Daily Herald Endorses Franks and Kenneally

That’s what my search engine tells me.

Endorsement: Kenneally for McHenry County state’s attorney

We also like Kenneally’s work with the McHenry County Substance Abuse Coalition in starting a walk-in program, similar to one recently begun in …

Endorsement: Franks for McHenry County Board chairman

For the first time, voters in McHenry County next month will elect not just their county board representatives, but also a chairman to preside over the …


Daily Herald Endorses Franks and Kenneally — 1 Comment

  1. Why didn’t Franks use his “bully pulpit” while State Rep?

    Franks would have been able to work with and lead local governments much more effectively during his 18 years in the Illinois House; it is there Franks could have worked on reforms.

    Franks will be virtually useless as County Chair, just has he was in the House all this time.

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