Parvovirus Found in Dogs at CL County Animal Shelter, Will Jack Franks Turn That into a Political Issue the Way He Did Scabies at Valley Hi?

After reading the following press release from the McHenry County Health Department, I started wondering if McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Jack Franks would try to turn it into a political issue the way he did when scabies showed up at McHenry County’s nursing home, Valley Hi.

Time will tell, I guess.

Clinic cancelled at Animal Control, Sat. Oct 15

CRYSTAL LAKE IL – McHenry County Animal Control & Adoption Center has postponed the microchip and rabies vaccination clinic previously scheduled for Saturday, October 15, at its Crystal Lake facility (100 N Virginia Street).

McHenry County Animal Control van.

McHenry County Animal Control van.

The event was cancelled due to the presence of the Parvovirus, found in several dogs at the facility. Parvovirus is a highly contagious canine virus.

According to Maryellen Howell, Manager of McHenry County Veterinary Public Health, “Under the advisement of our Veterinarian, we must regretfully postpone the clinic for the public safety of our county’s dog population.

“We feel it the appropriate call not to risk the health of resident’s pets by having animal unnecessarily come into the building. We know how important the rabies and microchip event is to the public and we will reschedule the event as soon as possible.”

Parvovirus, transmitted through the feces and vomit of infected dogs, usually attacks the canine intestinal tract and can survive in the environment for an extended period of time.

Symptoms include loss of appetite, vomiting, dehydration, lethargy, fever, diarrhea and depression.

The best way to prevent dogs from getting parvovirus is to vaccinate them annually.

The low-cost microchip and rabies vaccination clinic will be rescheduled for a later date and will be posted on our .  For any questions call 815-459-6222.


Parvovirus Found in Dogs at CL County Animal Shelter, Will Jack Franks Turn That into a Political Issue the Way He Did Scabies at Valley Hi? — 5 Comments

  1. I don’t like Franks but gees does every article have to turn into a Jack Franks issue.

  2. Jacko could make the rounds at all the school district meetings & get in board member’s faces about spending.

    Now that would keep him busy & might actually do a little
    Good until he runs for whatever he is AMASSING all the
    Contributions for.

    Considering Jacko BLEW IT the last 18 years in Springfield
    When he SHOULD have been working on pension reform instead
    Of voting for Madigan’s agenda & all the unions, PACs etc..

    Don’t get me started on how he made a public issue about
    The scabies outbreak which will probably cost Valley Hi
    Revenue for years to come.

    Such a HUGE COUNTY (not town) IDIOT !

  3. Will Jack be at the County Board meeting to hear the final report on the scabies outbreak?

    He cares so much…

  4. Voter: Perhaps you are right, but since Franks will be running for Gov. if he wins in Nov., it IS a big deal.

    His supporters, like these (see photo below), WILL make it a very big deal …. so we have to stop the Franks XXX Rhabdovirus right here in McHenry Co before it spreads!

    Those poor canines are just the canaries in the coal mine!!!!

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