Problems for Franks Saturday Fundraiser?

A blast email from McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Jack Franks had this message:

Sounds as if there is a problem with Jack Franks' Saturday fundraiser.

Sounds as if there is a problem with Jack Franks’ Saturday fundraiser.


Problems for Franks Saturday Fundraiser? — 6 Comments

  1. Ha ha & a hearty LOL OMW.

    Throwing out a thought of bad karma
    Towards fire fire pants on fire
    Jacko Franko as well as some fake
    Sarcastic tears.

  2. There was a big problem with franks’ fundraiser.

    So many people showed up that it was standing room only and the cops showed because they were concerned about overcrowding.

    Hundreds showed up.

    McHenry county has never seen anything so big!

  3. The parking lot was not anywhere near full at 9:30.

    Send me a photo to back up your claim.

  4. Standing room only is what I heard.

    Franks wins walkup looses Big.

    Nothing to see here, move along now, LOL

    Oh, and Tirio Kiss my Behinder, LOL

  5. Still waiting for someone to send me a photo of those attending the event.

    Did Jack Franks put any on his web site or FaceBook?

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