Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager Endorses Another Democrat

Brian Sager

Brian Sager

In the Northwest Herald today, a letter to the editor reveals that Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager has endorsed Democrat Paula Yensen for County Board.

Yensen, of course, is the wife of McHenry County Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissett.

Sager also endorsed Republican Mike Skala.

After Sager endorsed Democrat Jack Franks for County Board Chairman, he resigned as Republican Precinct Committeeman in Greenwood Township.


Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager Endorses Another Democrat — 16 Comments

  1. Woodstock property tax rate is 4,6% of home’s total fair market value.

    Woodstock home values have declined significantly during the past decade, a time when home values nearly everywhere were recovering.

    Woodstock maintains a TIF comprised mostly of taxable property which existed at the time the TIF was formed.

    The TIF is due to expire in a few years and Mayor is widely expected to spearhead renewal for 12 year extension, against best interests of taxpayers.

    Woodstock TIF siphons over $600,000 annually away from school district 200 and other taxing bodies.

    Woodstock pays $70,000 a year to a Springfield lobbyist.

    Woodstock just bought 15,000 canvas bags for $40,000.

    An internet search indicates canvas bags could be had for $1 each by any buyer.

    Woodstock tried to spearhead a “donation” of $100,000 taxpayer dollars to a Woodstock high school for purchase of an artificial turf soccer field to replace a functional grass field.

    This artificial turf project would have obligated Woodstock taxpayers to hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete the deal, and another million in a decade when the field required replacement.

    Woodstock is paying over $100,000 for a special census to obtain home rule.

    This will remove caps on taxing and borrowing authority.

    Mayors attitude, as expressed at a school board meeting at which he successfully lobbied the school board to join Woodstock in waiving impact fees and transition fees for a CalAtlantic development which will require current taxpayers to subsidize their school costs, is that the time for austerity is over.

  2. When is Sager’s term as mayor up ?

    Start planning now to get that
    BIG SPENDER. O U T. ! ! !

  3. The term is up next spring.

    It is my understanding that he is not running for re-election.

  4. Who is the mayor of Huntley endorsing ?

    Seems to be an above top secret question.

  5. Brian Sager is running for reelection.

    He already is getting signatures.

  6. I imagine only Skala and Yensen have government experience.

    If that was Sager’s criteria, the endorsement would make sense.

    Snarski is running as an outsider.

    Some will see that as a positive.

  7. BIG positive to have Snarski as a non politician! Jensen is no leader.

    She was Granny Mae Miller’s ‘YES’ woman!

    We don’t need any more Paula Yensen’s or Millers.

    Snarski has an impressive resume.

  8. Cant we just kick this happy pants idiot out of the Republican Party?

    He is a disgrace.

    I also hear the Althoff is planning on having him be her successor when she leaves office.

    So wrong on so many levels.

    “Trusting Your OWN Common Sense” Althoff.

    Rethink this as your name will be MUD!


  9. Sager announced he is running again at a community event.

    Gee whiz, I wonder why Barb Wheeler is no longer the Heir apparent????

    Maybe we should ask her colleagues…

    I say we say we start in Downers Grove…

  10. My only question is why is has face orange?

    Does he sleep in a tanning bed?

  11. Paula Yensen is a Democrat candidate for County Board Chair in District 5.

    The other three candidates in District 5:

    Republican incumbent Mike Skala

    Republican Andy Snarski

    Democrat Alex Wimmer.


    Voters may select two candidates.


    The McHenry County Board has 6 Districts, each with 4 board members.

  12. @Bohica, Sager resigned as a Republican Precinct Committeeman, but to answer your question: No, there really isn’t a way to kick an elected official out of the party if they are stumping for an opposition party.

    In terms of the Woodstock Mayoral race, at least one other person has stated he will run for that office.

  13. Woodstock residents & Susan, time to
    Find A GOOD CANDIDATE to run against
    this BIG SPENDER !

    Find someone NOW.

  14. Joe –

    “at least one other person has stated he will run for that office”.

    If more than one opponent runs, Sager wins.

    Run one or none!

  15. I am thinking that some Chicago alderman might be a helpful community organizer to promote candidates from within the impoverished communities being exploited by the Woodstock administration, and the D200 school board?

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