Huntley High School Students Vote for Trump

Below are the results of the Mock Election put on by the McHenry County League of Women Voters at the Huntley High School.

Here are the number of students who voted from each grade:

  • 9th – 267
  • 10th – 268
  • 11th – 216
  • 12th – 138

The results of this election show Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton 442 to 378.  Libertarian Gary Johnson received 133 and Green Party candidate Jill Stein got 49.

The write-ins for President were interesting.

Bernie Sanders received 23 votes and somebody named Harambe got the same number.

Mark Kirk beat Tammy Duckworth 637-449.

For Congress incumbent Republican Randy Hultgren came out on the short end, losing to Jim Watz.  Watz got 547, while Hultgren received 536 votes.



Huntley High School Students Vote for Trump — 12 Comments

  1. Harambe was the gorilla that got killed by the Cincinnati Zoo when a child got near him.

    I’m surprised this school allowed Harambe on the ballot, given that the intelligentsia thinks references to him are racist microagressions.

    But then this mock election is a total joke, letting Kanye West on the ballot, and Barack Obama (anybody ever heard of the 22nd Amendment?)

    Did you hear about the teacher at Prarie Ridge suspended for endorsing Hillary and showing a 23 minute video on why Trump is bad?

    I know this teacher thinks he’s doing “something positive in the world”, but it also says he’s been a civics teacher for over 20 years. I’m not certain what’s considered pedagogically appropriate since I am not an educator, but I wonder if this civics teacher has given any thought about the chilling effect that he might be giving to students when he does something like this.

    Since questions about how a government ought to be run are subjective, unlike a subject like math or science, I do worry that students might feel intimidated to voice their actual political beliefs for fear of repercussion knowing that this teacher is going out of his way to project his opinions to the class, rather than dedicating time to the actual course material.

  2. The construction unions are pushing the amendment to add road construction funding to the state constitution in the name of Safe Roads.

    Another marketing gimmick.

    Terrible idea.

    Vote no.

  3. Joe- Kanye West and Harambe were write-ins, they weren’t on the mock ballot.

    Just teenagers being funny – thankfully they’re still allowed to do that.

  4. I think these mock elections are ridiculous.

    They should not be allowed in these grades.

    If I had kids in these grades I would have been talking to the principle.

    The next things you’ll hear is teachers showing abortions at different levels and asking the kids if they think it’s o.k. if you have an abortion at 3 months or 6 months.

    Go back to what should be taught in schools.

  5. How much does anyone know about these candidates?

    Probably not much if they aren’t seeking out the information.

    It certainly won’t appear before them on the 6 o’clock news, their Yahoo news feed, or in the Sunday paper.

  6. Oh, that didn’t cross my mind, Shawn. I’m used to the write in process in Illinois, where you have to be a declared write-in candidate to be counted. Hopefully the teacher explains that to them.

  7. The teacher suspended from Prairie Ridge HS for showing a politically charged video and promoting HRC is paid $112,000 plus $19,000 in benefits.

    I’m just so fed up that someone this dumb, terrible teacher to boot, makes this much money, and my taxes support it

  8. That mock election was likely more open than having your votes counted with GEMS software!!

    The McHenry County Clerk claimed there would be no hacking of her system while she was Clerk failed to mention that she has no clue what is in the software that she uses by license to count your votes.

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