Nancy Zettler Mails Another Attack on Allen Skillicorn

This one focuses in on Republican Allen Skillicorn’s Pro-Life position.

Allen Skillicorn is attacked

Allen Skillicorn is attacked because he “won’t stand up for women.”

A young women is pictured

A young women is pictured with the text, “Allen Skillicorn’s extreme positions put women in danger,” in this Nancy Zettler mailing.


Nancy Zettler Mails Another Attack on Allen Skillicorn — 7 Comments

  1. Nancy Zettler’s EXTREME positions in opposition to God put ALL of humanity in danger.

    Thanks, Nancy.

  2. Zettler like all DEMOCRATS believe in Cradle to Grave Government health care, it’s just that with their love for abortion infants have a lot of trouble getting to the cradle.

  3. Isn’t it odd that the proponents of abortion are all already born!

  4. What’s the ‘danger’?

    that they’ll run out of blue eye shadow like the one in Zettler’s hit piece?

    If Zettler got pregnant and didn’t want the baby she would follow Hillary Clintons form of birth control and have the baby ripped out of the womb, it’s head twisted, neck broken and put on a large metal shallow sheet to die alone, screaming for humanity?

  5. Do any of the “posters” above realize that Nancy has adopted children that she loves to her core?

    How about any of you” Or do you folk only care before children are born.

    Once they are born perhaps you can feel more comfortable rejected them because of their beliefs, color, or whatever you decide does’t fit your world view.

    Just asking.

  6. And she wouldn’t have those children if they were aborted!

    See how stupid she is?

    My Mother was adopted.

    My cousins (2) were adopted.

    My granddaughter was adopted.

    Now can you please shut up with your strawmen arguments about how it’s such a wonderful thing and calling it choice, yet killing babies?

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