Jack Franks – Labor Unions’ Million Dollar Man – Part 25

Still in those unions with names stating with “Illinois,” commenter Mark looks at the Operating Engineers’ part of the enormous amount of money donated to Lying Jack Franks from unions.

This union is variously identified in campaign disclosure reports, so I’m pretty sure there will be additions from other locations on the spreadsheet.

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Jack Franks – Labor Unions’ Million Dollar Man – Part 25 — 3 Comments

  1. Chicagoland Operators just dumped $200k into Bartman.

    Could be in addition to the $180k for the TV ad or it could be the same money.

    They’re spending a lot of dough in McHenry Co.

  2. All the way up to Part 25 shows me that Franks sure can raise a lot of money.

  3. Unions want hiked benefits and Jack Franks delivered with unfunded mandate votes that turned into state law.

    Now we have hiked benefits and big debt.


    Unions want prevailing wage.

    Has Jack Franks ever discussed repealing prevailing wage?


    In fact Jack Franks is against almost all aspects of the Governor Bruce Rauner Administration’s Turnaround Agenda, including the ability for local governments to waive the prevailing wage requirement.


    Unions contribute to Jack Franks.

    Jack Franks called Bruce Rauner a union buster.

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