Another GOP Precinct Letter

Ev Evertsen is the appointed Republican Precinct Committeeman in Hartland Township Precinct 2.

Here is his letter:

Evert Evertsen

4709 Countryside Ln.,
Harvard, IL 60033

Hi! I am your ‘appointed’ Republican committeeman.

This precinct is very rural and as a consequence, I will not be walking door to door but offer this letter and sample ballot in its place.

Some of you have already voted but may have an interest in the following.

Your precinct has some of the best informed voters in the County with a continuous high voter turnout!

In 2014, 358 of the 623 registered voters cast a ballot for 57.6 % turnout and in 2012, 458 of 642 registered voters cast a ballot for 71.34 % turnout. (Remember voter lists are inflated; due to Federal law it can take up to two years to purge voters from the lists. Actual voter turnout is much higher then published.)

On the reverse side of this document you can see Hartland 2 voting detail for the Primary conducted this spring.

I have marked up a sample ballot which is enclosed.

All Republican candidates are selected by yours truly for various reasons but the primary reason is that we must work to lower our tax burden for ALL units of government.

Illinois has the HIGHEST effective tax burden in the country!

We currently have a Republican County Board which has in fact lowered their share of your tax burden.

This is not a promise – it is a fact.

In 2015 the County collected $78,966,290 and this year they collected $76,289,016.

I ask that you join me in attempting to spread this good news throughout the State and the Country!

I recommend a NO vote for the Constitutional Amendment. Amending the Constitution results in unexpected consequences – remember the Voters approved the change which GUARANTEES public sector pensions that are bankrupting the taxpayers!

I also suggest a NO vote for changing the size of the Board; it will NOT save money and will likely result in higher costs with less representation.

I will be happy to explain my choices in greater detail – just call or email me.

Next year we will be voting for local school board offices.

We need to work at finding fiscally conservative candidates who will work to hire school Superintendents with an eye on lowering the school property tax burden which for the Woodstock School district represents over 70 % of your property tax bill and for Harvard over 72 % .

The following was on the back side of the above letter:

During the primary this spring, out of 626 registered voters, 323 ballots were cast in the primary by voters registered in Hartland 2.

Turnout was 51.6 % while County turnout was 43.35 %.

Some results for the ‘contested’ races follow:

Votes for President: Trump – 94; Sanders – 64; Cruz – 60; Kasich – 54; Rubio – 23; Clinton – 17; Paul – 2; Carson, Christie and Santorum each had 1 vote. 6 ballots were cast with no vote for President.

For U.S. Senate: Kirk- 120, Marter – 105, Duckworth – 58, Zopp – 15, Harris – 3.

For Congress: Hultgren – 190, Hosta – 37, Walz – 12, Maggitt – 8.

For State Comptroller: Munger – 171, Mendoza – 65.

For County Board Chairman: Walkup had 106 votes and Gottemoller had 102. *

For State’s Attorney: Kenneally received 117 votes and Regna 90. *

For County Recorder: Tirio received 76 votes, Smith 75 and Hill 58. *

For State Senate: Althoff – 190. *

For State Rep.: Reick received 115, Lichte – 90 and Franks 69 votes. Franks who is now running for County Board Chairman was replaced by Bartman.

For County Board: Schuster – 106, Liebmann – 93, McCann 84, Kearns – 66, Barnard – 64, Rea – 50. (Barnard has since left the district)

For District judge: Cowlin – 128, Tsilimigras – 82. *

* There was no Democrat registered for this office for the Primary.


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  1. Jeffery Lichte received more votes than Jack Franks!

    Read above!

    Jeffery Lichte supports Jack Franks and receives more votes than Jack Franks.

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