Unions Kick in $16,000 More for Bartman Campaign

John Bartman

John Bartman

Democratic Party State Rep. candidate John Bartman reports today that three unions have contributed $16,000 more to his campaign to defeat Republican Steve Reick.

The details are below:

  • $10,000 – IUOE [International Union of Operating Engineers] LOCAL 150 LOCAL AREA PAC, COUNTRYSIDE
  • $5,000 – UFCW [United Food and Commercial Workers] LOCAL 881 PAC, Rosemont


Unions Kick in $16,000 More for Bartman Campaign — 9 Comments

  1. Prevailing wage includes union fringe benefits.

    Many unions such as IUOE Local 150 control, largely control, heavily influence, etc. these fringe benefit funds.

    High ranking union employees may be on fringe benefit fund boards.

    If prevailing wage is not mandated on public sector projects, as it is now in Illinois, the unions will likely have a reduction in revenue, and thus likely less to contribute to political campaigns.

  2. Bartman was on the friends/family list that Jack Franks was trying to get jobs for from crooked Dem. Governor Blago!

  3. Well it’s pretty obvious that this is the citizens wanting real representation in Springfield from Steve Reick vs more of the same cronyism that is killing this state now.

    The choice could not be more clear than this!

  4. Democrat John Bartman v Republican Steve Reick for 63rd District State Representative, which represents western and large parts of central and northern McHenry County.

    Election November 8, 2016.


    Both John Bartman and Jack Franks are from Marengo.


    John Bartman is currently a prevailing wage monitor for IIIFFC, which is an IUOE Local 150 affiliated organization that monitors if employers are paying prevailing wage on state funded construction projects.

    Neither John Bartman, IIIFFC, nor IUOE Local 150 support the local empowerment zone proposal in the Republican Governor Bruce Rauner Administration’s Turnaround Agenda.

    Local empowerment zones would allow local taxing districts to waive prevailing wage.


    There are several IUOE Local 150 public sector bargaining units in McHenry County.

    For each bargaining unit, there is a collective bargaining agreement.

    For purposes here, a collective bargaining agreement is an employment contract between a labor union local and a property taxing district (government employer).

    Elected officials approve the collective bargaining agreement.

    The unions have a lot more power in these negotiations than the taxpayers.

    Many times, campaign contributions, votes, and election assistance from unions is exchanged for favorable collective bargaining agreements from local elected officials.

    At the state level, the same occurs, except the trade is for favorable legislation.


    Rank and file union members vote on whether or not to approve a tentative public sector collective bargaining agreement.

    However, rank and file taxpayers are not allowed to vote on whether or not to approve a tentative public sector collective bargaining agreement.

    That is not a level playing field and a results in higher property taxes.


    Another taxpayer inequity in Illinois public sector collective bargaining agreements is the employer does not post a collective bargaining agreement change document on the government website.

    Thus, it is almost impossible for a taxpayer to identify every change from the previous agreement.

    Many board members (the board approves the collective bargaining agreements) do not even insist on a collective bargaining agreement change document before they approve the agreement.

    A typical collective bargaining agreement change document would have underline text for additions, and stricken text for deletions, which is the same process used in the Illinois General Assembly in creating laws.

    Boards and the public being in the dark about collective bargaining agreement changes has been occurring since 1984, which is when the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act (IELRA) and Illinois Public Labor Relations Act (IPLRA) became effective.

    Both were laws were signed in 1983 by Republican Governor Jim Thompson.

    So that’s three decades, 32 years, of opaque collective bargaining agreements.

    A major reason property taxes have increased in most of the taxing districts that have a bargaining unit (union) representing a group of employees.


    The likelihood labor unions will fund the political campaigns of John Bartman and Jack Franks, only to have Mr. Bartman and Mr. Franks claw back past collective bargaining legislation & agreement hikes in any significant fashion, is very slim.


    Labor is the biggest cost, or one of the biggest costs, of a property taxing district.

    So how will John Bartman and Jack Franks control labor costs, when organized labor supports their political campaigns.



    Here are the IOUE Local 150 public sector bargaining units in McHenry County:

    – Village of Algonquin, Public Works Department

    – City of Crystal Lake, Public Works Department

    – Village of Huntley, Public Works Department

    – Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)

    – McHenry County Conservation District, Land and Facilities Employees

    – McHenry County, Division of Transportation – Highway Maintenance Workers and Mechanics

    – McHenry County, Facilities Management Department – Maintenance Technicians I, II, & III.

    – City of McHenry, Public Works Department

    – City of Woodstock, Department of Public Works


    The IUOE union hall for McHenry and Lake Counties is at 28874 Rand Road, Lakemoor (in Lake County, very close to McHenry County).


    Following is information on the above PACs.


    International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150, State County, & Local Area PAC

    Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE) Committee ID 507

    6200 Joliet Road, Countryside

    Steven Cisco, Treasurer

    James Sweeney, President


    UFCW Local 881 PAC

    SBE Committee ID 23208

    10400 W Higgens Rd, Ste 500, Rosemont

    Ronald Powell, Chairman

    Steven Powell, Treasurer


    Laborers’ Political Action and Education League PAC

    SBE Committee ID 223199

    999 McClintock Drive, Burr Ridge

    James Connolly, Chairman

    Charles LoVerde III, Treasurer


    This is the PAC for a District Council known as the Construction and General Laborers District Council of Chicago and Vicinity.

    A District Council is an umbrella organization of union locals.

    This particular District Council is more commonly known as the Laborers District Council of Chicago.

    The full name for the Laborers union is the Laborers International Union of North America (LiUNA).


    John Bartman was #4 on the letter from State Representative Jack Franks dated February 27, 2003 which had a Subject of “Positions with Gov Blagojevich Administration” that was sent to the attention of Margaret Houlihan who was Deputy Chief of Staff Intergovernmental Affairs in the Blagojevich administration.

    The first few sentences of that letter:

    “The following are individuals who we had requested be considered for jobs with the Blagojevich administration.

    They are prioritized as follows:

    1. Deborah Wolf Franks (wife of Jack Franks) for a Commission.

    2. Herbert H Franks (father of Jack Franks) for a Commission (was appointed to the Illinois Courts Commission)

    3. David B Franks (brother of Jack Franks), a non-paid position with with Boxing Commission.

    4. John Bartman, a position with IDOT (John Bartman received a position at IDOT that year as a local community an safety liason)”

    5 – 12. Eight additional names.

    Text in parentheses were not included in the letter.

    Thus John Bartman was the first name that appeared in the letter that was not a direct relative of Jack Franks.


    On August 28, 2005 Bernard Schoenberg of the Peoria Journal Star wrote an article titled, “Blagojevich Hires His Kind.”

    “During its first 2 1/2 years, the Blagojevich administration has hired more than a dozen of the state’s 102 Democratic chairman for state jobs.”

    “Some examples of the Democratic appointees:”

    “Champaign County’s Tony Favri of Champaign and McHenry County’s John Bartman of Marengo each began in 2003 as IDOT local community and safety liasons.

    IDOT spokesman Matt Vanover said those jobs include ‘work with the local community and do community outreach and safety education outreach.’

    Each made $43,800 annually, though Fabri left the job in early 2005.”

  5. They were not jobs for goodness sake- they were appointments in most cases. and you would find the same memo from Althoff, Tryon and likely even Cal.

    Where is your outrage that the head of the Republican party got a job a New York minute after Prim was elected?

  6. So Pam Althoff took office first
    In Jan. 2003 when Blago did.

    After that was Quinn , another

    So Althoff was asking for jobs &
    Appointments from Blago & Quinn
    Who were there the MAJORITY
    Of her time in office 2003-2014 ? ? ?

    Some people will say/throw ANYTHING
    At the wall & see what sticks.

    Oh please Cal, deny this very
    Annoying accusation.

  7. Tryon only served from 2005 until
    This year.

    Again, just BS that he would
    Have gotten jobs & appointments from
    Blago & Quinn.

    Cough cough BS, Inish

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