Canidates for Recorder of Deeds Face Off

Unlike Republican Mike Walkup, whose opponent Jack Franks was a no-show at the League of Women Voters candidates’ night, Republican Joe Tirio’s opponent Democrat Lynn Gray was on the stage.

Recorder of Deeds candidates Lynn Gray and Joe Tirio.

Recorder of Deeds candidates Lynn Gray and Joe Tirio.

Tirio got to speak first.

The Woodstock Republican said he would end nepotism, patronage, waste and “likely my job,” if elected.

Gray, from Marengo, told of talking with County Clerk Mary McClellan and being told that she would hire an administrator to run the Recorder’s Office, if the elected Recorder were eliminated.

“The tax savings for eliminating one job would be minimal,” the title company employee asserted.

Gray spoke of the importance of maintaining property records.

“Everything is based on property ownership,” she said.

“I wouldn’t put those records at risk.”

Tirio explained how he had maintained the integrity of Ameritech’s 100 tons of microfiche, transferring them to electronic media.

One question asked about qualifications.

Tirio told of twenty years employment with Ameritech and its predecessor companies Illinois Bell and SBC.

He guided six hundred people through the merger, he said.

Then, he moved to AON-Hewitt where his “innovations saved over $1 million the first year.”

Lynn Gray

Lynn Gray

As far as direct management went, he said he pegged the number “as large as 400.)

Gray explained her twenty-three years experience in title companies.

“I have done everything there is to do in the title industry,” the employee of Fidelity National Title said.

She added that she was part of a seventh generation McHenry County family.

While Tirio favored combining the Recorder’s Office with the County Clerk’s Office, Gray did not.

She pointed to LaSalle County’s having backed away from the idea.

Tirio countered that Cook County had the proposal on the ballot this year.

A questioner asked about aspirations five years from now.

“Hopefully, I would have just won my re-election,” she said.

Tirio answered second:  “I would hope I would not be there anymore and that it would be a department in the Clerk’s Office.”

Management experience came up in another question.

“Tirio repeated that he had managed people for decades–up to 400–across the globe in three different time zonezs.

“I have managed managers.  I have trained managers.

He pointed out that Monach Senior Care, which he and his wife Karen run, is the “best rated in this county.”

Tirio said current employees in the Recorder’s Office will be asked to help point to possible improvements.

Gray told of managing Fox Title in Crystal Lake in the mid-1990’s.

“I’ve managed small staffs,” she continued.  “The Recorder currently has 24 employees.”

She added, “I often times get in trouble for…saying what’s on my mind.”

Joe Tirio

Joe Tirio

Asked how the Recorder’s salary compares with what they take home now and whether they would take a pension, Gray said it was more than she currently made and

“If I served ten years, I would hope I’d get a pension.”

Tirio said the salary was comparable.

He added,

“I absolutely will not take a pension…It’s simply not fair.”

He said he would contribute to a 401(k) plan.

“Will you term limit yourself?” was the next question.

“Absolutely,” Tirio answered

“It’s part of the platform.

“If unsuccessful [in eliminated the Recorder as an elected position], I would serve no more than two terms.”

Gray’s answer:  “I won’t limit myself to a certain number of term.”

In her closing statement, Gray said,

“I feel I’m the most qualified candidate for the office.

“I can’t believe that someone would [suggest merging] the two offices [in the] fifth largest county in the state.

“I’m not a politician promising things I can’t deliver.”

Most of the audience attending Monday's McHenry County League of Women Voters countywide candidate forum.

Most of the audience attending Monday’s McHenry County League of Women Voters countywide candidate forum.

Tirio’s final statement pointed out that Cook County had the merger question on the November ballot.

“We are living in a time of crisis in this state.

“We need to do more [to bring] financial accountability, transparency and resourcefulness to government.

He pointed out that the tax burden in Woodstock was 4.62%, while in Illinois it averaged 2.25% and nationally it is 1.21%.

Eliminating the Recorder as a elected official would save

  • the $105,000 salary
  • $12-20,000 in fringe benefits
  • the pension

“That’s almost twenty homes worth of tax payments.

“I think we need more people to try to find ways to [save money].

“Customers expect more for less.

“I want to do the same for this county.”


Canidates for Recorder of Deeds Face Off — 18 Comments

  1. Lynn Gray, I want SAUCE & ALL
    The TOPPINGS that can be squeezed
    Out of the taxpayers overburdened
    Pockets !

    All she’ll get from SMART VOTERS
    Will be some dirty kleenex pieces.

  2. Yeah right, that’s McClellan.

    No one else would want to hire an administrator when the deputy recorder knows/does it all!

    She must be looking for ANOTHER govt position for her husband!

    How’s that sexual harassment complaint against him going ?

  3. And another one looking to suck off the tax payers for ever!…

    status quo with more toppings is what she is saying…

    unbelievable how about giving us the Taxpayers a Raise?! before you think of yourself!

    Go away we need you like another gov worker on a pension plan!

  4. Too bad nobody pressed her to explain what a complete scam Title Insurance company’s are.

    Pay less than 5% of premiums on claims compared to 80% of premiums paid by property insurers.

    It’s estimated that 70% of closings have overcharges the Title Company is protected with by that form you sign stating you knew it was an ‘estimate’.

    And how many lawsuits has Fidelity lost in class actions you think?

    The only State that had the courage to toss these Title Insurance crooks out is Iowa, where Title Insurance is illegal and costs less than a third of what they charge here.

    By the way, those records that Title Company’s use are already bought and paid for by Taxpayers.

    So why do you suppose Illinois doesn’t do the same thing for the revenue?

    What a novel idea Illinois, actually produce a revenue stream for Taxpayers that paid for the record keeping already.

    So Gray never overcharged an unsuspecting homebuyer in all those years?

    Never sent a kickback to a mortgage broker or realtor for the “referral”?

    No thanks Gray.

    Your the last person I want to have to pay for.

  5. The only candidate for office who has acknowledged the property tax -rate-based economic crisis in McHenry County is Tirio.

    The only candidate for office who has proposed a specific, doable, money-saving plan is Tirio.

    Only relevant issue in my opinion.

  6. A great wide difference between the two candidates, and Joe Tirio was the winner by the widest of margins.

    There was just no comparison between their backgrounds and life experience.

    Joe wins hands down.

  7. Thanks for the snark, Inish.

    Made me do my own investigating.

    What I found is his LinkedIn profile not only backs up his claims, but there is far more there that proves Tirio has what it takes to go after this project of merging/consolidating and whatever he wants to do in the future.

    (Except maybe being a naked singing telegram act) LOL

    Here’s his profile:

  8. The deputy for the recorder goes away when the recorder is no longer.

    The only deputy would be under the clerks office so heather may be the right person for administrator but her title would not be deputy

  9. There is no more recorder, so no deputy recorder.

    But I believe you can have more than one deputy clerk, so Tirio’s plan would still work and save county costs.

    A new administrator would not be necessary at all.

  10. I had two Deputy Treasurers when I was County Treasurer–one for the Treasurer-Collector side and one for Personal Property Tax Collection…plus a Chief Deputy.

  11. Seriously who cares if her grandfather used one of the first outhouses built in McHenry County! LOL

    It’s pretty clear she wants to step in to the current Recorders elected office hoping that she too can collect her paycheck / insurance / pension poolside.

    To say she’s status quo is an understatement.

    Not experienced in leadership.

    Anyone can take a course and be a title searcher.

    Maybe she could be a worker bee there, but that’s about it.

  12. or

    Tirio offers an executive plan to:

    *Expand efficiency (has the technological knowledge & exp. to do so) and

    *Eliminate Nepotism / Patronage

    *Cut county costs starting with his own paycheck

    *Endorsed by Taxpayers United of America for his work

    He’s the ultimate in term limits! (Abolishing the very office he’s going for therefore not taking part in pension either!)

    No one usually cares about the County Recorder’s race BUT this is one year people actually do.

  13. Joe Tirio is the real deal.

    He has the experience, and the plan to eliminate the Recorder position.

    He is a strong leader who knows how to get results.

    This is an easy decision.

    Vote for Tirio and see what he will accomplish.

  14. Cook County is 17 1/2 times the size of McHenry County and IT’S ON THEIR BALLOT to consolidate!

    If they can do it, Mchenry County can do it!!!

    She’d like to collect her paycheck, stipen, insurance benefits and pension “poolside” too!

    She’s status quo. Not a thing would change with her there. Tirio can run circles around her in his sleep!

  15. The YouTube post put up is more than a little self serving…

    What is that!

    The Liberal News Network of McHenry County?

    If Cook county can do it…

    I guess to a tax and spend liberal, tax reductions are a scary thing.

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