Recent Financial Support for Steve Reick’s Campaign

Steve Reick buttons.

Steve Reick buttons.

Here’s what has showed up since the House Republican Organization transferred $100,000 to GOP State Rep. candidate Steve Reick’s campaign

  • $11,693.61 – House Republican Organization for printing
  • $11,693.61 – House Republican Organization for printing
  • $2,000 – Citizens for [State Rep. Robert] Pritchard, DeKalb
  • $2,000 – IMA [Illinois Manufacturers Associate],Schaumburg
  • $1,500 – Ameren Illinois, Springfield
  • $1,000 – Contractors for Free Enterprise, Springfield


Recent Financial Support for Steve Reick’s Campaign — 8 Comments

  1. Welcome to the Backpocket, bought and paid for.

    So much for those “I’ll work hard for everybody” ads.

    Hard to do that when beholden to contributors.

    Thanks for nothing.

  2. I must agree with Chico.

    Once again, the dark money plants its seed which will grow into obligations that may or may not be good for residents.

  3. This isn’t “dark money” — its disclosed and the source is clear.

    But with that said, when is everyone on here going to start attacking Reick for getting all of his support from outside the district?

    Or is it only bad when Democrats do it?

  4. Given that Democrat Jeffery Lichte filed to run as a Republican candidate for 63rd District State Representative in the March 15, 2016 primary election against Republican Steve Reick.

    Give that incumbent Democrat Jack Franks was unopposed as a Democrat candidate for 63rd District State Representative in the March 15, 2016 primary election.

    Given that an independent expenditure PAC named Government for the People popped up 1 week prior to the March 15, 2016 primary election, opposing Steve Reick and supporting Jeffery Lichte.

    Given that the expenditures from the PAC seemed to consist entirely of mailer, radio advertisements (was there any other media form used) against Steve Reick.

    Given that House Speaker Michael Madigan (most powerful position in the State House of Representatives) holds a slim supermajority in the State House of Representatives.

    We can see why House Republican Organization is supporting Steve Reick.


    Jack Franks has received substantial political contributions from Cook County Democrats, labor unions, and trial lawyers.

    Jack Franks claims he is conservative and has never voted for a tax hike and presents himself as such to Republican voters.

    In the name of transparency, voters should know where Jack Franks receives his political contributions.

    Voters should also know Jack Franks has voted for unfunded mandates which have become state law that have hiked costs.

    The worst of those unfunded mandates is unfunded legislative benefit hikes to pensions that were already underfunded, and once passed into law, thanks to once sentence added to the Illinois State constitution on December 15, 1970, those benefit hikes are contractual and cannot be diminished or impaired for existing workers (only for a new worker).

    Pensions being the #1 fiscal problem in the state of Illinois, with 25% of general state revenue now devoted to pensions.

    With more money going to pensions, there is less money available from state to local property taxing districts.

  5. Given that dark money keeps floating around and around The Gravy Train until it gets used by a candidate.

    It’d be nice if the redistricting amendment also contained a proviso where the only donations permitted to a candidate must come from a “resident” withing the district’s boundaries.

    The donor (be it citizen or business) must have a presence within the borders.

    Even before the election arrives, a shill is born.

    Take your radio ads off the air, Steve, and quite lying to the public, about being everyone’s champion.

  6. McSweeney is a weenie ….. when he tried to run for US Congress, some years ago, I asked him at a breakfast what was his position on illegal immigration …..he told me “That’s not an issue a Congressman can really affect.”

    “Oh, really?” I said. “Well, you just lost my vote …. maybe you can go to Walgreen’s and pick up a spine.”

    No wonder the GOP is in the toilet in this state ….. with tater-tot rich guys like McWeenie making up the kept opposition.

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