Operating Engineers PAC Dumps $200,000 in John Bartman’s Campaign

Steve Reick

Steve Reick

When the House Republican Organization gave $100,000 to Steve Reick, I wondered if that was a sign of weakness.

After all, Democrat John Bartman had just over $30,000 in the bank at the end of September, while Reick had spent over $69,000 during the third quarter with almost $10,000 in the bank.

John Bartman

John Bartman

Now the Chicago Land Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC has given Bartman $200,000.

The PAC is closely related to Operating Engineers Local 150, which was given $25,000 by the McHenry County Board for unitemized “legal fees” to make an Open Meetings Act violation suit go away.

And, Mike Madigan’s State Democratic Party made two postage contributions of $4,769.63 on the same day (last Friday).

From the over $50,000 in negative mailings and radio ads that interests responsive to Madigan pumped into the campaign of invisible stalking horse Jeffrey Lichte’s campaign to beat Reick in the primary, it is obvious that the Democrats wanted to give Lying Jack Franks a free ride. (This was before Franks jumped form the legislative ship and was slated to run for McHenry County Board Chairman.)

Reick has received the following $305,159 since the September 30th reporting date:

  • 10-3-16 – $1,000 – IL Merchants Political Action Committee Team
  • 10-5-16 – $16,500 – House Republican Organization
  • 10-5-16-  $35,628 – House Republican Organization
  • 10-8-16 – $3,400 – Norman Hart, Barrington
  • 10-12-16 – $100,000 – House Republican Organization
  • 10-13-16 – $2,000 – TMA PAC
  • 10-13-16 – $1,500 – Ameren
  • 10-14-16 – $14,588 – House Republican Organization
  • 10-14-16 – $2,000 – Citizens for [DeKalb County State Rep.] Pritchard
  • 10-14-16 – $1,000 – Contractors for Free Enterprise, Springfield
  • 10-17-16 – $4,408 – House Republican Organization
  • 10-17-16 – $5,000 – Health Care Council of Illinois PAC
  • 10-20-16 – $84,034 – House Republican Organization
  • 10-21-16 – $32,101 – House Republican Organization
  • 10-22-16 – $1,000 – Pro-Life Victory PAC, McHenry
  • 10-22-16 – $1,000 – Associated General Contractors of IL, Springfield

= = = = =
This is obviously going to be a hot race.

Since I don’t live in the district, I would appreciate those who do sending me emails telling me what is happening. Scanned copies of direct mail or photos would be greatly appreciated.


Operating Engineers PAC Dumps $200,000 in John Bartman’s Campaign — 5 Comments

  1. John Bartman is an employee of an IUOE Local 150 subsidiary named Illinois Indiana Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting (IIIFFC).

    IIIFFC is a prevailing wage monitoring organization.

    John Bartman is a Prevailing Wage Monitor (the official title was recently changed by IIIFFC from Compliance Monitor to Construction Analyst).

    A Prevailing Wage monitor will for instance submit a FOIA request to a school district to verify that prevailing wage is being paid on a construction project.

    Any construction project using state or federal funds is subject to inspecting by an organization such as IIIFFC (there are organizations that do the same thing).

    To learn more about how the Governor Bruce Rauner administration believes that prevailing wage hikes costs and thus taxes, read the Turnaround Agenda.


    Chicago Land Operators Joint Labor – Management PAC has receives about 98 percent of its contributions from an IUOE Local 150 subsidiary named Midwest Operating Engineers Construction Industry Research and Service Trust Fund.

    Midwest Operating Engineers = MOE.

    Construction Industry Research and Service Trust Fund = CRF.


    Construction Industry Research and Service Trust Fund is an hourly wage line item found in union contractor (management) – union labor contracts.

    Often these contracts are negotiated on behalf of a group of trade unions by a bargaining association such as MARBA (Mid American Regional Bargaining Association) in Des Plaines, CISCO (Construction Industry Service Corporation) in Burr Ridge (CISCO itself is sometimes a line item in these agreements), FVAGC (Fox Valley Associated General Contractors) in St. Charles, etc.


    Construction Industry Research and Service Trust Fund is located at the IUOE Local 150 complex in Countryside.

    There are 4 buildings at the complex:

    6150 Joliet Road

    6170 Joliet Road

    6200 Joliet Road

    6240 Joliet Road


    6150 Joliet Road

    1. Midwest Operating Engineers Welfare Fund

    2. Midwest Operating Engineers Pension Fund

    3. Midwest Retirement Enhancement Fund

    4. IUOE Local 150 Vacation Savings Plan

    5. Midwest Operating Engineers IT Service Corporation

    6. Midwest Operating Engineers Not-For-Profit IT Service Corporation


    6170 Joliet Road

    1. Midwest Operating Engineers Construction Industry Research and Service Trust Fund (MOE CRF)

    2. Indiana, Illinois, Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting (IIIFFC)

    3. IUOE Local 150 Food Bank Trust


    6200 Joliet Road



    6240 Joliet Road

    Midwest Operating Engineers Credit Union


    19800 W Arsenal Road, Wilmington, IL

    1. IUOE Local 150 Apprenticeship Fund aka Apprenticeship and Skill Improvement Program (ASIP)

    2. Training facility

  2. Democrat John Bartman vs Republican Steve Reick for 63rd District State Representative.

    Election November 8, 2016.

    The 63rd State House District falls entirely in McHenry County (it does not cover the whole county though).

    The incumbent is Democrat Jack Franks whom has decided to run for McHenry County Board Chair v Republican Mike Walkup.

    Jack Franks was unopposed in the March 15, 2016 primary election.

    His supporter Democrat Jeffery Lichte filed as a Republican v Steve Reick in the March 15, 2016 primary election.

    An independent expenditure political action committee (PAC) named Government for the People was created p a week before that election to support Jeffery Lichte and oppose Steve Reick.

    Government for the People was a smear campaign against Steve Reick.

    The Government for the People PAC was closed after the smear campaign.

    We will see if another independent expenditure smear PAC pops up 1 week before the November 8, 2016 election to support John Bartman and oppose Steve Reick.

    There are many articles on the blog about the 63rd District State Representative Republican primary election.

    Included in the smear campaign was the Illinois Education Association (IEA) teacher union PAC sending a contribution in the name of Government for the People to the then home address of Shaw Decremer, whom the Chicago Tribune anointed Michael Madigan’s top campaign aide, for mailers.

    The next day the IEA filed a letter with the Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE) stating the address should have been instead an address in Naperville (which has no known political connections) that was listed on the Government for the People PAC’s D-1 Statement of Organization.

    The D-1 filed with the SBE included the person incorrectly printing his name on the form once, while correctly printing it twice and correctly signing it twice.

    What adult forgets how to print their name?

    John BieCk listed once.

    John BieSk listed 5 times.

  3. Why does Pam Althoff have her campaign signs on Local 150 property?

    Why did McClelland have hers there two years ago?

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