NWH Poll on Recorder Shows Joe Tirio Way Ahead

Joe Tirio's four by four foot sign.

A photo of Joe Tirio’s four by four foot sign along was featured on page 3, along with Tirio.

Polls run by the Northwest Herald are voluntary.

The political ones have supporters of candidates urging their friends to vote for their choice.

Saturday, the same day that the NWH featured the McHenry County Recorders Office on the front page and page 3, the question was about that race.

Here are the results:

  • 66% – Joe Tirio (Republican)
  • 24% – Undecided
  • 10% – Lynn Gray (Democrat)

Does that mean that Tirio is going to run away with the race?


It probably indicates that the Tirio campaign has a much greater presence on the internet than does his Democratic Party opponent Lynn Gray.

If you are interested in the content of the campaign, read this.


NWH Poll on Recorder Shows Joe Tirio Way Ahead — 12 Comments

  1. I didn’t see how many people responded to the poll.

    It seems like that would be an important fact in determining the validity of the poll.

    Also, I wonder how many people get the paper anymore.

    I wonder what kind of voter would pay for a newspaper subscription online and then take a poll.

    Certainly makes you wonder about the poll.

    Also, the odds of any candidate getting 18% of the vote in a two way race for 2016 is easy to calculate: Zero.

    A down ballot race goes, “One for you, one for the other, one for you … etc.”

    But if quoting the NWH fluffs your readers.

    I guess you have to do it.

  2. Let’s not tout a poll with less than 200 “voters.”

    Franks uses the same slanted poll to proclaim victory as well.

  3. **A down ballot race goes, “One for you, one for the other, one for you … etc.”**

    Actually, no, it doesn’t work like that. At all.

  4. My bad, people really deeply care about down ballot races.

    Is that better?

  5. **My bad, people really deeply care about down ballot races. Is that better?**

    No, that isn’t how it works either.

    But rarely do “ticket splitters” actually exist.

    And even more rarely would they vote every other race/party.

    That’s just silly.

  6. alabamashake has never looked at the number of people who switch hit during primaries.

    We have a lot of ‘silly’ voters in this county.

    Interesting to observe that the majority of voters in this county who vote Democrat in primaries do so until they are 36 and then switch over to Republican – very few switch back.

    A vote for ANY Democrat this fall is a vote for the Madigan machine and Saul Alinsky type politics. It does not matter what office it is.

  7. Cautious… you do know, right, that nothing you said in your comment is actually relevant to whether or not people will

    a) split their ticket in November, and

    b) switch off party for each race?

    “Switch hit[ting] during primaries” is totally irrelevant to whether or not ticket split in the General Election, and your observation about Democrats until 36 has absolutely nothing to do with this conversation.

    Ticket splitting is at historic lows.

    As we as a country move towards a more polarized and partisan environment, it will continue to happen less.

    And it rarely happens in down ballot races, meaning that people may split their vote between President and everything else, but it doesn’t typically happen further down the ballot.


  8. **This being before final results of Tirio taking it with 66%, (double that of undecided voters and his opponents votes put together)**

    LOL – 73 participants.

    Don’t get me wrong – I think Tirio wins comfortably.

    But lets not pretend that

    a) ANY online newspaper poll has any validity, and

    b) that a 73 person sample tells us anything about anything.

  9. By the end it was 150 participants.

    It was a time sensitive poll.

    I didn’t take a screen shot after it was over like Prairie Sentinel did midway thru, but I remembered the number as it was a round one.

  10. Tirio – ultimate in term limits, he’s going to abolish the elected office $aving county costs

    Tirio – will not take the pension

    Tirio – leader in one of the largest business mergers in US History, well respected business owner, Community Leader

    Tirio – competed in the primary against a lifelong politician and a low level buraucrat that was endorsed by the incumbent. Won because of his plan, where both his opponents had no plan, did nothing more than wave in all the parades.

    Tirio – was inspiration for the Anti-Nepotism Resolution being implemented by county townships with his vow not to hire family. see: iWontHireMyWife.com

    Tirio – Successfullly Fights for the taxpayer in his spare time, Endorsed by TUA, We Need More Candidates Like This!

    Gray – won’t term limit herself, wants to collect her salary as long as she can get it

    Gray – wants the pension! says she’ll retire in 10 yrs, thus county would be starting up yet another pension with her

    Gray – has no executive / budgetary experience, has no plan

    Gray – didn’t compete in the primary, slated in afterwards hoping the Crooked Hillary voters will pull a straight Dem ticket

    Gray – hasn’t done any work toward tax fighting or anti-corruption

    Gray – status quo candidate, doesn’t bring anything of significance to the taxpayer, cost-cuts to county budget.

    We Don’t Need Candidates like this one

    Doing pencil to paper comparisons like this for each race.

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