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  1. McHenry County Board District 4 consists of 4 candidates for 2 positions.

    – Democrat Arne Waltmire.

    Mr. Waltmire earns $121,243 as a high school industrial education teacher at Crystal Lake South High School.

    His starting pension will be over $90,000.

    That pension is state income tax free and grows 3% annually irregardless of inflation thanks to UNFUNDED MANDATE legislative pension benefit hikes.

    He wants to “save” the taxpayers money by reducing county board members.

    If he wanted to “save” the taxpayers money he should have been kicking and screaming when legislators hiked teacher pension benefits, while the teacher pension fund was underfunded, during his teaching career.

    Hiking pension benefits while pensions are underfunded is akin to charging more to a credit card, when you can’t even pay off the credit card balance every month.

    In other words, the IOU gets bigger.

    What a disgrace to a teaching profession that hikes benefits while the pension fund is carrying a taxpayer IOU.

    Gee, teachers, unions, and lobbyists, sure is nice to indebt the kids and parents just because you have the political power to do so.

    Then twist it around and blame the politicians for not contributing the full amount to pensions, which although true, the root cause is DECADES of hiking benefits when the pensions were already underfunded.

    And to make matters worse, at times the unions lobbied to divert pension funding to salary hikes, again at a time when pensions were already underfunded.

    Doing so hikes current pay, hikes the pension payout, and worsens the pension funding but who cares they apparently thought because the state constitution forces taxpayers to pay the pensions irregardless of funding level.



    – Robert Rosenberg, Democrat

    – Craig Wilcox, Republican

    – Kay Bates, Republican


    Read Illinois Pension Scam by Bill Zettler.


    The MASSIVE teacher pension underfunding (less than 50% funded) is a state responsibility.

    Actually, it’s a state responsibility “on behalf of” the school districts.

    As high as your property taxes are, the amount of debt attributed to school districts makes those high property taxes even more outrageous.

    You will learn about GASB 68 and Net Pension Liability as this crisis unfolds.


    For a Tier I TRS teacher (Tier II benefits began for those beginning their career on January 1, 2011 or after) to claim they are going to save the taxpayer money by reducing county board members is ridiculous.

    Teacher pensions are much more lucrative and were hiked more than county board pensions.

    And they are a much bigger problem to taxpayers.

    So once again we have politicians concentrating on Mickey Mouse reform that will do nothing to get us out of our financial crisis, and in fact diverts precious time from solving the big problems.

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