Trump Takes McHenry High School Mock Election — 19 Comments

  1. Interesting results.

    We can glean that approximately 200 students were straight ticket GOP voters and 100 straight ticket democratic voters with between 80-90 swing voters.

    Interesting numbers.

  2. Hultgren’s future is looking kind of weak, as is most of his legislation.

  3. Definitely, Hultgren was very close to loosing to Jim Walz while the others had almost 2:1 margins.

  4. This did not corrupt our children it was an opportunity to be part of democracy.

  5. I’d be curious if after the electionMcHenry, data can be compiled and analyzed to compare the precincts of voters who are between the ages of 34-57 and if they proportionality reflect these results. The

  6. No surprise there.

    Trump is polling better with uneducated voters

  7. Exactly who would the “Educated Voter” vote for, at any level, in this election cycle and why?

  8. Priest, when it comes to grouping voters by level of education this cycle college educated voters are flocking to Hillary.

    White college educate voters especially, which does not bode well for Trump.

  9. HAH that’s what the media (who is in the tank for the crook, Clinton)

    The media and the Liberals one day say that Republicans are the party of the Rich/wealthy/privileged, but when it suits them, try to spread more of their manure that depicts them as ‘deplorable’/uneducated/unwashed.

    LoL, Democraps can’t have it both ways!

    Since the Dems & Clinton campaign have been revealed for the racist, crooked, theiving, taxing, baby killers they are, it’s only natural Trump would keep being the ‘come-back Candidate’ he is. With his flaws and all, that really says that people (of our county) view Clinton as the most dangerous candidate.

  10. I’m not sure where you get your data Landon, but there are many polls indicating that uneducated white voters are overwhelmingly voting for Trump

  11. Sorry.

    Should have returned sooner but ripping apart disingenuous liberals for attacking children for being “uneducated” while these students were doing this activity in school to learn faded to insignificance when the Cubbies won.

    So… Idiot liberals…

    Thank the Cubs for the pass on further spankings.

    They’re wildly more important than you will ever be and time better spent.

  12. All there is to say is that I have seen a lot of “uneducated people” who are really smart and a lot of ” educated people” who are really dumb.

  13. Glad to see our kids have more common sense than questionably educated “liberals”.

    Policy and principles over personality.

    Facts over feelings.

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