate.

  5. Democrats can’t do math!

    And Franks Fatal Flaw is that he can’t tell the truth!

  6. Quote

    “Democrats can’t do math!”

    So if cuts the taxes by 10% then the county will have a remaining 9% of their budget sourced from property taxes.

    Not to mention that only 1% of the 100% of county sourced revenue would be affected.

    Leaving 99% of the budget there… not 0% as the author would have you believe.

    Close the jails and courts and police because we have a 1% TOTAL cut in revenue.

    10% of 10% is 1%.

    This is second grade level math.

    Please try to reflect your reports more accurately in the future.

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