Questions Mike Walkup Thinks Both He and Jack Franks Should Answer

Mike Walkup

Mike Walkup

Questions suggested by GOP McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Mike Walkup that  both he and Democrat Jack Franks should address:

  1. What exactly does county government do and what is it ability to control or influence other local units of government?
  2. What exactly are the powers of the County Board Chairman and how do those change if the Chairman is elected at large?
  3. What are the relative powers of the County Board Chairman vs. the County Board and its Members?
  4. How are local real estate taxes set and by whom?
  5. What are the percentages of the local real estate taxes of the major local taxing bodies?
  6. Can the County Board or County Board Chairman do anything about taxes set by other local taxing bodies?
  7. To what extent are local property taxes the way they are because of state government?
  8. Will either of you become eligible for any government pension programs as it now stands and if so, will you collect those benefits when they are available to you?
  9. What do you think should be done about the Valley Hi tax levy and how and why is there a large surplus?
  10. Do you think that County Board Members should continue to receive health benefits and what would you do about that if elected?
  11. What do you think about reducing the size of the County Board and would that result in any tax savings in the long run?
  12. What government consolidations should be undertaken over which the county has authority, and what savings would be achieved vs. additional problems created?
  13. Will you term limit yourself if elected and will you promise not to run for any other offices during your term?
  14. Have you made any promises prior to being elected that you have since gone back on? If so, what and why did you do that?
  15. How do you get along with other County Board members and how will you be able to work with them if elected?


Questions Mike Walkup Thinks Both He and Jack Franks Should Answer — 7 Comments

  1. #10, No

    #12, Those board members who voted for and supporters who pushed in favor of putting Township consolidation on the ballet last time, sure as hell were not considering ADDITIONAL PROBLEMS CREATED.

    My pal Mike was one of them.

    Of course Jack is the spark plug for consolidation with little consideration of the ADDITIONAL PROBLEMS CREATED.

    #13, When the county board made up the rules for the new chair, why didn’t they put term limits on that position?

  2. Nob: You can’t impose term limits in Illinois without a change in the state constitution which Mike Madigan won’t allow.

    I did support putting township consolidation on the ballot so the voters could ferret out the question of whether or not the advantages outweighed the disadvantages for themselves.

    The County Board can consolidate townships on it’s own without voter referendum but I would not support doing that.

    It should be up to the people.

  3. Term limits are unconstitutional in Illinois, can only be done voluntarily on the part of the office holder.

  4. 13. Will you term limit yourself if elected and will you promise not to run for any other offices during your term?

    What good would it do to ask Lying Jack Franks that question?

    He’d only lie as he’s done in the past.

    Get all the gory details on Lying Jack Franks at:

  5. Mike and Steve, you cannot intellectualize your way to winning any political seat except by accident.

    You both are running in a year which favors your winning for many reasons historical, political, economic, psychological and sociological.

    This does not mean you cannot lose.

    You can actually lazy your way to political loss.

    Both of your desired positions actually are heavily influenced by the electorate at large.

    Just because you’re favored on this blogs comment section or at Republican fundraisers doesn’t mean you are even above 30% of the electorate’s support.

    Early voting starts soon.

    You are both radically behind the curve.


    Jack Franks is campaigning.

    He is fundamentally running for both positions as his place filler is a joke but Jack is not.

    Jack may be an affable buffoon who is wholly controlled by Democrat interests against The People of this county but what have you done, in the average voters eyes, to highlight this anti McHenry County behavior?

    How is the divorced working mother hearing you?

    The average overworked homeowner?

    The unemployed professional who has lost all hope they’ll ever be employed again? Those with no health insurance because they are too terrified of the governments lack of accountability in security or health matters to even try to find low cost(doesn’t exist) health insurance?

    I know there are many carrying your water and theirs in this cycle.

    You might gather enough votes.

    It would be nice, however, to actually see you work for the populist vote in a populist year.

    This means 5 am train stations, 8 am Andy’s/Colonial/Woodstock Family Restaurant/Windhill Pancake Parlor, 10am business visits, 1 2p lunchtime coffee buys, p mall walking, 5 p train stations, 6 p Walmart walks, 7 p meet and greets, 10 p drinks with the candidate and midnight bedtime to do it all again til 11/8.

    Do the work.

    Earn the votes.

    KNOW you’ll win rather than praying Madigan’s C team will leave you alone enough to eke out a win against two horribly flawed and weak opponents.

    Your intellect is appreciated and needed for the positions you seek but your aversion to the blue collar work to earn the positions is frustrating.

  6. Well said Priest!

    Mike, first are all the numbers and facts, change laws if needed, then the vote to see if a well prepared plan is what we want or maybe we like our payback as is.

    We should vote, not elected on any changes.

  7. Have wondered the same thing about Walkup’s absent campaign to attract voters, Priest.

    Mike, how can you expect to have half a chance if the only association people have with your name is a road that runs from McHenry to Crystal Lake?

    I’m pestered regularly by Franks’ campaign.

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