Steve Reick’s State Rep. Effort Gets $30,000 for Cable TV

Steve Reick yard sign.

Steve Reick yard sign.

Steve, Reick, the Republican candidate for State Representative to replace Jack Franks is about to receive $30,000 in independent, non-cordinated assistance.

Liberty Principles PAC, the one run by Dan Proft, spent that amount on October 6th for cable television ads.

Meanwhile, Reick’s Democratic Party opponent, John Bartman, reporting havingĀ $30,363.29 in his campaign fund as of the end of September.

In addition reported receiving $3,400 from former United Airlines pilot Norman Hart of Barrington.


Steve Reick’s State Rep. Effort Gets $30,000 for Cable TV — 4 Comments

  1. Once again, it seems that it’s okay for Reick to take funds from the outside influence of Dan Proft, but anyone who receives funding from say a union is presented as a villian. Kettle meet pot.

  2. Money attracts more money. Proft only backs candidates which have a ninety percent chance of winning.

    We know what ‘strings’ are attached to union money (just look at lying Jack Franks voting record) but what strings are attached to Proft dollars?

  3. Transparency allows the public to understand whom is contributing to whom.

    Jack Franks has received over an 18 year period a very large sum of contributions from outside the county, much directly from or influenced by Cook County Democrats.


    Dan Proft is certainly not a Cook County Democrat.

    He is a Cook County Republican.

    It’s fine to point out his political contributions as has been done.


    Michael Madigan has been the House Speaker for the entire 18 years that Jack Franks has been a State Representative.

    That plays into the political contributions, as Michael Madigan has influence over a wide swath of political contributions, not just those of the 4 PACs of which he is Chairman:

    – 13th Ward Democratic Organization, Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE) committee ID 10.

    – Democratic Majority Fund, SBE committee ID 23189

    – Democratic Party of Illinois, SBE committee ID 6239

    – Friends of Michael J Madigan, SBE committee ID 665.


    Jack Franks has held many fundraisers throughout his career in cities outside McHenry County, such as many in Chicago, and the most recent in Oak Brook.


    Those fundraisers have been attended by many donors from outside McHenry County.


    All this plays into how those contributions may affect Jack Franks and Illinois Democrat policy.


    In addition to significant contributions from unions, Jack Franks has received significant contributions from his dad and lawyers.


    Unions are a counter to management.

    Either can abuse their power.

    Both should be monitored.


    The power of any organization is typically concentrated at the top.

    While there is power in numbers, those at the top deserve close monitoring.

    Political contributions are heavily influenced by those at the top.


    Jack Franks receives a lot of contributions from outside McHenry County

    A lot of that is influenced by Michael Madigan in various ways.

    Michael Madigan is a Chicago Cook County Democrat who as elected House Speaker controls the State House of Representatives (a position he has held since 1983 with the exception of Republican Lee Daniels in 1995 & 1996)

    Jack Franks has voted for Michael Madigan as House Speaker each of his 9 terms.

    Jack Franks and Michael Madigan receive significant contributions from unions.

    Union contributions have a big influence on Illinois politics, government spending, and taxes.

    Illinois is an extremely high property tax and debt state

    Illinois State Representatives vote on bills affecting the above which if approved become laws.


    Steve Reick and his contributors are attempting to counter all that.


    State workers in Illinois make up the largest percent of workers in a union of any state, around 93% or so.

    The state has collective bargaining agreements with many unions.

    Michael Madigan wants union friendly State Representatives in place for votes on legislation affecting unions, be it at the state or local levels.


    Illinois unions as a whole have a lot of political power.

    Their structure and influence over Illinois politics is not well understood by those outside the Madigan – Union – Politician web.

    That web has been a direct contributor to high property taxes and debt.


    Another very large portion of contributors to Jack Franks is he and his family (father, wife).

    Those are from within McHenry County.


    It takes many posts to describe what has transpired.

    The laws, policies, rules, and political contributions at state and local levels have had a huge impact in how Illinois differs from other states in terms of property taxes, debt, and unions.


    Right now the scale is tipped and the taxpayer is on the losing end.

    The system has been warped to such an extent that the pensions, retiree healthcare, and debt is almost certainly not sustainable into perpetuity.


    Dan Proft has a website called Upstream Ideas that has various sections including episodes of “Against the Current” and “Illinois Rising.”

    Against the Current is a YouTube weekly interview by Dan Proft with a person involved in politics, government, and / or public policy.

    Illinois Rising is an AM 560 radio show from 3 – 4PM on Sundays with Dan Proft and the Illinois Policy Institute.

    Dan Proft also has weekday morning radio show with Amy Jacobsen from 5AM – 9AM on AM 560 radio.


    Unions are not villians any more than a kid is a villian if he asks for more than the parent can provide.

    It is crystal clear that property taxes and debt are high in this state.

    Taxpayers would be naive to not understand how union contributions affect taxes and public policy.

    Transparency helps taxpayers make informed decisions.


    Read the Governor Rauner administration’s Turnaround Agenda to understand his administration’s ideas for turning around Illinois.

    It’s important for the rank and file taxpayer to understand the issues.

  4. Republican Steve Reick v Democrat John Bartman for 63rd District State Representative.

    Republican Mike Walkup v Democrat Jack Franks for McHenry County Board Chair.

    Election November 8, 2016.

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