Shawn Green’s Precinct Letter

Here is the letter that Republican Precinct Committeeman Shawn Green is distributing to his constituents:

Fellow McHenry County Voter:

This year, unlike most prior election years, your vote is extremely powerful and could help determine the course of our county and our state for years to come. If you are happy with higher taxes, fewer jobs, lower wages, increasing debt, and greater government intrusion on your personal liberty, read no further; you have likely already decided to vote for democrat candidates who will continue these policies and give Speaker Madigan an unbreakable foothold in McHenry County.

However, if you want to restore some balance and common sense to Springfield and prevent the Chicago democrats’ attempted takeover of McHenry County, there are two crucial votes to cast:

  • Steve Reick for State Representative and
  • Mike Walkup for County Board Chairman.
Steve Reick

Steve Reick

Steve Reick will fight to fix Illinois’ countless problems, focusing specifically on taxes, education, and public pension reform, and will provide a much-needed check on Speaker Madigan’s power.

Steve has made a successful career for himself in the private sector and is truly running to represent the will of McHenry County residents and to help turn Illinois around.

Steve’s opponent, on the other hand, is a typical career politician who currently holds a patronage job with the state (thanks to political favors and back room deals between Jack Franks and Rod Blagojevich) and is running for State Representative to further enrich himself on the taxpayers’ dime.

Please join me in voting for the person who will represent OUR interests, not his own – vote Steve Reick for State Representative.

Mike Walkup

Mike Walkup

Mike Walkup is a tax fighter – proven by his actions, not just purported in a campaign slogan.

Mike has been a true independent voice on the County Board, choosing to stand up for what he believes is best for the residents and businesses of McHenry County rather than blindly following the party line. I

n sharp contrast, Mike’s opponent has spent the last two decades in Springfield with no meaningful accomplishments to his name. Mike Walkup’s opponent claims to be a tax fighter, yet he helped Speaker Madigan, the quintessential tax-and-spend politician, establish himself as the most powerful figure in Illinois government.

Mike Walkup’s opponent, despite his attempts to convince us otherwise over the years, has been obedient to Madigan for the last two decades and will continue to do Madigan’s bidding if allowed to chair the McHenry County Board.

Let’s keep Chicago politics in Chicago and preserve McHenry County’s status as a bright spot in Illinois.

Shawn Green

Shawn Green

Please join me in voting Mike Walkup for County Board Chairman.

Shawn Green

Chairman – NorWest Townships Republican Central Committee
Precinct Committeeman – Coral Township, Precinct 3


Shawn Green’s Precinct Letter — 22 Comments

  1. Why should he publicly back a hack like Kirk?

    Don’t worry, I’ll be votin’ for Kirk (so Trump will have a majority in the Senate) …VERY RELUCTANTLY …. and only because Princess Tammy is something I didn’t think I’d ever possiby see …. someone worse than Kirk!

  2. I definitely encourage everyone to vote for all candidates who support the Republican party platform (including your namesake, Trump2016!).

    Given the amount of money being poured in by Chicago Democrats and labor unions against Steve and Mike, I decided to focus on those two races specifically.

  3. Republican Steve Reick v Democrat John Bartman for 63rd District State Representative.

    Republican Mike Walkup v Democrat Jack Franks for inaugural voter elected McHenry County Board Chair.

    Election November 8, 2016

    Early voting open September 29 – November 7 from 8:30AM – 4PM, Monday – Friday, at the McHenry County Administration Building, 667 Ware Road, Room 107, Woodstock.

    Early voting expands to 9 additional early voting sites from October 24th – November 7th.

    Some locations have Saturday and Sunday early voting hours.

    The October 24th – November 7th early voting locations can be found here:

    Students, the military, and others away from home can vote by mail (absentee voting).

    Contact the County Clerk’s office.


    John Bartman is currently employed as a prevailing wage monitor (aka Construction Analyst aka Compliance Monitor) by IOUE affiliated IIIFFC.

    He has not in the past included that on his website or apparently with the newspapers (since the newspapers have not reported this job).

    A prevailing wage monitor ensures state mandated prevailing wages are paid on state funded projects, including road construction in McHenry County.

    Thus John Bartman is not going to support allowing local units of government to repeal prevailing wages, which is one of the cost saving measures in the Republican Governor Bruce Rauner Administration’s Turnaround Agenda.

    Why should taxpayers always pay top dollar wages for construction projects.

  4. typo, IUOE (International Union of Operating Engineers).

    IUOE Local 150 to be more precise.

    IIIFFC = Indiana Illinois Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting

  5. Tirio and Kenneally are important county wide races Shawn.

    Wish you threw them support too.

  6. Yeah you wish “Jose whales” . aka Primary Loser, Joni Smith.

    And everyone knows you put up the Democrat opponent in an attempt to save your job, your kids jobs at the county admin bldg.

    Shawn, The county board races and county wide races are very important too.

    Any Dems that get in they will raise taxes, borrow against the County run Nursing Home to spend more.

    Hope you’ll at least include a sample ballot with Republican candidates.

    None of the Dems seem to have plans other than getting their hands on borrowing power to spend more of our money!

    The Dem states atty opponent is not to be taken seriously at all (acts like a burn out) doesn’t have managerial experience….and the Dem opponent to Recorder also has no people managerial exp./no budgetary exp.

    She also wants no term limits, didn’t denounce nepotism and wants the pension, bennies, sauce and all! ($$$$)

    Tirio’s plan will save county budget.

  7. Did Shawn or Roger write the letter?

    For a ‘District’ Chairman to write a letter and not endorse ALL the Republicans is indicative of his lack of leadership.

    What is Shawn / Roger trying to do?

    Emulate Paul Ryan?

    Shawn / Mark / Tammy have been all but useless.

    Bring back the leadership from two years ago! At least they were productive.

    Need to recruit a better quality of people for committeemen.

  8. In the 14 years I have lived in McHenry County I have never receive a letter or knock on my door from the precinct committeeman.

    Perhaps Shawn isn’t writing in detail about all of the candidates, but he is doing more than many other committeemen.

  9. Again, I wholeheartedly endorse Tirio, Kenneally, and other republican candidates and I am working to get their signs, literature, etc. out to the voters.

    I simply wanted to keep the letter to one page and focus on the two races that have the most vigorous democrat efforts against them.

  10. “Need to recruit a better quality of people for committeemen.”

    You think?!

    Why hasn’t the Central Committee ejected Donald Lockhart as precinct committeeman for his PUBLIC endorsement of Franks?

  11. I’m guessing the Reick and Walkup races will be closer than the Tirio and Kenneally races.

    Maybe Shawn didn’t want to write 3-4 pages with an explanation of why he was endorsing every single Republican.

    You kind of have to keep these letters short or else they end up in the trash immediately (most probably do anyway).

    Maybe he wanted to focus on the ones he sees as tight races, or maybe he sees them as having a bigger impact to residents.

    As for getting better PC, at least Shawn wrote a letter to his constituents and said something positive about Mike Walkup.

    That’s more than most GOP PC are doing.

    As for Xout’s comment, the Central Committee can not remove an *elected* officer for endorsing a Democrat.

  12. Article 1. Establishment and Governance

    B. The purpose of the Central Committee shall be to establish, organize, and promote the operations of the Illinois Republican Party.

    Article 3. Officers

    L. Removal of Officers. Any elected officer, including the State Chairman, may be removed for cause by the Central Committee upon the affirmative weighted vote of three-fifths (3/5th) of the Central Committee. Except for assistant treasurers, any appointed officer may be removed with or without cause at any time by the State Chairman. Any assistant treasurer may be removed at any time with or without cause by the Treasurer.

  13. Don Lockhart is Precinct Committeeman of Marengo Township, Precinct 2 (Marengo 2).


    The McHenry County Republicans have appointed 21 precinct committeemen.

    The McHenry County Democrats have appointed 42 precinct committeemen.


    There are 17 Townships subdivided into 112 Precincts in McHenry County.

    Some Precincts have either no Republican or no Democrat Precinct Committeeman.


    The Precinct Committeemen are listed on the McHenry County website. > County Government > County Yearbook (last selection in drop down menu) > Political Parties

  14. You’re probably thinking of officers of the state central committee or officers of a county or township committee, and officer meaning Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, etc.

    I meant officer as in Precinct Committeeman since that is what we were discussing.

    They can not be removed.

  15. Joe,
    Where exactly does it state a Precinct Committeeman cannot be removed?

    Do Republican Precinct Committeemen play a role in choosing the County Chairman?
    Yes. Every two years, the first duty of the newly elected Republican Precinct Committeemen is to elect the Chairman of your County Republican Party. Each elected Precinct Committeeman IS A MEMBER OF THE COUNTY GOP’S CENTRAL COMMITTEE.

  16. Xout, the question you should be asking is where does it say GOP PC CAN be removed.

    It doesn’t say they can be removed, so that means they can not be.

    Ask Andrew Gasser if you don’t believe me.


    I would think that since that nowhere does it state an elected PCM cannot be removed, the process of Removal of Officers be attempted.

    “Any elected officer, including the State Chairman, may be removed for cause”

  18. Illinois law does not specify specific duties of Precinct Committeemen and does not authorize County Central Committees to define duties.

    Therefore, they can only be removed from office for the specific reasons noted in Illinois law.

    Legal definition of removal for cause can be found in Illinois law and would not apply to a PC for not doing those duties unlawfully defined by County Central Committee.

    Also, once appointed a Precinct Committeeman by the County CC Chairman, an appointed PC has no distinction from an elected PC, so cannot be removed even by the authority which appointed them.

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