Franks Sign Invasion in Harvard

From Bill Matteson of Harvard a little after 4:

franks-sign-tax-fighter-smWe have roving groups of Franks workers planting a Forst of Frank signs all over the North and west side of Harvard.

One group of about 8 walking one way.

Another group of about 5 off in another direction.

When I first spotted them I thought it was some protest groups until I saw the signs.

I ride around and I see signs everywhere.

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Anyone think they got permission?


Franks Sign Invasion in Harvard — 17 Comments

  1. Some poll showed Franks was weak in Harvard?

    Because Matteson is effective?


    Jack Franks has lots of contributions from people whom seemingly would have no vested interest in McHenry County.

    So what is going on.

    The Democrats really want the McHenry County Board Chair position?

    Jack Franks has aspiration for higher office?


    There is obviously a purpose behind all the outside money being spent for a LOCAL (not state) office, that being, County Board Chair.

    Unions, lawyers, politicians from all over the place are very, very interested in the McHenry County Board chair position.

    As a stepping stone, power grab, or both.

  2. I think the Franks invasion is a direst retaliation to my Letter in the NWH today

  3. Here is the article and letter that likely aroused the Jack Franks campaign.


    McHenry County Blog

    NWH Letter Writer Says Lying Jack Franks Not Trustworthy

    October 27, 2016


    The letter follows:


    “Candidate we can trust

    To the Editor:

    Republican Michael Walkup is the candidate we can trust to represent residents as McHenry County Board chairman.

    Democrat Jack Franks has repeatedly stated he will introduce his ‘Cut 10 Plan’ on his first day as chairman.

    Why must voters wait until after the election to learn the details and merits of this so-called plan?

    Franks also published in a statement that he would take full advantage of the consolidation legislation that was signed into law this past August.

    In what ways will Franks utilize consolidation?

    Again, we have to wait until after the election.”


    Can anyone print and pass out the letter?

    Or do they need to register themselves with the Illinois State Board of Elections and file it as a campaign expenditure?

  4. They would not be wasting their time if they did not believe it was an effective letter.

  5. And signs for Frank’s nepotism hire at IDOT Bartman’s signs are just stuck anywhere. (his cousin)

    That’s pollution in my eyes!

  6. Are the Franks signs placed by the roving parties in Harvard today in the parkways or on resident lawns?

  7. All Signs are mainly in the Parkway..

    A few lawns.

    I noticed them about 3 pm and they finished about 6 pm

    I would guesstimate 15 workers…………


    Yes, my guard stood hard when abstract threats too noble to neglect
    Deceived me into thinking I had something to protect
    Good and bad, I define these terms quite clear, no doubt, somehow
    Ah, but I was so much older then I’m younger than that now

  9. I suspect that this has nothing to do with Bill’s excellent letter but is rather the opening salvo of the Franks’ “Shock and Awe” campaign that is merely starting in the Northwestern most corner of the county but will be spread everywhere by election day.

    He has unlimited money and uses that money to buy unlimited helpers.

  10. Signs do not vote BUT as a result of the ‘dumbing down’, signs influence the ignorant.

    Fewer read the NWH.

    Fewer watch network TV.

    Fewer listen to the radio.

    Most campaign mailings are filed in the circular file.

    All voters travel (exception – invalids) the streets. Signs plus door to door are the BEST way to spend campaign dollars.

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