NWH Endorses Second Lawyer Democrat

Mike Skala

Mike Skala

With endorsements completed yesterday for the McHenry County Board, in its District 5 picks, the Northwest Herald has endorsed its second Democrat who is a lawyer.  (The first was District 3’s Diane Johnson, a former Crystal Lake Grade School Board President.)


Alex Wimmer

His name is Alex Wimmer and he lives in Woodstock.

Endorsed along with him for the two seats that are up, was one-term Republican incumbent Mike Skala, former President of the Huntley School Board and Chairman of the County Board’s Finance and Audit Committee.

Unendorsed were

  • former County Board member Paula Yensen, who is married to Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissett, and who was put back on the Lake in the Hills Village Board last spring by voters
  • Crystal Lake Republican Andy Snarski, who is retired with nearly three decades of business and financial management experience.
Jim Kearns

Jim Kearns

Mary McCann

Mary McCann

In District 6, the NWH went with the two Republicans

  • Mary McCann, ten-year incumbent
  • Jim Kearns, Grafton Township Supervisor

Their Democratic Party opponents are

  • Andrew Georgi, Hebron Village Trustee
  • Cathy Johnson, former Riley Township Trustee and Marengo Library Board member


NWH Endorses Second Lawyer Democrat — 15 Comments

  1. Their Northwest Herald Editorial endorsements contain little information about why the Editors endorsed the candidates.

    The Election Central 2016 section of the Northwest Herald website contains candidate responses to questions, and much more information about the candidates than the endorsement section of the website.

  2. Wimmer is a great young man and will be a fresh face on the board.

    We’d be lucky to have him and he would be a representative voice of a younger generation.

  3. Wimmer is an airy-fairy loon who does not know proper grammar and is a Franks suckup minion.

  4. I like Snarski because he talks candidly, but politely, about the stupid things he sees in government.

    Most peoples’ heads would spin if they knew what was going on. Snarski gets it.

    He will bring a voice of common sense to the board.

    His work experience will be relevant too, given that the county’s unemployment rate is less than spectacular.

  5. Hopefully in 2019 the Democrats actually run in the primary so their candidates have a chance to do some research or learn something.

    All these Bernie backers are doing is making themselves look like Franks’ uneducated puppets.

  6. When will Jim Kearns resign as Grafton Township Supervisor?

    He appears to be living in his house in Coral township.

    His truck is there regularly and the house is full of furniture.

  7. **Hopefully in 2019 the Democrats actually run in the primary so their candidates have a chance to do some research or learn something.**

    Many of them did.

    For example, both Barber and Wimmer (both endorsed by the NWH) ran in the primary.

    So did Zettler.

    And Walz.

    And Howland.

    And Dominique and Ken Miller.

    Maybe a couple of others.

  8. I checked your numbers alabamashake 3 of the 12 Democratic county board candidates were on the primary ballot; it’s no wonder they sounded like fools in their questionnaires and at the forum.

    Franks’ puppets.

  9. @taxpayer..

    That is creepy that you see the house full of furniture!

  10. The way this political campaigns are now a days I wonder how many good people are going to keep stepping up in the future?

    It is getting harder and harder to find people to run.

    Put you and your family through a bunch of crap and for what?

    School Boards don’t get paid.

    And for the people that say “its your civic duty” is a bunch of BS!

    Things are different.

    You get what you pay for.

  11. Holding office when you don’t live in the township is the point.

    It is illegal.

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