Another Falsehood from Jack Franks – Uninvited Yard Signs He Says Resident Requested

Jack Franks yard sign.

Jack Franks yard sign.

Talked to a Woodstock resident who discovered an unwanted Jack Franks sign on her front yard.

She read me a letter than she found wrinkled and dirty in her bushes.

It was on Jack Franks for County Board Chairman letterhead and read,

Dear Supporter,

Thank you for allowing us to put a Jack Franks sign in your yard.

Because of your efforts, we will continue to remain visible and raise awareness throughout the area before the general election for McHenry County Board Chairman on November 8th.

You received a sign because you have graciously offered to host a yard sign.

[Here my source said, “And we did not.”]

Should you have any questions, concerns or would like us to remove your sign, please call our campaign office at 815-338-6363 [email address also given].

As the election approaches I want you to know that your help and support mean a lot to Debby and I (sic).

Good government begins at the grassroots.

When we win, we win together.

You and your family are an essential part of our campaign, and we thank you for continuing with us on this journey.

I am honored to have your support to be the first directly elected County Board Chairman and promise to earn your trust each day.

I would be grateful if you would tell your family, friends and neighbors to vote for me on November 8, 2016.

Thank you again so much.

With warmest regards,

Jack D. Franks

The letter Jack Franks paid workers put at homes where they don't have permission to post his yard signs.

The letter Jack Franks paid workers put at homes where they don’t have permission to post his yard signs.

My source added,

“They put up a Jack Franks sign without my permission.

“I was so mad when I saw that.”


Another Falsehood from Jack Franks – Uninvited Yard Signs He Says Resident Requested — 30 Comments

  1. Or- someone else is her home said yes.

    Or- they got the address wrong; my street# is 308, but Fedex generally delivers my packages across the street.

    Clearly a Franks/Fedex conspiracy.

    I wonder if your anonymous coward from Woodstock was the passenger in the white Ford SUV attempting to remove a Franks sign from my front yard last night.

    No skin off of my nose; they drove away so quickly that they left a personal item on the ground- and their license plate number was photographed by a neighbor.

    We’ll let the wheels of justice slowly and finely grind them up.

  2. This is an easy fix.

    Just throw it away.

    No big deal unless you make it one.

  3. This is a huge deal!

    This is THE MOST egregrious garbage this POS has pulled yet in his Saul tactics.

    If people let him get away with this and STEAL this position, there will be Hell to pay in this county.

    I am literally foaming at the mouth to think that people cannot see this absolute control coming.

    With ICANN shutting down the internet very soon, you have no time to waste getting the populace educated.

    Not everybody reads this blog.

    Be sure to tell yur neighbors and anyone you see that the liars are coming after them right here.

    IF you value your life, your property, and your “freedom” get the word out now.

    Do not let these souless vampires take over your county.

  4. I’m with John in this.

    It was probably an unforced error.

    Gary Pack put 16 yard signs in my yard years ago on Election Day because I lived across the street from a polling place.

    I pulled them out and asked him to pick them up.

    He did.

    I then didn’t hysterically complain or foam at the mouth.

    Signs don’t vote anyway and if a misplaced sign is going to drive you to hysterics, you probably weren’t going to vote for the candidate to begin with.

    This story changes nothing.

  5. Sure Cindy, because a yard sign is going to lead to me being imprisoned under martial law.

    Tell cousin Archie I say ‘hi.’

  6. Hey Cindy- why not express your angst for the candidate you support who is doing nothing?

    Instead of jumping on the Cal bandwagon of the leaves are falling- Franks must have something to do with it rants.

  7. His “Saul” tactics?

    Cindy, I knew the Bilderburg Group’s satelite’s signals had the potential to control our minds, but I didn’t know that, once free of their influence, one becomes an anti-Semite.

    Kudos to Cal for his lax curation policies here too.

    Nothing says respectable source for information like contributions from mouth foaming Jew-haters.

  8. What in God’s holy name are talking about, LookB4?

    I see three complete morons that are pontificating nothing but lies to ingratiate their total lack of the ability to think critically.

    You three show no love for your fellow man but delight in trying to attack anyone that is preaching from the rooftops.

    Get behind me SATAN!

  9. Cindy, you preach that Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr are in Hell.

    How’s that for critical thinking?

    Did you tell cousin Bunker ‘howdy’ yet?

  10. Agree with LTResisent, complaining about a single sign is pretty desperate.

  11. This is just what Franks does.

    He feels entitled to your lawn when he wants his sign on it!

    If he actually waited till he had requests for such, he’d never get a place to ‘mark his territory’.

    He’s all about the Democrat Agenda:

    Taxing us to death, Entitlements, Rules for Radicals, Baby Killing, UNIONS and their goons, Pay to Play etc.

  12. Thread Cal posted 9-21-16
    Sign Strategy

    “In Marengo and Woodstock, they showed in front yards.


    Notes were left saying that if people didn’t want them,
    they should call and the signs would be picked up.

    Some people called, but there was NO RESPONSE.

    Seems a lot of people just tossed them in the garbage.”

    I agree LT resident,

    ‘Desperation does breed this type
    Of behaviour !’

    With people like Jacko Franco & Madigan.

    ONE HOUSE, Moderate NOT NOT NOT ?

    Your nose is growing & your pants are on fire ?

  13. My husband or myself did NOT give permission to put the sign up.

    I threw it in my neighbor’s dumpster !


  14. Here’s an idea.

    Collect all the Franks signs you can and then send them to Madigan and tell him that people in McHenry County doesn’t want them.

  15. Three of us on the same street woke up to find the sign in front of our houses.

    They were all taken down and ripped up.

    Today was garbage pickup day, Good timing.

  16. Anyone seen that tons of John Bartman Signs came up along Washington St in Marengo?

  17. The Bartman signs probably
    Appeared as mysteriously as
    The Franks signs did.

  18. Yep Mark, that’s what we get
    From Franks, trespassing, spam,
    & hash tags.

  19. they put a Franks sign in my next door neighbors yard today (he didn’t ask for it)

    We live in an HOA where political signs are not allowed so I hope the property management folks weren’t out and about today.

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