NWH Endorses in County Board Districts 1 & 2, 1 Dem, 3 GOP

Kerri Barber

Kerri Barber

Yvonne Barnes

Yvonne Barnes

The Northwest Herald rolled out endorsements for two McHenry County Board districts today.

In District 1

  • incumbent Yvonne Barnes, a Republican
  • challenger Kerri Barber, a Democrat
Jeff Thorsen

Jeff Thorsen

John Reinert

John Reinert

In District 2

  • appointed incumbent Jeff Thorsen, a Republican
  • challenger John Reinert, a Republican


NWH Endorses in County Board Districts 1 & 2, 1 Dem, 3 GOP — 12 Comments

  1. I would like one editor to publicly explain how they can endorse anyone’s campaign to “lower taxes, by reducing spending, by leveraging assets…)

    If this even made sense we could debate the issue!

    This is what Kerri Barber said at least 5 times at the forum, and is also stated on her website.

    Great Endorsement!

  2. I appreciate your sarcasm with the Barber endorsement, Federal Farmer.

    As an attendee of the LWV Forum I witnesses Barber saying she wants to keep taxing us for the county nursing home that has an excess of $42.million and BORROW money against that operation for MORE SPENDING!

    But we know “math is hard”.

  3. Kerri Barber does work hard.

    Their endorsement of Barber is a no brainer.

    I agree with Gasser.

    What are Yvonne’s accomplishments as vice chair?

    This county is in bad shape.

    Wasn’t it Thorsen who only spent 3 hours in committee meetings in a years time?

  4. BEWARE of candidates who OUTRIGHT &
    IN PUBLIC make statements like . . .

    ‘Barber saying she wants to keep taxing us
    or the county nursing home that has an excess
    of $42 million and BORROW money against that
    Operation for MORE SPENDING!’.

    Thanks ALOT NWH for endorsing another

  5. I agree Andrew.

    I also wish the paper would do some fact checking into the back grounds of the candidates that they intend to endorse.

    They would find some real surprise if they did.

  6. Yvonne’s accomplishments are actually very good.

    She scrutinizes EVERYTHING.

    Just one example was the new Health Building Committee of the Whole where she found the 20 percent surcharge which brought the project up almost $8 million.

    It was buried on a page in the back of the packet.

    We need people like her who are critical of everything.

    I would also point out that Yvonne and I do not agree on everything but she is approachable which is critical for a vice-chairman.

    She is everyone’s vice-chairman.

    I think most current board members would agree with that Yvonne has done a good job with running things when required and has been a great moderator when called for… although you would have to ask each board member themselves.

    The levy has remained flat or has been lowered since I have known Yvonne.

    If you (or anyone) want to give credit to just one person (which is ridiculous) of a 24 member board, that is your prerogative.

    People can be given credit for pushing ideas or motions but nothing happens alone.

    With Yvonne’s leadership we actually LOWERED the levy.

    Sadly, martha is twisting reality to conform to his or her own belief.

    Yvonne and Tom will represent District 1 well.

    I supported both in the primary and am doing so again in the general.

    You should too.
    Andrew Gasser

  7. YES to Barnes & Wilbeck

    Also, think future – Who would Miller have the MOST trouble beating?

  8. Barnes and others like Heisler are total zeros sorry Andrew endless questions do not accomplish anything if we had 24 members like Barnes on our County Board we would accomplish nothing.

  9. I don’t necessarily want government ‘accomplishing’ much.

    When they do it usually means higher taxes, fees and fines and less liberty.

  10. Gasser, they don’t work hard because they are closet Democrats, or they are lazy, or they want a title.

    Maybe a combination.

    What you said is not a surprise to anybody who knows anything about local politics, even though it may offend some.

    The truth is not contingent upon peoples’ sensitivities, but the truth will set you free.

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