Commenter Says NWH Comments Disabled Under Franks Endorsement Editorial

Here’s what a reader commented Sunday afternoon under the McHenry County Blog post revealing the Northwest Herald’s endorsement of Lying Jack Franks after trying to comment under his endorsement:

lyingjackfranks-comWe need to solicit conversations with those who support and blindly believe Franks!

He’s blatantly lying to voters and has been for years!

Several of The democrat candidates for county board learned the night of the forum that not even 10% of the our tax bill goes to the county !!!

So even if they cut out 100% of their services it wouldn’t even make 10%! (So to even get close is Franks wanting the board members to stop Valley Hi Nursing home??)

franks-cut-10-hoaxBecause several of the Dem candidates want to BORROW money against that facility for MORE Spending!!!

Newsflash, the chairman of the board doesn’t even vote!

So his promise is nothing more than a ruse even if he could vote and had every. Oars member.

Opting to cut all county services!!!

As soon as I posted that comment under the Herald’s endorsement, the commenting was disabled!



Commenter Says NWH Comments Disabled Under Franks Endorsement Editorial — 23 Comments

  1. Democrats and free speech just don’t go together,
    and they could never be more blatant about it.

  2. Here is the list of Mayors that have endorsed Franks.

    Who is willing to run? Shepley only spent $7200 on his campaign last time he won election

    City of Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley
    City of Harvard Mayor Jay Nolan
    City of McHenry Mayor Susan Low
    City of Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager
    Village of Algonquin President John Schmitt
    Village of Fox River Grove President Robert Nunamaker
    Village of Greenwood President John Ferris
    Village of Huntley President Charles Sass
    Village of Lakewood President Erin Smith
    Village of Lake in the Hills President Paul Mulcahy
    Village of McCullom Lake President Terry Counley
    Village of Oak Wood Hills President Paul Smith
    Village of Richmond President Peter Koenig
    Village of Spring Grove President Mark Eisenberg
    Village of Wonder Lake President Tony Topf

  3. This post reminds me of something that Donald Trump might dream up.

    It’s based on some deep need to create a conspiracy to explain something that does not go in a way that one thinks it should go.

  4. NOT a conspiracy to think there are Progressives
    And BIG SPENDERS that are licking their chops
    To get their hands on 40 mil + Valley Hi surplus.

  5. Comment line is open on the NWH.

    Since they went to Facebook it’s been harder to post, mostly like software problems.

    Just saying.

  6. Newspapers have wide discretion in deleting comments.

    That’s been the case for years.

    So it is not surprising if her comment was deleted.

  7. Cal Skinner’s blog is right wing.

    The Northwest Herald is supposed to be neutral.

  8. No they NWH constantly shuts down the comment areas, or the comments just disappear on both FB and their site… very bias… sickening…

  9. Moderate, we already got the robocall.

    People are tired of the personal smear campaigns.

    Hasn’t Jack Franks realized this?

  10. “ALL the TIME”, ModerateNOT,
    That was a serious EXAGGERATION !

  11. He literally deleted one of mine two posts before.

    Has your husband found a job yet, Watchdog?

  12. Only remember 3 deleted posts since April.

    It must be a ModerateNOT problem.

    I’m chalking it up to bad karma.

    The Herald deletes (likely more than 2)
    Negative comments about Jacko pants on
    Fire Franco and Cal deletes 2 of
    ModerateNOT’s posts.

    No sympathy here.

    This isn’t the Jacko Franko lovefest
    Website. 😜 👏

  13. Cal has deleted more than 10 of my posts in the last two weeks and now on a blog post criticism of comment curation no less – we call that being a hypocrite where I’m from

  14. Well there is no doubt a good reason, he is not noted for deleting posts, and this blog deletes fewer posts than any other I’ve encountered.

    And your commenting that someone’s husband can’t find a job just reinforces that.

  15. Whatever you say Mark.

    Do your supervisors at IDOT know you spend all day commenting on a blog?

  16. I see at least three people posting here that HAVE NO CLUE. Probably the same people that still believe that their government is good and would never do anything to harm them.

  17. IDOT?

    Before working for IDOT in McHenry County as a Community Liaison, John Bartman was Chair of the McHenry County Democrat Party.

    Before he received that IDOT job, he was the 4th person named in a ranked by priority list of people that Democrat State Representative Jack Franks sent to Margaret Houlihan, the Deputy Chief of Intergovernmental Affairs for Governor Rod Blagojevich.

    The date of the letter was February 27. 2003.

    That was just 45 days after Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich (he’s in prison now) took office on January 13, 2003.

    Subject of the letter: Positions with Gov. Blagojevich Administration.

    First two sentences of the letter follow.

    “The following are individuals who we had requested be considered for jobs with the Blagojevich administration.

    They are prioritized as follows:”

    4. John Bartman, a position with IDOT.


    Bernard Schoenburg of the Peoria Journal Start wrote an August 25, 2016 article titled, “Blagojevich Hires His Kind.”

    Excerpts from that article follow.

    “During its first 2 1/2 years, the Blagojevich administration hired more than a dozen of the state’s 102 Democratic county chairman for state jobs.”

    “Champaign County’s Tony Fabri of Champaign and McHenry County’s John Bartman of Marengo each began in 2003 as IDOT local community and safety liaisons.

    IDOT spokesman Matt Vanover said those jobs include ‘work with the local community and do community outreach and safety education outreach.’

    Each made $43,800 annually, though Fabri left the job in early 2005.”


    Democrat John Bartman v Republican Steve Reick for 63rd District State Representative.

    Election November 8, 2016.


    Read about how Jack Franks and John Bartman policy hikes taxes by reading the Governor Bruce Rauner administration’s Turnaround Agenda.

    The only part of the Turnaround Agenda they have publicly supported is the Property Tax Freeze, and they one-up Governor Rauner by calling for a 10% property tax cut.

    But they refuse to release their plan to cut property taxes 10% until after the election.

    Here are the reforms for which they have not expressed support:

    – Workers Compensation / Minimum Wage Reform – reform qualification rules, etc. (Illinois Workers Compensation is 7th highest in the nation)

    – Unemployment Insurance Reform – reform abuse and fraud, etc. (Illinois unemployment insurance taxes are 9th highest in the nation).

    – Lawsuit Reform – reform frivolous lawsuits, etc. (Illinois ranks 46 out of 50 state for lawsuit climate). 90% of claimants who file in Madison County reside outside Madison County.

    – Create Local Employee Empowerment Zones allowing in which employees opting out of the union would not be forced to pay fees to the union. These forced fees are also known as fair share fees, and agency fees. Currently the fees are a mandatory condition of employment in Illinois, when the position is covered by a union.

    – Prevailing Wage Reform – Illinois prevailing wages are basically union wages.

    – Project Labor Agreement reform – prohibit the use of PLAs on state funded projects, except where required by Federal Law.

    – Eliminate Project Labor Agreements that would require workers to join a union

    – Property Tax Reform – Any increase to property taxes would require a referendum (Do Mr. Franks and Mr. Bartman support that?)

    – Collective bargaining reform – allow voters or local boards to decide if certain topics should be excluded from collective bargaining.

    – Allow Municipal Bankruptcy

    – 10 year term limits for members of the Illinois General Assembly (State Representatives and State Senators)

    – Match State law with Federal Law by prohibiting forced fees to a union as a condition of employment.

    – Ban union contributions to those they collectively bargain with reform – State law already prohibits contractors with more than $50,000 in state contracts from contributing to the campaign of an officeholder that awards such contracts.

    However, labor unions with collective bargaining agreements are exempt from this prohibition.

    This creates a situation where a statewide official can dole out salary and benefit enhancements and be rewarded with campaign contributions.

    So, the proposal is to prohibit labor organizations from making contributions to the campaigns of officeholders they collective bargain with throughout the state, including mayors and school boards.

  18. Correction.

    Bernard Schoenburg of the Peoria Journal Star wrote an August 25, 2005 article titled, “Blagojevich Hires His Kind.”

  19. Cindy, I am NOT one of the three people .

    Get over it Moderate, life isn’t fair.

    Saying again . . .

    This isn’t Jacko’s
    Lovefest website or Facebook page.

    BTW, my personal life is personal

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