FBI Notified of Possible Social Media Threat to Prairie Ridge High School

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department:

Crystal Lake Police Investigate Suspicious Incident

On October 4th , 2016, Crystal Lake Police received a report of a suspicious incident involving a posting on social media.

Prairie Ridge High School

Prairie Ridge High School

Within the comment of the post, Prairie Ridge High School was mentioned, with the post being generated from an anonymous account using “clowns” in the name.

Crystal Lake Police are aware of similar incidents around the country involving “clowns” and threats made to the public.

While there is no evidence that suggests the implied threat is credible, Crystal Lake Police take all reported crimes seriously.

Members of the Crystal Lake Police Investigations Unit are working with School District 155 towards identifying the person responsible for the social media post and applying all appropriate criminal charges to the offender.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has also been notified of this incident.

Killer clown.

Killer clowns.

The Crystal Lake Police Department would like to remind citizens that if they see anything suspicious to call 9-1- 1 and report the incident to police.


FBI Notified of Possible Social Media Threat to Prairie Ridge High School — 11 Comments

  1. Ok, Ok we get it!

    Franks is a punk, a minor player in the great scheme to socialize our County.

    Yes we know he was a Hillary delegate

    Yes we know he signed off on the Democratic platform

    Yes we know he supports the thugs from ‘Black Lives Mater’

    Yes we know he supports abortion

    Yes we know he wants boys in your little girls washrooms.

    Yes we know he supports killer taxes on farmers

    And no we didn’t know about the FBI investigation for influence peddling with his daddy.

    But come on now, enough already, when is the Super Bowl?

    Who cares about good government anyway.

  2. Why do People do this?

    What do they have to gain?

    When would this even be funny?

    My friend told me this is some stupid prank.

    In some cases, people wear masks or make-up a la ‘It.’

    Kids are posting videos of these perps as they go around terrorizing neighborhoods.

    Every video I’ve seen so far includes costumed clowns slowly stalking people or standing there.

    When people get close, they sometime even run at them.

    A number of clowns have been armed with machetes or knifes for further shock appeal.

    Lest we forget, this is brandishing a weapon and a huge security risk.

    Kids may find it funny.

    Understably so, we live in a ‘prank and troll’ age.

    People can literally just make their own websites and say
    whatever they want to whoever.
    Common decency needs to prevail.

    October or not, this is terrorism of the worst kind.

    Maybe some see it as a joke, but I’m not laughing.

  3. Fear of clowns, fear of the genitals attached to the person in the adjacent bathroom stall- I’m guessing opioid abuse and constipation plays a part in this.

    Sadly, I haven’t identified a single Franks or Clinton supporter who is afraid of clowns, or exhibits an unhealthy fascination with their fellow bathroom user’s genitals.

    Clearly a Trump thing.

  4. Who knows?

    Read the first letter of every sentence of my last post.

  5. Nothing new.
    Illinois is full of clowns, better known as Democrats.

  6. Careful folks, Mr Lovass posted on
    This thread.

    Ya never know what will send him
    Into posting creepy,crude, &
    Obscene comments.

  7. Thanks Wizard for bringing the info about
    Info on Jacko & Herb Frank’s . . .

    ‘FBI investigation for influence peddling
    with his daddy’.

    Googled & checked out that situation & found

    Hope others reading this thread check it out too.

  8. The second link was such an
    Appropriate Father & son picture !

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