Want to Get Started in a Race You Can Win?

How about running for library board, if you live in a library district?

Hardly anyone cares who is on the library board.

There are some exceptions.

I would point to the library district in Libertyville where conservatives and liberals have fought knock-down-drag-out battles with the liberals winning the last go-round.

Despite that, those who think they might like to run for higher office some day can get the resume they need by running for and winning a library district board post.

Sometimes enough people aren’t even interested enough to fill all the vacancies.

I guarantee you it is better to run than to have most library board appoint their favorite.


Want to Get Started in a Race You Can Win? — 6 Comments

  1. After the current election perhaps a simple seminar or school for current precinct leaders as to how to identify and grow these candidates might be appropriate.

    What is the current Republican ‘Leadership’ doing to address this vacuum?

    Too many ‘meet and great parties’ with the same old same old and not one tiny bit of outreach.

    High School young people running for student council do better than this.

  2. Cary Library had a black box notice in the paper today I’m told. 8 or 9% increase.

    Crystal Lake

    They all need new library board members

  3. Fierabras –

    You are exactly right…

    Why do you suppose that is?

  4. Here are the Public Library Districts in McHenry County.

    They are property taxing districts.

    The members are elected by voters, not appointed.

    Algonquin Public Library District

    Barrington Public Library District

    Cary Area Public Library District (formed in 1995).

    Fox Lake Public Library District

    Fox River Grove Public Library District

    Huntley Public Library District

    Johnsburg Public Library District

    Marengo Public Library District

    McHenry Public Library District

    Nippersink Public Library District (Richmond)

    River East Public Library District (formerly named McHenry – Nunda Public Library District, changed its name in 2009)

    Wauconda Area Public Library District

    Woodstock Rural Public Library District


    In Crystal Lake, Harvard, and Woodstock, the trustees are appointed by the City (the library is not a separate property taxing district).

    There is a Woodstock Rural Public Library District that is a separate taxing district from the City.

    So the one library in Woodstock has two boards:

    1) City of Woodstock Public Library Board of Trustees (trustees appointed by the City)

    2) Rural Woodstock Public Library District Board of Trustees (trustees elected by voters)


    The Fox River Grove website has the following message on its home page (main page):

    “Library Board Elections:

    The Fox River Grove Public Library District is seeking candidates for the Library Board election in April 2017.

    Candidates can begin collecting signatures now and file nomination forms in December 2016.

    See the candidate packet, signature information, and Statement of Economic Interest instructions online, and please visit our director to learn about the library.”



    Library boards typically meet once a month.

    Contrast the to school district boards that typically meet twice a month (a regular board meeting and a committee of the whole board meeting).

    At committee of the whole board meetings, there are typically no votes taken.


    The Illinois Comptroller Data Warehouse has financial information about property taxing districts.


    On library websites, often the trustee information is in the “About Us” section.

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