Merging Recorder with Clerk Campaign Issue in Lake County

That’s what the Daily Herald reported Thursday.

The article says the issue was brought up the Republican candidate, Robert Haraden.

And, guess what?

One of Joe Tirio's web site. (The other is

One of Joe Tirio’s web site. (The other is

Unlike in McHenry County where Democrat Lynn Gray opposes Joe Tirio’s proposal to merge the Recorder’s Office with the County Clerk’s, in Lake County Democratic Party candidate Mary Ellen Vanderventer saying “she’d support a study to determine whether merging the offices is fiscally prudent.>

But the article says, the Democrat, a five-term incumbent, is doubtful it would save money.

The Republican says the savings would be $500,000 over four years. That sounds like sum of salary and benefits for an elected Recorder of Deeds.

Four years GOP candidate for Recorder Bob Bednar pushed the same idea.


Merging Recorder with Clerk Campaign Issue in Lake County — 2 Comments

  1. And that is just salary savings and insurance.

    Add to that, stipend, pension, employer costs, and raises, you’ve got substantial savings to the county costs!

    Voting for Joe Tirio in McHenry County.

  2. There is a $6,000 state “stipend” paid the Recorder of Deeds and other countywide elected officials, although goodness knows why.

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