CL Library Referendum Committee Reports Contributions & Expenditures

Proposed relocation of the library as seen in the spring 2015 Crystal Lake Library newsletter.

Proposed relocation of the $30.1 million library as seen in the spring 2015 Crystal Lake Library newsletter.

The Crystal Lake Library YES Committee is johnny-on-the-spot with its prompt filing of its campaign contributions and expenditures.

We’ve reported on the big contributions previously.

Combining them with those under $150 shows a total of $15,550.

To put that in perspective, those running for county wide office who win probably spend about $20,000.

Contributors, the largest of which has been reported before, are

  • $8,000 – Richard Naponelli, unincorporated Crystal Lake
  • $2,500 – Friend[s?]] of the Crystal Lake Library, 126 Paddock St., Crystal Lake, IL
  • $2,500 – Crystal Lake Library Foundation, 126 Paddock St., Crystal Lake, IL
  • $500 – Raymond & Jessie Exum – Madison, WI
  • $500 – Gary & Teresa Reece, Crystal Lake
  • $250 – Jeffrey & Carol Heisler, Crystal Lake
  • $250 – Donald & Emele Peters, Crystal Lake

Expenditures follow:

  • $1,895 – Inc., Elgin, Signs
  • $186.36 – FedEx Office & Print Center, Crystal Lake, Palm cards
  • $1,000 – Kari Firak, 350 S. Oriole Trail, Crystal Lake, Website design
  • $1,469.60 – M13 Graphics, Schaumburg, Door hangers (about 20,000)


CL Library Referendum Committee Reports Contributions & Expenditures — 12 Comments

  1. Here is perfect opportunity for County board chair candidates to demonstrate their tough posture on the property tax rate crisis in McHenry County:

    DECLARE a Property Tax Rate State of Emergency in the County.

    Use the power of office to withhold County funds from taxing districts (municipalities and unincorporated districts) which refuse to submit a plan to lower tax rates below 3%.

    DEMAND taxing districts commit to no non-critical spending, or new projects which will RAISE property tax rate above 3%.

  2. Budget neutrality:

    Friends of CL could work with other taxing bodies in the district to pay for this project.
    If the schools, police, fire and rescue agreed to the necessity of $40 library expenditure, they should be glad to cut their own budgets commensurate amounts to achieve the dream.
    Will Friends seek budget neutrality to assuage pleas of besieged homeowners?

  3. Of course, Heislers contributed to yet

    Uh sorry, $250 isn’t ENOUGH.

    Already said, this should be like the
    Dole Mansion & the supporters need to
    Get their checkbooks out & write ALOT
    Of 6 figure checks.

    STOP burdening & ‘BESIEGING’ people

  4. “Property Tax Rate State of Emergency”???

    Using which legal statute?

    Or can this only be found in ImaginationLand?

    “Power of the Office” – is that why Jack Franks is running? What a load of hooey.

    If it’s THAT simple, why aren’t you running with your simpleton solution?

    To berate with your pathetic comments

    Susan has more knowledge on so many issues
    In Mchenry County than you’ll ever have a
    Clue about.

  6. The Election Interference Prohibition Act provides that:

    No public funds shall be used to urge any elector to vote for or against any candidate or proposition, or be appropriated for political or campaign purposes to any candidate or political organization.

    10 ILCS 5/9-25.1.

    The Crystal Lake Library YES Committee is clearly in support of the library referendum question.

    Here’s my question.

    Presumably because Crystal Lake Library Foundation and Friends of the Crystal Lake Library are headquartered at the library building, they get to use library facilities rent-free and get to solicit donations for their causes on the premises. Does that indirect nexus count as the use of public funds to advocate for the proposition?

    Somebody get the State’s Attorney and Board of Elections on the phone and ask their opinions.

  7. A major reason property taxes are high is because property taxing districts omit pertinent details during bond advisory and bond referendums.


    Do not even think about voting yes for a bond or bond advisory referendum unless the estimated annual debt service schedule for the lifetime of the bonds is presented.

    Automatic no vote.

    Not debatable.


    In this case, the bond advisory referendum is for $30,100,000.

    That’s principal only.

    Interest is not included in the $30,100,000.


    Question as it will appear on the ballot:

    “Shall bonds in the amount of $30,100,000 be issued by the City of Crystal Lake, McHenry County, Illinois, on behalf of the Crystal Lake Public Library, for the purpose of constructing a replacement library building adjacent to the existing library and acquiring necessary furnishings and equipment, which amounts to an estimated increase of $132 per year for a $200,000 home?


    $132 per year for a $200,000 home is for year 1.

    Is year 2 $132 per year?

    Year 3?

    Year 4?

    Year 5?

    Year 6?

    Year 7?

    Year 8?

    Year 9?

    Year 10?


    Does $132 increase in any year?

    How many years is the homeowner obligated to pay $132?


    Next, what other debt and obligations does the City of Crystal Lake have?


    Are their existing bonds?

    If so, what is that annual debt service schedule for the lifetime of the bonds?


    If there are existing bonds, compare the debt service schedules for existing bonds, to the debt service schedule to proposed bonds.

    Sometimes existing bonds will decrease, proposed bonds will increase, resulting in taxes paid for bonds to either increase, remain flat, or decrease.

    In other words, in terms of property taxes paid for city bonds, a third debt service schedule, including both existing bonds and proposed bonds should be developed.


    Did the city of crystal lake, library, or referendum group do that?


    Vote no for the referendum.


    Next subject, pensions.


    Squeezy the Pension Python (Pat Quinn administration idea) is present not only for state pensions (about a quarter of the state budget is for pensions) but for local pensions too.


    The City of Crystal Lake has 3 pensions.

    1. IMRF

    2. Police

    3. Fire


    Each of those pensions has an unfunded pension liability (taxpayer IOU to the pension fund).


    The Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) issued Statement 68 which encourages governments to include the unfunded pension liability in their financial statements effective 2015 or so.

    Rather than call it an unfunded liability, it’s called a net pension liability.

    There are technical differences between the two, but they are close.

    The City of Crystal Lake’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for Fiscal Year 2015 (FY 2015) includes that information.

    Here is the summary:

    IMRF $9,750,453

    Police $22,486,559

    Fire $11,375,488

    Total $44,612,500



    The City of Crystal Lake has a $30.1 Million Dollar Advisory Bond Referendum on the November 8, 2016 ballot for a new library which it says will cost the taxpayer of a $200,000 home, $132 per year; but does not tell the taxpayer how many years they will have to pay that $132 per $200K home.

    The City of Crystal Lake has not told

    The City of Crystal Lake has ? existing bond debt.

    The City of Crystal Lake owes $44.6 to its pension funds.


    Since $44.6 Million is more than $30.1 Million, however much in total a taxpayer will pay for the library, more than double that to fully fund pensions.

  8. As to Jack Franks.

    Since Jack Franks wants to use the bully pulpit of the county board chair to lower property taxes in every property taxing district in the county.

    Does the Jack Franks plan for Crystal Lake include a library or not?

    How does Jack Franks plan for Crystal Lake taxpayers to come up with $44.6 Million for pensions, yet pay less in property taxes.

    And if Jack Franks supports the Crystal Lake library advisory bond referendum, that would be another $30.1 Million.

    $44.6 Million + $30.1 Million = $74.7 Million.

    So if he supports the Crystal Lake Advisory Bond Referendum, what is the Jack Franks plan to fully fund pensions, pay for a new library, which is an additional $74.7 Million, yet Crystal Lake property taxpayers will pay 10% less in property taxes.

  9. The Crystal Lake mayor supports Jack Franks.

    That gives one the impression the Crystal Lake mayor supports the Cut 10 initiative created by Jack Franks.

    The Crystal Lake mayor supports the advisory bond referendum for a new library.

    The Crystal Lake mayor has a lot of explaining to do.

    Does he support Cut 10 or doesn’t he.

    Either way, what’s the plan to fully fund pensions and build a new library?

    How does that math work.

    And if he does support Cut 10, what’s the plan to fully fund pensions, pay library bonds, and cut property taxes 10%.

  10. So, after the taxpayers get all the above numbers, then they can make a decision as whether or not to support the library.

    Until then, vote not.

    Would you buy a house, car, or anything without knowing the total price and without taking into account all your existing debt?

    Hopefully not

    So don’t “buy” a library through taxes without knowing the total price in estimated taxes and without taking into account the amount of estimated taxes for existing city debt and obligations.


    No doubt if their child or relative or whomever bought a used car from a used car salesman whom did not provide the total price, the board members whom approved placing this advisory library bond referendum on the ballot would call the salesperson sleazy.

    But they have not problem doing basically the same for a library referendum.

    Ironically in the name of helping children, unfunded pensions and bonds indebt children whom have no vote.

  11. Yes Mark Agree, whats the “PLAN”…

    add more unnecessary sales tax to the citizens get more WCC to buy properties so we can pay for their taxes too, you all will be hit with this soon enough and more when that expansion hits…

    all part of the “Plan”…

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