Dundee Township GOP Opts for Primary Election for Township Nominees

Township over 5,000 people can have partisan elections.

Republican parties in Algonquin, Grafton and Nunda Townships have already decided to select their township nominees in a primary election to be held in February.

How Dorr and McHenry Townships will pick theirs is not yet know.

Parties in larger townships have a choice of selecting candidates either by primary or in a caucus.

The following was received from Allen Skillicorn about what the Dundee Township Republican Party has decided to do:

The Dundee Township Republican Organization calls for a Consolidated Primary Election on February 28, 2017 and passes an Anti-Nepotism & Anti-Cronyism Resolution.

The Dundee Township Republican Organization (www.dundeegop.com) unanimously adopted a consolidated primary election on February 28, 2017 over a caucus to slate republican candidates for Dundee Township Supervisor, Assessor, Highway Commissioner, and Trustees.

Dundee Township Republican Organization committeemen agreed that a primary election was more transparent and democratic way to select candidates.

All seats will be four-year terms and the primary winners will be on the Consolidated General Election Ballot on April 4, 2017.

At the same October 5, 2016 meeting, Dundee Township Republican Organization committeemen passed an Anti-Nepotism & Anti-Cronyism Resolution.

Authored and motioned by Committeeman and Republican Candidate for State Representative, District 66, Allen Skillicorn and seconded by Chairman Jay Radke.

DTRO Committeemen who voted in favor of the Anti-Nepotism & Anti-Cronyism Resolution:

Jay Radke – Chairman DTRO
Mike Bielak – Vice Chairman DTRO
Mike Tennis – Treasurer DTRO
Marc Collura – Secretary DTRO
Allen Skillicorn – Committeeman 11
Maggie Auger – Committeeman 18
Richard Byham – Committeeman 22
Ray Auger – Committeeman 29


Dundee Township GOP Opts for Primary Election for Township Nominees — 8 Comments

  1. Need more selfless people like Jay Radke in the management of the GOP!!!!

  2. Have a copy of the anti-cronyism resolution?

    Several township GOP central committees passed anti-nepotism resolutions but said a cronyism one would be difficult to write.

    I’m sure they’d love to see it.

  3. Rather than ANTI- protocols it is easier to establish PRO- protocols.

    If there is not a hiring protocol which requires objective application standards and unbiased hiring standards, it violates Federal (anti-discrimination) law.

    Applicants who have been passed over in favor of ‘daughters, wives and sons-in-law” have causes of action against the County, or School District, or Municipality.

    Problem is, the Political officeholder who hires wives, daughters and sons-in-law is INDEMNIFIED from personal liability by the County, School District, or Municipality.

    The SIMPLE fix is: establish a hiring protocol which complies with Federal law.
    Make political officeholders personally liable for violating protocol, with one clause in their employment contract.


  4. “a cronyism one would be difficult to write.”

    Joe, I know you’re smarter than that!

    It was all about, ulterior motives and quid pro quo…

  5. It isn’t difficult to prove when a plaintiff sues (the municipality, township, school, etc.) for violation of Federal discriminatory hiring practices.

    The problem is, it is no skin off the back of the Miller or any other public employee violating Federal ANTI-DISCRIMINATION HIRING PRACTICES, because we the taxpayers indemnify individual bad actors from any consequences of their own actions.

    Change the wording of local public job hiring protocols, and all of a sudden you create individual accountability if that protocol is not followed.

  6. Since when is there a burden of proof required for a PC, Or political organization, at any level, to choose to support, not support, or directly oppose, any elected official?

    This is simply not true.

    What, exactly, is the intended purpose of the anti-nepotism resolutions passed by these MCGOP organizations?

    To bring legal action against those who practice nepotism?

    Of course not!

    Those within the MCGOP know exactly why patronage/cronyism were intentionally removed from the original drafts of the resolutions that were subsequently rewritten and adopted..

    The reasons were three-fold, having much to do with obeying directives and not biting the hand that feeds and nothing to do with the difficulty/inability to prove in any form of legal action.

    This is not necessarily to say that this phony reasoning wasnt sold… And perhaps bought by some who didn’t know any better…

    But, it stands to say that there were indeed ulterior motives and quid pro quo involved with those who helped to sell it!

    Shall we name names?

  7. How can I get a sample ballot? The Kane County Elections office does not have a sample ballot on their website for the Feb. 28, 2017 election.

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