Appointed Nunda Township Assessor Mark Dzemske Running for Office

This past summer Nunda Township Assessor Dennis Jagla retired.

The Township Board sought applications for a replacement.

Mark Kzemske

Mark Dzemske

One applicant was the then-Chief Deputy Assessor Mark Dzemske.

He was selected on a unanimous vote of the Township Board.

Dzemske has been employed by the Nunda Township Assessors Office for the past 29 years.

He began working in the assessment office in 1987.

After being recently married and looking for additional income, Mark answered an ad in the Northwest Herald for a part-time position to help with the initial computerization of the office.

In 1988 Mark was offered a full-time position in the office.

He accepted and he began to further his education in the assessment field.

Dzemske rose to the position of Chief Deputy Assessor and has served under three different assessors.

Mark currently holds the designation of a Certified Illinois Assessing Officer Master (C.I.A.O. –M) with the Illinois Property Assessment Institute.

In addition, he is a 25-year member of the International Association of Assessing Officers as well as a current candidate for the Certified Assessment Evaluator designation.

His appointment to fill the remaining term of retired assessor Jagla

Mark was chosen to fill the vacancy the same way he started his employment in township government in 1987, and that is by applying and interviewing for the position.

Mark was sworn into office effective June 1, 2016.

Mark his wife Iris and daughter Danielle have lived in McHenry for the past 23 years and previously lived in Woodstock and Crystal Lake.

He intends to run for election next spring.


Appointed Nunda Township Assessor Mark Dzemske Running for Office — 5 Comments

  1. And pratel was has Mark done to help the Tax Payer????

    in his position he must have come up with some sort or tax saving ideas for us overtaxed citizens?

    or is he ready to just spend more of our $$??

    in his next position?

    do tell.

  2. —-another hog at the trough … one of JAGla’s flunkies …..great!

  3. What has he done?

    Though swamped, he very kindly and respectfully answered my questions when I went to his office a day before the assessment appeal period ended this year.

    He explained in plain terms the process and suggested the best approach given the time frame I was working within.

    He was friendly and genuine.

    Not long after I submitted my appeal to the county I got a call from someone in his office.

    She was polite and conversational and responsive, which suggests the environment in the office.

    And while they couldn’t match my request, his office worked with me to get an acceptable solution based on the information I provided.

    He easily earned my vote.

  4. After Madigan,the Assessors are the most hated gov official in this county.

  5. The assesors’s sole function is allocating the tax burden (levy) among the property owners based on the fair cash value of each parcel.

    Assessor’s have NO impact whatsoever on the total tax burden.

    Equation 1: Total levy/total township value (aka EAV) = tax rate.

    Equation 2: Net assessment (market value/3 – exemptions) * tax rate = property tax.

    Nunda residents should be thankful for someone with Mark’s qualifications, one of which is the highest assessor designation offered in Illinois.

    Someone is going to determine Nunda’s parcels’ allocation of the tax burden.

    Its property owners should be happy to have someone as qualified and experienced as Mark doing it.

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