CL Central High School Mock Election Goes Narrowly for Trump — 9 Comments

  1. Another huge victory for the amendment.

    Almost 5 to 1 in favor of it.

  2. So if the amendment passes, does that mean the County Board will not be able to divert RTA money to fund the Sheriff’s office?

    Or is it just the state that will have to stop the shell game?

  3. The constitution is not the place to earmark taxpayer dollars for transportation projects.

    Yes the politicians play games but the constitution is not the place to fix the problem.

    We tried that with pensions.

    Politicians were not properly funding pensions.

    So the politicians attempted to fix that problem by adding a sentence to the constitution stating pension BENEFITS are contractual and cannot be diminished or impaired.

    That led to hiking pension BENEFITS.

    Once HIKED, the BENEFITS cannot be diminished or impaired.

    See how that works.

    The pension sentence added to the constitution, purportedly to protect pensions (it’s labeled the pension protection clause), INSTEAD protects legislative pension BENEFIT HIKES.

    Even if the pension funds are UNDERFUNDED (money is owed to the fund) at the time of the HIKE.


    So taxpayers are now CONSTITUTIONALLY BOUND to HUNDREDS of legislative pension benefit HIKES from 1971 through today.

    Union friendly Jack Franks voted for legislative pension benefit hikes to pensions that were already underfunded.

    The unions support the constitutional amendment on the ballot at this year’s election for road funding.


    Do not constitutionally obligate your taxpayer dollars!

  4. Something I suspected on this amendment junk.

    Sounds like one of those things that are just emotionally charge, and everybody goes “Hell yeah!”.

    Are you saying that we are gonna get whomped, Mark?

  5. I was actually thinking of moving to Crystal Lake.

    Not now!

    If there are that many Liberals that live there, I need to look elsewhere.

  6. Do not constitutionally obligate your taxpayers dollars.

    That’s the message.

    Don’t put funding in the constitution.

    It is easier to vote a politician out of office than change the constitution.

    Elected representatives should have to power to decide how the money is spent.

    Michael Madigan let this measure through.

    But blocks map redistricting reform (goofy shaped district maps drawn to his political advantage).

    And blocks term limits.

    Just more Democrat Madigan games.

    He’s pandering to his union supporters with this amendment.

    The State of Illinois has severe financial problems and constitutionally obligating taxpayers dollars is not the solution.

  7. I read that not filling in the circle on the amendment question constitutes a ‘no’ vote.

    Is that true?

    That would equal 376 ‘no’ votes. Still not enough for it to fail.

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