Eight Sell Alcohol to CL Minors – Over Half on Route 14

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department:

Crystal Lake Police Conduct Alcohol Countermeasure Enforcement Checks at Local Retail Establishments

The Crystal Lake Police Department has completed another round of Alcohol Compliance Checks.

The operation commenced August 20th, and concluded August 22nd, in which a total of sixty-nine separate locations were examined, including businesses that sell packaged alcoholic beverages and those that serve such beverages for on-site consumption.

In all of the 69 businesses, persons under the age of twenty-one, cooperating under the guidance and supervision of Officers, entered and attempted to purchase alcoholic beverages.

In all but eight locations, sales were halted when the clerk or business employee properly checked the purchaser’s identification and recognized them as being underage and therefore ineligible to make such a purchase.

CL Police Patch 2The businesses that illegally sold alcohol included;

  1. World Market – 6000 Northwest Hwy
  2. Walgreen's – 151 W. Northwest Hwy
  3. Kumi Sushi Japanese Restaurant– 1145 S Route 31
  4. Williams Street Tap – 80 N. Williams St
  5. Noodles and Company – 4912 Northwest Hwy
  6. The Village Squire – 4818 Northwest Hwy
  7. Jameson’s Charhouse – 5016 Northwest Hwy
  8. New Peking Restaurant – 40 W Terra Cotta Ave

Clerks/Employees completing the illegal sales were cited with an adjudication citation, and are subject to penalties to be determined at a hearing.

With traffic crashes as the leading cause of death among adolescent Americans, coupled with alcohol as the leading causative factor, the Crystal Lake Police Department strives to develop a partnership with local merchants to help them achieve the goal of zero sales to minors.

These Alcohol Countermeasure Enforcement checks are done randomly throughout the year and will continue in the future.

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Suspect(s) listed are considered innocent until and unless proven guilty in a court of law


Eight Sell Alcohol to CL Minors – Over Half on Route 14 — 8 Comments

  1. 12% (8 of 69) of establishments checked by Crystal Lake undercover police officers are alleged to have illegally sold alcohol to minors between August 20 – 22, 2016.

  2. And How many tickets were written for texting and phone up to the ear use?

    not moving within 3-5 seconds at a stop light???

    due to the above???

    not paying attention or killing someone while doing the above ??

    constantly crossing over the center line???!!!

    where are these tickets???


  3. Out of 70,000 sales over a 3 day period by the 69 establishments….is a sales rate of .000114%.

    Not a very efficient operation.

  4. That observation is only valid if the 70,000 sakes were all controlled sales.

  5. 70,000 is not a valid statistical comparison as not all 70,000 sales were checked.

  6. That’s what I was trying to say, but I typed “sakes” rather than “sales.”

    And what about sake sales? They busted one sushi place.

  7. Part of the reason our taxes are so high is inefficient use of our police.

    This a sterling example.

    Same as money expended for “special” task force ops for seat belts and insurance violations.

    A grandiose waste.

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