Kenneally RoboCalls for Sign Sites

Patrick Kenneally yard sign.

Patrick Kenneally yard sign from the primary campaign.

Republican candidate for McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally called to ask if I would put up one of his yard signs.

He follows in the foot steps of McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Jack Franks and Congressman Peter Roskam.

At least on my phone.

He directed folks to his web site or said call 815-893-9709.

Apparently, unlike Jack Franks, Kenneally wants to have permission before putting a sign in someone’s yard.


Kenneally RoboCalls for Sign Sites — 3 Comments

  1. Here is something I’ve noticed everywhere there are signs up in Districts of which you can’t Vote for the candidates because they are not in your district to vote for!!!

    Why is this like this???

    why is there no law preventing the mess of garbage (signs) of people we can’t vote for !

    these signs should only be allowed within their own running Districts!!! imo

  2. 1- People don’t know where district lines are.

    2- People drive outside their districts.

  3. Stop making sense Cal.

    And you forgot the two other overriding “problems” to the suggested prohibition, the First Amendment, and LTR’s paradoxical desire to have a smaller government while demanding more rules and enforcement.

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