Problems with Voting for Trump on Huntley Machines

If you are persistent at the Huntley Park District your vote can be counted as you wish it to be.

If you are persistent at the Huntley Park District your vote can be counted as you wish it to be.

A state not-for-profit organization that supports conservative causes just emailed me the following:

A supporter of ours named [first name redacted] and her husband went to vote early today, and they both had problems (at two different voting booths) when attempting to vote for Donald Trump.

It automatically switched them to Hillary Clinton.

They had to undo and repeat their pick three or four times before it took.

Early voting in Huntley is at the Park District building.

The Huntley Park District building.

The Huntley Park District building.

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That’s why I always vote on paper ballots on election day.


Problems with Voting for Trump on Huntley Machines — 39 Comments

  1. But Moderate will claim it’s totally impossible.

    These reports are coming in from all states.

    (To actually catch them you would have to film the whole thing from start to finish. Nevermind. The nitwits will probably say it was Photoshopped! LOL Nitwits!)

  2. This isn’t true these voters are trying to create a hype

    where is the proof why did t hey ask a judge to witness.

    This simply is a bunch of cal skinner hype that does not amount to anything just like wverything he does

  3. You, of course, do not have to read McHenry County Blog if it provides nothing of value to you.

  4. Anonymous person tells unnamed organization, which reports to Mr Skinner, who blogs it.

    That’s not very convincing third hand hearsay.

  5. Let’s break out a little cheese for the libs to go with all their whine.

  6. If you are a registered Republican there is a website to keep the record of your vote.

    Finally it happened.

    You can register your vote in a massive public registry.

    If the votes do not match what is reported in the precincts, election fraud will be BUSTED.

    Put your vote here

    It will not tabulate anything if you are not a registered republican or if you did not actually go out and vote.

    Records of this are kept, and this web site can cross check who actually voted and provide confirmation of how people voted.

    Don’t let this make you lazy, because we still need to overcome the dead voters and scam voters who are going to vote more than once.

  7. Yeah, I’m kinda with Stand and Martin.

    I always hear about these stories and there is never a video.

    If it’s so prevalent why not take a video of it?

    A lot of people have cameras on their phones.

  8. Joe?

    We are in one of sixteen states that are NOT ALLOWED to photograph anything in the polling places.

    There are plenty of videos from other states (like Virginia) with the machines doing the switcheroo.

    Like I said before, ignorant people do not search for truth.

    They just like their spoon fed lies.

    This is a fight for our very lives and people don’t even want to get involved enough to find out what is going down.

  9. Besides, Joe, Stand and Martin have already been outed as idiots.

    Nice that you want to get behind their stupidty.

    Wonder where Moderate is.

    That would be their leader of idiocracy.

  10. Stand4truth, let me write some more “hype”!

    It constantly amazes me how completely ‘dumbed down’ the voting public has become.

    Idiots have an excuse, the ‘dumbed down’ do not.

    They have made a conscious decision to be stupid.

    A judge leaves his gun at the friggin post office and he is not prosecuted!

    Black panthers carrying baseball bats stand outside a polling place and they are not prosecuted.

    S.O.S. reveals classified information plus lies under oath and she is not prosecuted.

    A guy who says he is born in Hawaii but files his taxes with a social security which belongs to another guy in Connecticut and he is not prosecuted but is voted to be our President TWICE!!

    If you have doubts about voter fraud (intentional or not) check out
    Stupid is stupid does.

  11. The World According To Moderate: Voting fraud via electronic voting machines is impossible – a conspiracy of the conservative right.

  12. Exactly what happened to myself when I was first in line for the CL Mayor voting, went right to the one I did not WANT TO VOTE FOR 3X’S finally

    I had to ask for assistance and they say had an issue with the machines, but did fix it, what did they not think no one would notice this!!! ?????

    again over her head, no one is testing out anything !

    its like potluck! out there… with an un-qualified leader in place.

    This kind of thing is just so disturbing/ such incompetence!…

    inexcusable anymore!

  13. Each reported incident should be assigned a unique tracking number.

    There is obviously no such system in place at the pools.

  14. Cindy, do you know of people being prosecuted for doing that?

    What about the other 34 states that DON’T make it a crime?

    That video was garbage by the way. You can see the video cut because from one frame to the next the person’s finger is in a different spot. It’s a doctored video.

    Try again.

    The liberals said Bush stole the election in 2004. I didn’t believe it back then either.

  15. Most people don’t even know it’s illegal.

    Even National Review acted shocked and outraged when they found out Justin Timberlake could *potentially* face charges for taking a selfie, and those are people who know something about elections.

    How do you people on one hand maintain that election laws are being broken all the time and voter fraud is going on while at the same time saying there’s a law against videos or pictures in polling locations and everybody abides by it?

    Cognitive dissonance much?

  16. Joe?

    Most people don’t know that they commit felonies everyday of their lives.

    Plenty of stuff is illegal.

    This government (mind control-look up the true meaning) has everyone by the short hairs.

    And yes, they have been stealing elections for decades.

  17. Move to Texas.

    Where Democrat votes go right to the trash can where they belong.

  18. Mind control

    Stealing elections

    Rigged voting


    Cindy sure is drinking the crazy today.

    On another note, exit polls are indicating that Democrats are outnumbering Republicans in early voting closely mirroring 2012 levels in battleground states.

    If the current trends continue, Hillary will only have to win only one of the following states to achieve victory: Florida, Pennsylvania or North Carolina.

  19. Well, our illustrious County Clerk and reeking RINO, McClelland, got robocalls from Jacko Franks’ union ghouls when she was runnin’ against Provenzano in the GOP primary ….

    so why doesn’t this surprise me….

  20. Hey, Mark, I worked as an election judge for about 5 years. There are problems every year.

    One year we didn’t have machines up until about 1 p.m. and some precincts didn’t have them the whole day.

  21. Joe?

    Doctored your lying ass.

    You are truly an idiot.

    It’s a few seconds repeated over and over.

    How stupid are you?

    This rigging has been going on for many years by built in Zulu time clock back door technologies.

    8A companies, SERCO (previously RCA), SBA have been running everything in this country through their corrupt systems.

    Get a freakin’ clue!

  22. Cindy, you may insult me all you wish; it doesn’t make you correct.

    It’s also pretty ironic that someone like you is calling anybody an idiot.

    I encourage everybody to watch the video that Cindy posted. I’ll even repost it.

    (By doctored I meant edited, by the way.) It sounds like we are in agreement that it’s a few seconds repeated over and over, great!

    It looks to me like the video cuts from after the person voted to before they voted to make it look like their vote disappeared.

    You might want to get your eyes checked. Check your whole head while you’re at it, Cindy.

    I think you might have put the tin foil hat on too tight.

  23. Document and report any voting problems to the election authorities and the blog.

    We have seen on the blog and the Project Veritas Action video series Rigging the Election the endless spin.

  24. Funny how I have glaucoma AND cataracts and yet Joe is the one that can’t see straight enough.

    You have it backwards, Joe.

    There should be NO CHECK mark BEFOE you vote!

    Explain that, Lucy!

  25. The abledanger website, mentioned a few posts above, is an amusing rabbit hole if you like following that sort of wild conspiracy stuff.

    In pre-internet days, these folks were limited to printing up a few handbills or sheets and handing them out on corners or mailing them out.

    Now, every possible theory and belief has a voice.

  26. Martin? Amusing?

    This is a fight for our very lives, and you find it amusing?

    May God save us all from the amused.

  27. Just ban these machines.

    They are far more trouble than they are worth.

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