More Deceptive Campaigning by Lying Jack Franks

While walking my precinct this past week, I’ve found plenty of people who see through the deceptive campaigning of Democratic Party candidate for McHenry County Board Chairman Lying Jack Franks.

But his campaign sent out another email asking for people to urge their “Friends and Family” to support him.

This is an idea used by Lisa Madigan in her 2002 campaign for Illinois Attorney General.

However her’s was lower tech, I suspect.

The gist of Lying Jack Franks' Friday email.

The gist of Lying Jack Franks‘ Friday Cut 10 email.

Just in case you did not notice the relatively small promised to cut our property tax bills by 10%, I have enlarged it below:

The false "Cut 10" campaign promise is more visible with its enlargement.

The false “Cut 10” campaign promise is more visible with its enlargement.

Of course, Franks would have no ability to cut any taxes without support of a majority of the McHenry County Board, most of whom will be Republicans.

Disney World's Fantasy Land at night.

Disney World’s Fantasy Land at night.

If elected, he will not even have a vote on the County Board.

That’s not even pointing out that county government’s share of our total tax bills is about 10%.

How he he will fulfill his fantasy to cut our total tax bills by 10% remains unexplained.

Like a lot of what one sees in Disney World at Fantasy Lane.

If Franks would change his logo to “Cut Property Taxes NOW 1%,” he would rise on the campaign integrity scale.

No longer would he be a Four Pinocchios guy.


More Deceptive Campaigning by Lying Jack Franks — 6 Comments

  1. Democrat Jack Franks v Republican Mike Walkup for the inaugural voter elected McHenry County Board Chair.

    Election November 8, 2016.


    Jack Franks is a higher tax candidate.

    Major contributors to Jack Franks PACs are unions and trial lawyers, who want government laws policies that hike government costs.


    The way Jack Franks has been hiking costs, while saying that he has never voted for a tax hike, is through unfunded mandates.

    More specifically, state unfunded mandates.

    More specifically, legislative state unfunded mandates.

    More specifically, legislative state unfunded mandates that he voted for.

    More specifically, legislative state unfunded mandates that he voted for that became law.


    The worst of these unfunded mandates are pension benefit hikes and retiree healthcare benefit hikes that were unfunded or underfunded.


    The unfunded mandates go hand in hand with an unbalanced budget.

    Through loopholes, the state of Illinois has been passing unbalanced budgets for years, even though there is a constitutional requirement for a balanced budget.


    So the State of Illinois has been passing unfunded state mandate laws on state and local government, and not balancing its budget.

    This has resulted in debt and high taxes.


    A key to sifting through Jack Franks pitch to lower property taxes is to look at his plan to do so.

    But he refuses to provide a plan until after the election, other than to say he would use the county board chair position as a bully pulpit.

    OK, how would that work.

    Can you see County Board Chair Jack Franks walk into a school board meeting demanding they lower property taxes 10%?

    He’s never gone to any board meeting for any property taxing district demanding they lower property taxes 10%, 1%, or even holding them flat.

    So he has no plan for lowering property taxes and his legislative unfunded mandate track record has resulted in hiked costs to local and state taxpayers.

  2. With the mailer above Jack Franks is just gathering names for marketing purposes to tell them once again he’s for lower property taxes.

    He has not told those people how his votes on unfunded mandates hiked costs.

    Doubtful that he would educate them about the subject.

    How were the hiked costs funded?

    Where does the funding come from, to fund hiked government costs?


    Remember, Jack Franks is a trial lawyer holding a fundraiser featuring trial lawyers, labor leaders, and Dick Durbin, Democrat US Senator from Illinois.

    Are those people for lower taxes?


    Have not seen Jack Franks publicly support Dick Durbin.

    But by having Dick Durbin featured at his fundraiser, it seems that Jack Franks supports Dick Durbin.

    Would Jack Franks claim otherwise?

    Dick Durbin is featured at my fundraiser but I don’t support him?


    When considering whether or not to vote for Jack Franks, factor Dick Durbin into that thought process.


    Jack Franks publicly endorsing Democrat candidates is an interesting topic.

    Has anyone ever seen Jack Franks publicly endorse a Democrat candidate?

    But Jack Franks fundraisers feature Democrats.


    The issue is especially acute in McHenry County.

    Has anyone ever seen Jack Franks publicly endorse a McHenry County candidate?


    Maybe there were some public endorsements of Democrat candidates by Jack Franks, but haven’t seen any.

  3. Mark Shephard, why do you continue to lie about state mandates?

    You are a direct beneficiary of pension and healthcare benefits provided by the state and it’s preposterous to continue to lambast their existence.


  4. ‘Moderate’ is in line for the funniest comment of the year!!

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