Uninvited Johnsburg Falvin Sign

Erik Sivertsen, one of the entrepreneurs running Guns-N-Such had Republican signs in front of his business in Johnsburg.

He emailed me the following with the photo you see:

“Guess which one magically appeared in front of the store this afternoon.”

Signs in front of Johnsburg's Guns-N-Such two days ago.

Signs in front of Johnsburg’s Guns-N-Such two days ago.

Two days ago, they were joined by a sign for Democratic Party candidate for State’s Attorney Ray Flavin.

No permission was given to Flavin, while the others asked permission or were requested by Sivertsen.

Since there is a sign for District 4 McHenry County Board candidate Craig Wilcox, this is probably as good a place as any to share the most humorous part of the McHenry County League of Women Voters McHenry County Board candidates’ night.

It came out of the mouth of Robert Rosenberg, a Democratic Party opponent of Wilcox in response to a question about whether candidates favored a roundabout at Charles and Raffle Road.

Rosenberg said he favored roundabouts and used on each day in Johnsburg on the way to Lake County.

“I like roundabouts.

“I get through Johnsburg so fast I don’t even see the Wilcox signs.”

That was followed by laughter throughout the conference center.


Uninvited Johnsburg Falvin Sign — 14 Comments

  1. Can’t wait to see how Flavin of the month will spin this into a long rant about how the process of an election is unfair.

    Kenneally is the obvious choice.

  2. Rosenberg had to make the joke because he didn’t know anything about the roundabout proposed for Raffel and Charles.

    He was about as awestruck as the video of the kid saying “I like turtles.”

    I doubt many on the board even know where that intersection is located–it certainly seemed that way, including some members from District.

    Do half of the candidates even read the paper?

    And to clarify: the Johnsburg roundabout replaced a 3-way stop intersection that would back up.

    The roundabout at Raffel is at a 1-way stop intersection that only backs up because of the D200 bus depot, Woodstock North (which has declining enrollment), and the government center employees.

    If McHDOT would make Ware Road no left turn onto Raffel from eastbound Ware and force people to go to the light at Russel Ct and onto 47, that would reduce traffic counts at Raffel and Charles for a fraction of the price of a roundabout.

  3. Yeah Flavin is definitely a CRASHER (rude &

    He went to the Republican night for the
    Presidential Debates in Johnsburg too.

    Said before, hope people take down his signs.

  4. Flavin is just learning his deceptive practices from Jacko ‘The Lyin’ Porker’ Franks!

    But will the puke-pupil ever surpass his porcine-Master????

    only time will tell!

  5. I thank Patrick Kenneally for asking a permission to have a sign on my property.

    The property owner has the right to remove signs placed without permission.

    Putting Flavin signs next to Kenneally’s without owners permission IS NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES.

    This speaks volumes about a candidate.

    That is one of the many reasons I support Kenneally.

  6. Watchdog, Flavin is a Moose Lodge member of the McHenry lodge as am I.

    He was not crashing as our event was a “social non-partisan debate party” and all members were welcome as well as our precinct committeemen.

    Funny that this comes up as I just saw Mr. Flavin today an hour or so ago in his pickup truck filled with Flavin signs in the rear stopping into McHenry City Hall this afternoon.

    Not sure, does he do any kind of maintenance work for the city?

    He was dressed in work clothes with a buddy in overalls.

    Could have just been putting up signs though..

  7. Hey Mr Wheeler, I knew Flavin was a Moose

    Just had to say it was weird he went
    & hung with the republicans.

    Just being a bit snarky on purpose. 🙂

  8. When two people are running against each other doesn’t mean you hate one or the other.

    I have friends who are democrats and I still talk to them.

    I would never vote for Franks or Flavin but if I saw them on the street I would say hello.

    ( o.k. if I saw Hillary I wouldn’t say hello l.o.l.)

  9. Haven’t heard from Flavin yet about his signs being put up without permission

  10. Actually, Flavin seems like he would be interesting
    To talk to at a party for a few minutes.

    Just like Bartman, Flavin is a poor candidate
    Choice for States Attorney.

    No hate intended.

  11. Agreed Watchdog and Voter!

    I think it was nice that we all co-existed together at this event, we don’t have to agree on everything to be agreeable with each other.

    Civility is a quality that could be utilized more often as in the days when democrats and republicans socialized yet maintained their principals.

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