Clinton Wins Mock Election at Woodstock North High School

Woodstock District 200's North High School.

Woodstock District 200’s North High School.

Here are the results of the Mock Election for President at Woodstock North High School:

For President of the United States

  • Hillary Clinton – 194 votes
  • Donald Trump – 165 votes
  • Gary Johnson – 81 votes
  • Jill Stein – 27 votes
  • Write-in – 27


Clinton Wins Mock Election at Woodstock North High School — 9 Comments

  1. Gary Johnson has proven strong in each of these mock races.

    We will see a 3rd ‘major party’ after the election?

  2. I hope so. It will go a long way to destroy the Dems.

    Identity politics doesn’t work so well when you divide the cobbled together herd.

  3. Right, Winter!

    With a Mayor who imports poverty, is it any wonder the poll would reflect a Liberal win?

    Clearly the population there would like to Elect someone who will destroy the middle class, keep the welfare entitlements coming and illegals flowing in!

    Woodstock Square is going the way of the Elgin Mall rampant with drunks and homeless.

    The only retail that has traffic are resale stores.

    Restaurants can’t survive, and no one wants to be there anymore!

    Resembles Belvidere and Harvard’s (only slightly better looking) sister.

    All the proud self-proclaimed socialists in that town will be its ruin.

  4. Fierabras: You may want to be careful what you wish for.

    The “herd” of ‘takers’ will continue to stay unified under the donkey but the ‘givers’ will become even more divided.

    As of this morning, 162,689,596 residents in the United States receive some form of federal government payments.

    Add state / local employees plus so-called not-for-profits dependent on tax dollars for operation, and well over FIFTY percent of our population is dependent on money disseminated by government bodies.

    Ask yourself, which political party is ‘viewed’ as being the most generous with the re-allocation of wealth?

    A third party will not destroy the Dems but it will ensure more rapid progress to a socialist / communist nation.

  5. Question, please explain how the Libertarian party platform justifies you last paragraph?

    If anything that platform is more about getting people off gov rolls than the Rep party platform.

    I’d say Rep and Dem parties should go the way of the buggy whip.

  6. Questioning-

    You seem to loathe the poor, government workers and social service agencies who take from taxpayers via government, but make no mention of the rich who suck off the government teet as well.

    Trump via emenent domain, Elon Musk’s businesses have received $5B from taxpayers, and let’s not forget the smaller subsidies in our state and local governments like Edge tax credits and tif districts.

    Democrats may be becoming more socialist, but young republicans are transistioming to libertarianism.

  7. Anyone surprised that kids taught by ultra-liberal school teachers should choose to elect Hillary?

    And if you REALLY want a sleepless night, remember that these same kids will be running the country when we’re all retired…

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