Another Republican Precinct Letter

Sandy Robertson, who is the Republican Precinct Committeeman in Algonquin 43 is giving her constituents the following letter:

Dear Neighbor,

My name is Sandy Robertson and I am your neighbor and your newly elected recinct Committeeman in Algonquin Township 43. Our local Republican candidates really need your support this election. As I live in this precinct and experience the same ballooning property taxes as everyone else, I ecided to get involved and do something about it.

What is the Republican Party doing? The Algonquin Township Committee

  • implemented a NO NEPOTISM policy (1st of its kind in the State of Illinois),
  • attempted a Referendum of Tax Relief (successful in Cary and Fox River Grove, but unfortunately failed due to lack of signatures in Algonquin, but we will try again) and
  • the committee is currently working on re-writing their bylaws.

We worked hard during the primary educating the voters on the local candidates and the people VOTED OUT a good chunk of the RINOS in McHenry County who acted more like tax and spend Democrats!

All this has gotten the attention of Mike Madigan and he wants to take over McHenry County with his political machine cartel and whip us into submission with his guy JACK FRANKS!

The Democrats by-passed the March Primary by appointing many of their candidates giving the voters NO say.

Jack Franks will follow suit and is already stating that the McHenry County Board Chairman does not have to follow county board procedures to appoint committee chairs and members of boards and commissions!

In the 18 years in the Legislature in Springfield, Franks NEVER passed a bill providing tax relief to the average property tax payer and NOW he says that he is going to cut your taxes by 10% when the County Board Chairman doesn’t even have control over MOST of the local taxing boards (school, city, library, etc.)


Also during his time in Springfield, Franks asked Rod Blagojevich for patronage jobs for TWELVE
relatives and cronies.



I have enclosed a Sample Ballot with my recommendations for voting (after thoroughly vetting each
candidate) for your convenience. There are also some “yes” and “no” selections which I’d like to

 Proposed Amendment to the IL Constitution – I am recommending VOTE NO. Illinois Board of Elections' records show that Illinois highway construction, concrete and asphalt companies are pouring funds into Citizens to Protect Road Funding's effort to change the constitution. (These wolves-in- sheep’s-clothing amendments/bills/etc. always have such nice sounding names, don’t they?) So are construction associations, as well as those that run heavy construction machinery – the International Union of Operating Engineers. With the passage of the constitutional amendment, construction companies will be guaranteed business and revenue forever – or until the amendment would be reversed.  First, state employee pensions get constitutionally-protected priority. With the passage of the Safe Roads amendment, road and bridge construction would be next up. Democrats in control of the Illinois Senate and House are most often showered with campaign funds from these organizations and businesses.

 1 st County Advisory Question – Regarding reducing the corrupting influence of money on our political system – this is a no-brainer – Vote Yes

 2 nd County Advisory Question – Regarding reducing the number of County Board members. You would think that this would be a good thing to save the county money, right? But it is NOT a good idea AT ALL, as it is SO MUCH EASIER to corrupt, influence and/or buy 7 board members than 24 board members and it gives more power to each board member when there are less of them. With the rampant corruption in this state, more board members are better! VOTE NO

 New Taxes for the Fire Department – this will raise property taxes. One of the claims is declining property values have contributed to less money. I don’t know about you, but my property taxes have not gone down even though property values did. VOTE NO

Please protect McHenry County and vote for our local Republican candidates. If you have any concerns, questions or want a lawn sign for any candidates, please call or text me at 224-531- 7365.

Thank you,

Sandy Robertson

Algonquin Precinct 43 Committeeman


Another Republican Precinct Letter — 14 Comments

  1. Poor argument to vote against MFT amendment.

    All money spent by the state gov on contracts to do whatever is affected by the prevailing wage law.

    By voting no, nothing changes and the roads just keep falling behind.

    Get the prevailing wage laws changed if you don’t like them, but lets stop our MFT $$$$ going where they don’t belong.

    Vote yes!!!!!

  2. Memo to Sandy:

    While your letter raises several good points, I think it comes up short in others.

    I’m with you on the Roads Amendment as well as Walkup.

    Voting for any local/state democrat is a vote for Madigan.

    Roads amendment reasoning is sound and on point.

    Advisory #1: seems like a no-brainer, but if it’s so obvious, why make it advisory in 2016!!

    Where was this 20, 30, 40 years ago!

    Advisory #2: 24 members is too big, 7 is to small.

    16 would be a better fit, as this group is nothing more than a bunch of bickering children.

    God knows we’d like fewer bickering children.

    However, a bigger issue where I wish you folks would take a stand is boundary lines.

    In plain English, the methodology S*U*C*K*S in no uncertain terms – be it at the local level for county board or the state level for my representatives.

    Talk about rigged elections – this is how it’s done, and legally…and people have tolerated it for far too long.

    The Illinois Supremes killed the momentum to make non-partisan redistricting part of the state constitution.

    It damned well should be there and in every state.

    That’s where the election rigging is done!!

    So grow be the adult in the room of children and take on a real issue that can make a difference for our democracy.

    We “trust” computer voting – time to trust computer redistricting too.

    As to fireman’s tax.

    I have no problem with it.

    We cheer our first responders in parades and pray for their safety in dangerous situations.

    Time we put our money where our hearts are.

    You talk about lowering taxes — BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

    Who doesn’t — it’s cheap talk.

    Franks is today’s self proclaimed tax fighter, but he’s not.

    I’ve heard that same crap for the last 40 years.

    Please stop the brainwashing of Americans by throwing “tax fighter” into the public stream.

    It’s like “education President” – they have all touted it, and yet, no one has done bupkus.

    Be better than cheap rhetoric.

    Get out there against sales taxes, restaurant taxes (Chicago is at 11%!), sin taxes, etc. — taxes I cannot claim on my federal income taxes in April.

    We used to be able to claim credit card and automobile interest on federal taxes, but that got taken away 30 years ago.

    While I still get a deduction on my federal taxes, property tax increases aren’t so bad.

    That’s how you think outside the box and make yourself/party stand out and be refreshing.

    Lastly, understand the relationship between property values and property taxes.

    I don’t think that knowledge comes across in your OpEd.

    Overall: 3 slices of pie out of 5

  3. @Chico Who cares if they bicker?

    What is wrong with debate?

    You want to try and lower the board, have less oversight and eyes governing the County?

    If it wasn’t for board members that oversee things a lot of things would have just gone through.

    The Board does get things done, has a great bond rating, reduced its budget last year, and I believe hasn’t taken a tax levy in 5 yrs and you want to change something that actually works in this county/state.

    I don’t!

    Just because you may not like the players on the board doesn’t mean it’s not good for the taxpayers.

    If Jack Franks wants to do something you can pretty much guarantee that it’s not good for the taxpayers!

    I will give her a 4.5 slices of pie out of 5 just because she could have made a better argument for the board members

  4. Sure- voting against the motor fuel tax gains you what???

    Prevailing wage stands.

    Money is still collected.

    Of course those who can create jobs with the money collected for the designated use of building roads are in favor of this….


    Voting No changes NOTHING except allows the General Assembly to continue to sweep funds.

  5. vaffanculo–why is a constitutional amendment that guarantees funding for special interests the way to handle the problem?

    Perhaps a real solution would be to make it against the law to sweep the funds–not a constitutional amendment.

  6. Again any $$$$ spent by the state has to meet the fair wage deal.

    The other lobby groups are waiting their turn.

    Roads need the most $$$$, that fuels the rest of the game.
    IMO MFT still needs adjustment or the whining about roads will not be silenced.

    Green cars and trucks need to pay more of the pot also, their tire’s are wearing out the pavement also.

    A no vote is a habitual whiners vote.

  7. @Chico, the purpose of the precinct letter (which accompanies a sample ballot) is to address what is ON THE BALLOT, to help voters make the decisions they are asked to make when they go to the voting booth.

    The precinct letter is not to address all of the things that are wrong with this county and/or state!

    How many pages long would it be if all of these things were addressed and who would read it in its entirety?

    Give me a break!

    As far as the “bickering children” on the county board, I believe a good chunk of them have been voted off.

  8. Don’t agree with you on the roads one, but appreciate you sending a letter.

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