CL Library Tries to Gain Yes Votes from Seniors

Yesterday, I posted a mailing financed with tax dollars which seemed obvious to me to be an attempt to get young moms to vote for the $30.1 million advisory referendum to build a new Crystal Lake Library.

Today, take a look at a postcard, again financed with from the Library’s budget–not private funds–which takes aim at senior citizens.

The address side appears below:

Unlike yesterday, I have eliminated the part of the address side of the post card that shows it came from the Crystal Lake Public Library and was sent to pretty much everyone in Crystal Lake so that you can more easily read its text.

Unlike yesterday, I have eliminated the part of the address side of the post card that shows it came from the Crystal Lake Public Library and was sent to pretty much everyone in Crystal Lake so that you can more easily read its text.

Again, I would argue that this postcard is encouraging people to vote in favor of the advisory referendum.  That would be better than spending $9.1 million on repairing the current building, the text argues.

Here’s the back side, whose text has pretty much nothing to do with Crystal Lake, but whose image shows the Library entrance that does not have handicapped access.


The back of the post card shows the stairs one must climb to get from the back parking lot to the main floor. Of course, there could be an entrance just to the left of the stairs, which is on the same level as the parking lot and near an elevator.


CL Library Tries to Gain Yes Votes from Seniors — 11 Comments

  1. It’s not just the price of the printing and mailing that the taxpayers on the hook for.

    I’m sure studies and marketing and design work are not cheap either.

  2. These people will stop at nothing to get their way…

    its just sickening ..

    bunch of whining children who won’t be able to play big shot anymore since the open funds pot will be unaccessible to them anymore.

    Go Away, and if you can’t fix whats broke time to close up shop and wait out the bad times like the rest of us have to do!..

  3. Time for a referendum to dissolve this failing entity that no-one can afford and sell off the properties.

    Perhaps some “true” friends of the library will form a self funded non profit organization to provide a library that is not reliant on the over burdened taxpayers of McHenry county.

  4. Beat em at the polls!

    Remember this question is only advisory and if it is at all close, the Crystal Lake city council will decree that the electorate did not understand the question and were really in favor of the new building….then they go ahead a fund it anyway.

  5. Cal is this the appropriate Statute governing dissolution procedure?

    (75 ILCS 16/) Public Library District Act of 1991.

    (75 ILCS 16/Art. 25 heading)

    (75 ILCS 16/25-5)
    Sec. 25-5. Dissolution authorized. Dissolution of a district may be accomplished as provided in this Article.
    (Source: P.A. 87-1277.)

    (75 ILCS 16/25-10)
    Sec. 25-10. Petition for dissolution; court order.
    (a) Voters representing 25% of a district’s population, but not less than 100 of the voters of a district, may petition the circuit court of the county that contains all or a greater portion of the district than any other county having territory in the district to order the question of dissolution to be submitted to the voters of the district.
    (b) The judge assigned to the matter shall enter an order setting forth provisions similar to those required for an establishment referendum and the regular election at which the referendum for dissolution shall be held.
    (Source: P.A. 87-1277.)

    (75 ILCS 16/25-15)
    Sec. 25-15. Form of proposition at referendum. The proposition shall be in substantially the following form:
    Shall (name of public library district), (location),

    Illinois, lying in all or part of (name of county), be dissolved?
    (Source: P.A. 87-1277.)

    (75 ILCS 16/25-20)
    Sec. 25-20. Election results; court order.
    (a) The majority of the votes cast upon the proposition shall determine the matter.
    (b) The judge assigned to the matter shall enter a judgment setting forth the results of the referendum, and the judgment shall be filed in the court. Where more than one county is involved in the referendum, a copy of the original petition, the original order calling for the referendum, and the judgment setting forth the results shall be filed in the circuit court of each county affected or involved.
    (Source: P.A. 87-1277.)

    (75 ILCS 16/25-25)
    Sec. 25-25. Board action to dissolve district and wind up affairs.
    (a) Upon the approval of dissolution under this Article and the entry of the judgment of the circuit court, the board shall proceed with dissolution of the district in compliance with the judgment of the circuit court.
    (b) The board shall continue in existence for the sole purpose of winding up its affairs and for disposition of district property. Trustees whose terms expire shall continue to serve until the board dissolves.
    (c) Personal property of intrinsic value only to libraries may be donated to other public libraries. All other property, real or personal, shall be sold under Section 30-70; the proceeds shall be applied first to the debts of the district, and the balance, if any, shall be paid to the county collector. Where a district lies in more than one county, the proceeds shall be equitably apportioned among the various counties affected, upon a ratio based upon the taxable property of the district within each county. The county collectors shall credit those amounts on their books as a payment on behalf of the taxpayers of the dissolved district toward any other taxes levied by the county involved, and the proceeds shall accrue to each county and shall abate the county tax levy for each county affected as to each taxpayer involved until the credit is used up or utilized and applied.
    (d) The board shall then meet, prepare and file its final report, enact a dissolution ordinance, and direct the filing of certified copies of the ordinance with the county clerk of each county affected and the Illinois State Librarian. The board shall then dissolve.
    (Source: P.A. 87-1277.)

    (75 ILCS 16/25-30)
    Sec. 25-30. Limitation on referendum. A proposition for dissolution of a district may not be submitted to the voters of the district oftener than once every 5 years.
    (Source: P.A. 87-1277.)

  6. Beats me.

    Guess you could ask the State Library. Its staff was excellent in 1973 when I served on a House Revenue Committee considering raising libaries’ tax rates.

  7. I thought CL did not have a library district, it is part of the City, not a distinct taxing body.

  8. Well it didn’t work with me!!!!

    CL Library Bandits: GO TO HELL!

  9. Correct.

    As a resident of Lakewood, I do not have to pay the Crystal Lake Library tax.

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