Algonquin Township’s Salaries Go Still Higher

Last month, the Algonquin Township Board raised salaries for its elected officials.

The all-Republican Township Board voted to increase pay by 1.5%.

The vote was 3-2 with Supervisor Dianne Klemm joining with Trustees Dan Shay and Russ Cardelli voting in favor, while Trustees Larry Emery and Melissa Sanchez-Fischer voted, “No.”

Salaries for the term starting in May will be as follows:


The salaries for Algonquin Township Supervisor, Clerk and Trustees next term.

The salaries next term for Algonquin Township Assessor and Road Commissioner.

The salaries next term for Algonquin Township Assessor and Road Commissioner.


Algonquin Township’s Salaries Go Still Higher — 22 Comments

  1. Doesn’t look like Jack Franks made an impression on them.

    Since salaries are going up, they would have to cut a bit more than 10% in all remaining areas.

  2. The Supervisor didn’t recuse herself from voting on the Supervisor’s salary hike?

  3. Algonquin Township


    Dianne L Klemm

    2015 – $68,955

    2014 – $66,655

    2013 – $68,072

    2012 – $66,716

    2011 – $64,494

    2010 – $62,251

    2009 – $60,179

    2008 – $58,189

    2007 – $56,331

    2006 – $54,386

    2005 – $52,581

    2004 – $50,808

    2003 – $48,892

    2002 – $07,967

    Source: Open the Books Widget

    Open the Books likely obtains the data from the IMRF pension fund in which case it’s pensionable income that’s reported.


    Here is another way to look at compensation.

    Algonquin Township – Public Disclosure of Total Compensation

    Illinois Public Act 97-0609 (PA 97-609)

    Annual Salary – Employer Paid Health Insurance – Total Compenation

    Algonquin Township

    Supervisor Dianne Klemm ——– $68,955.46 – $15,798.57 – $84,754.03

    Assessor Robert Kunz———— $84,430.20 – $16,268.57 – $100,698.77

    Hwy Commissioner Robert Miller – $94,310.91 – $14,477.29 – $108,788.20

    Adm. Assistant Judith Kreklow — $70,824.66 – $30,302.49 – $101,127.15

    Deputy Assessor Maggie Lane —- $72,352.64 – $21,086.32 – $93,438.96

    12 Month Period Ending December 31, 2015


    Algonquin Township Road District

    Adm. Asst. Anna May Miller – $82,105.55 – $14,861.73 – $96,967.28

    Deputy Foreman Derek Lee —- $82,148.42 – $8,878.73 – $91,027.15

    Dan Neumann —————– $72,218.73 – $29,551.02 – $101,769.75

    Doug Helman —————– $80,845.58 – $13,850.42 – $94,696.00

    Randy Voss —————— $69,869.09 – $14,392.74 – $84,261.83

    Andrew Rosencrans ———– $69,931.60 – $22,313.84 – $92,245.44

    Dylan Stern —————– $64,216.76 – $16,296.24 – $80,513.00

  4. Just imagine what the salaries would be if Township Consolidation had become a reality!!

    Keep electing the same people – Miller, Klemm, Shay, Cardelli and you will keep getting the same Madigan type result.

    Vote for Jack Franks and you will have the Madigan effect at the County level too.

  5. Voters, in Algonquin Township: Read this and absorb it!!!

    “Adm. Asst. Anna May Miller ā€“ $82,105.55 ā€“ $14,861.73 ā€“ $96,967.28”

    That is almost $100,000 to do just what??????

    No Township in this country should even have an Admin Assistant!!

    The Republicans got rid of Anna May, now it is time to primary out Bob Miller!

  6. Not a single Democrat on that Board.

    When is McHenry County going to wake up and stop pointing your fingers at Springfield?

    This is exactly why your property taxes are so HIGH!

    I wonder how many residents were at the board meeting where the board approved to raise salaries?

  7. When will aldermen from Chicago arrive to organize ‘community action groups’ of exploited taxpayers to change the guard for somebody new to get a turn at the trough?

  8. Alongquin Township

    Robert R Kunz


    2015 – $84,430
    2014 – $84,430
    2013 – $84,192
    2012 – $81,345
    2011 – $79,794
    2010 – $77,812
    2009 – $76,369
    2008 – $73,888
    2007 – $71,490
    2006 – $66,174
    2005 – $63,912
    2004 – $61,454
    2003 – $62,090
    2002 – $59,500
    2001 – $53,917
    2000 – $52,917


    Algonquin Township Clerk

    Chuck A Lutzow Jr

    No public salary history yet.

    The previous Township Clerk, Marc Munaretto, lost to incumbent Dianne Klemm in the February 26, 2013 Republican Primary election for Township Supervisor.

    Township Supervisors, Clerks, and Trustees are elected to 4 year terms.

    Mr. Munaretto was then appointed by the McHenry County Board to the Metra Board in June 2014, but resigned in August 2015 (he’s also a former McHenry County Board member).

    The current Metra Board member representing McHenry County is Ken Koehler, whom is the former McHenry County Board Chair.


    Current Algonquin Township Trustees:

    – Daniel J Shea (Dan Shea)

    – Russell W Cardelli (Russell Cardelli)

    – Melissa Sanchez – Fischer

    – Larry Emery


    Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner (Algonquin Township Road District)

    Robert J Miller (Robert Miller)

    2015 – $94,311
    2014 – $93,318
    2013 – $93,318
    2012 – $92,003
    2011 – $88,891
    2010 – $85,751
    2009 – $82,851
    2008 – $80,064
    2007 – $77,464
    2006 – $74,844
    2005 – $72,313
    2004 – $69,731
    2003 – $67,049
    2002 – $64,470
    2001 – $60,917
    2000 – $57,167


    Compensation Source: Open the Books


    Open the Books > widget > State > Salaries > Recipient Name > Down Arrow > Illinois > Recipient Name: type in last name.

    First name can follow last name, no comma.

    Middle initial can follow first name, no comma.

  9. @Susan- what are you talking about?

    This level of entitlement around townships is ridiculous.

    You won’t even find executive Assistance of high skill paid at that level in this county.

    This is just a matter of small power center of influence.

    ALL REPUBLICAN- that have existed for decades.

    None of these people could command that level of pay in the real world.

    No marketable skills-for the most part, that is who runs for office in this county-the people who can’t find a job. \

    Look at the employment history of your other elected officials and candidates And most of them are held in high regard by the posters on this site.

    Show me where Bob Miller cold command that salary on the market.

  10. Reference the story on NWH District 1 County Board recommendations:

    Vote for Barnes and Wilbeck.

    Vote for the strongest candidates that Anna May Miller would have a harder time beating in 2 yrs.

    Work on finding a strong candidate to run against Bob Miller – ANY candidate would be helpful as no one ever runs against him.

    Otherwise, it will NEVER end!

  11. If she had the motion would have been tied and failed.

    There is no indication she is running for re-election.

  12. I’m talking about fielding another candidate and getting out the vote.

    Don’t even care who, at this point, just disgusted with current regime.

  13. Why not abolish Algonquin Township?

    That’s the most built up part of the county, why do you even need a township there?

    I understand it somewhat in the rural areas of the state, like even in the western part of the county, but Algonquin Township probably has the least need out of any of the townships in the county to exist.

    I’m sure municipalities and the county could take over the functions easily.

    Aren’t you guys tired of those bozos?

    Is there a way to abolish single townships within a county or is that against Illinois law too?

  14. Joe, there are 60 miles of roads in Alg Thw with another 40 mile of private roads waiting to become part the Alg Twh road network.

    There is a need for its exsistance.

    If the Twh was dissolved the municipality would want to annex in the road, then would want them brought up to their standards.

    Big bucks and big tax increases to get that accomplished.

    Only better service would be slightly better Police protection which really isn’t needed.

    Municipal and County employees are unionized, Twh’s are not.

    Increased Unionized workers save taxes ya think?

    Consolidation or eliminating a gov org needs serious consideration and laws changed before jumping off the bridge to paying even more in taxes.

    Steve Willson has posted some excellent examples in case you missed them.

  15. Maybe Melissa and Larry would chime in in why a annual increase of half the cost of living was not worth voting for.

    What was the numbers they had in mind?

  16. Nob, Better yet why don’t you ask the ones who voted YES as to why they voted for an increase when the people who pay for that increase aren’t seeing increases!

    You really are an incessant whiner and have ideas as to what people should do. I’d like to see once that YOU attempted and accomplished something.

  17. Nobody in the real world are getting cost of living raises?

    Maybe you should give me a link to back that statement up.

    My years old rant about voting by us on taxes and levies has three referendums to be voted on this Nov.

    I suppose since they aren’t binding that is nothing IYO, not even a minor accomplishment?

    Maybe you could list your accomplishments since you whine as much as I do?

    Your turn!

  18. I see it very differently. Keep the township governments and abolish the county governments.

  19. Algonquin Township and McHenry County both have IMRF pensions.

    Here are the IMRF pension plans in McHenry County, sorted by government type.



    McHenry County

    McHenry County Conservation District



    Village of Algonquin

    Algonquin Area Public Library District

    Algonquin – Lake in the Hills Fire Protection District

    Comm Unit SD 300 (Community Unit School District 300)


    Village of Cary

    Cary Area Public Library District

    Cary Fire Protection District

    Cary Park District


    City of Crystal Lake

    Algonquin Township (Crystal Lake)

    Community High School District 155

    Crystal Lake SD 47 (Crystal Lake School District 47)

    Nunda Township (Crystal Lake)

    Prairie Grove SD 46 (Prairie Grove School District 46)

    Crystal Lake Park District

    Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association (Crystal Lake) – Joint Special Recreation Association / Cooperative

    Southeast Emergency Communications (Crystal Lake) – Intergovernmental Cooperative


    Village of Fox River Grove

    Fox River Grove Public Library District

    Fox River Grove School District 3


    City of Harvard

    Chemung Township (Harvard)

    Harvard SD 50 (Harvard School District 50)


    Village of Hebron

    Alden Hebron CCSD 19 (Alden Hebron Community Consolidated School District 19)


    Village of Huntley

    Grafton Township (Huntley)

    Huntley Fire Protection Dist

    Huntley Area Library District

    Huntley Park District

    Huntley SD 158 (Huntley School District 158)


    Village of Johnsburg

    Johnsburg Public Library District

    Johnsburg CUSD 12 (Johnsburg Community Unit School District 12

    McHenry Township (Johnsburg)


    Village of Lake in the Hills

    Algonquin – Lake in the Hills Fire Protection District

    Comm Unit SD 300 (Community Unit School District 300) –

    Lake in the Hills Sanitary District


    Village of Lakewood


    City of Marengo

    Marengo Public Library District

    Marengo Park District

    Marengo High School District 154

    Marengo – Union Elementary District 165

    Riley CCSD 18 (Riley Community Consolidated School District 18) – elementary district

    Marengo Township

    Riley Township


    City of McHenry

    McHenry CCSD 15 (McHenry Community Consolidated School District 15 – elementary district

    McHenry HSD 156 (McHenry High School District 156

    McHenry Public Library District


    Village of Richmond

    Nippersink Public Library District

    Nippersink School District 2

    Richmond Burton School District 157

    Richmond Township

    Village of Spring Grove


    Greenwood Township (Wonder Lake)

    Harrison SD 36 (Harrison School District 36 – Wonder Lake


    City of Woodstock

    Dorr Township (Woodstock)

    Seneca Township (Woodstock)

    Woodstock CUSD 200 (Woodstock Community Unit School District 200)


    Townships repeated (since they can span multiple municipalities)

    Algonquin Township

    Chemung Township

    Dorr Township

    Grafton Township

    Greenwood Township

    Marengo Township

    McHenry Township

    Nunda Township

    Richmond Township

    Riley Township

    Seneca Township


    Elementary school districts have elementary and middle schools.

    Unit school districts have elementary, middle, and high schools.


    Jack Franks is running to cut property taxes 10% in each of the property taxing districts above (a few of them are not property taxing districts).

    Jack Franks refuses to release his plan as to how that would happen until after the election, other than to say he will use the county board chair position as a bully pulpit.

    No property taxing districts have agreed to Jack Franks plan to cut property taxes 10%, and none have said they could or would do so.

    Even though the mayors of several of the property taxing districts have endorsed Jack Franks:

    McHenry County Mayors that have endorsed Jack Franks:

    City of Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley

    City of Harvard Mayor Jay Nolan

    City of McHenry Mayor Susan Low

    City of Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager

    Village of Algonquin President John Schmitt

    Village of Fox River Grove President Robert Nunamaker

    Village of Greenwood President John Ferris

    Village of Huntley President Charles Sass

    Village of Lakewood President Erin Smith

    Village of Lake in the Hills President Paul Mulcahy

    Village of McCullom Lake President Terry Counley

    Village of Richmond President Peter Koenig

    Village of Spring Grove President Mark Eisenberg

    Village of Wonder Lake President Tony Topf


    This puts the above Mayors in a bind.

    The Mayors have endorsed Jack Franks, and Jack Franks is running on a platform to cut property taxes 10% in their cities and villages.

    Wonder how many voters will conclude those Mayors agree with Jack Franks that property taxes can be cut 10% in their city or village?

    Haven’t heard any Mayor or Jack Franks say anything about the subject.

    Nothing from the newspapers about the subject.


    After the election, we may or may not learn the plan.

    It would probably be dependent on this or that legislation in Springfield, the very Springfield he is departing.

    This or that law would have to be passed.

    Of course that would be out of his control.

    Jack can always say he’s fighting for the taxpayer though.

    I’m fighting to make it happen.

    I’m doing my best.

    Read very carefully to what the Jack Franks campaign website says.

    “Enough is enough.

    Iā€™m running for McHenry County Board Chairman to cut property taxes levy by 10% across the board.

    This means a 10% property tax levy reduction from EVERY government body in our County.

    We can finally give relief to local property taxpayers if we eliminate government waste and fraud and more efficiently manage tax dollars.

    Join me in sending a message to McHenry County leaders in support of this 10% cut.

    And know that I will introduce this plan on my first day as your new McHenry County Board Chairman.

    -Jack Franks”


    So the voter has to attach a probability as to how likely that will happen.

    But there is no timeframe given.

    And there are not details.

    There is no plan.

    Sounds pretty much like the Jeffery Lichte campaign this spring.

    Jeffery Lichte is the Democrat Jack Franks supporter who ran as a Republican in the March 15, 2016 Republican primary for 63rd District State Representative.

    That was the same 63rd District primary in which Jack Franks ran unopposed.

  20. If anyone wants to speak with me about why I voted “NO’ on the salary all you have to do is show up for a meeting, or email/call.

    Up until this last meeting for November, we had zero people in the audience.

    But since I am more than a month late in posting here, I am sure all of you will show up for the next meeting December 14th.

    By the way, anyone who wants to talk about Township consolidation can hit me up.

    I am all ears.

    Cal, I will make a bet with you, that the only people who decide to show up to the meeting are those running for office this spring, maybe not even then.

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