Eyewitness Details of Huntley Voting Machine Malfunction

The Huntley Park District building.

The Huntley Park District building.

Yesterday when I wrote about the malfunctioning voting machines a commenter offered the criticism that the information was third hand.

Actually, it was second hand from a trusted source.

Since then I have interviewed Huntley’s Eileen Giltner, who was my source’s source.

Here is what she had to say about her troubles voting early:

Yesterday around 9:30 we went to do early voting.

We went over to the park district in Huntley and voted.

The problem was when I got through everything all the people I was voting for.

It worked fine until I got to the Presidential ballot.

All I know is that the Presidential ballot is the only ballot I had a problem with.

Everything else worked [but] every tie I press for my candidate, for Donald Trump, and, boom, it went right above tht and put the “X” in the box for Hillary Clinton.

This happened three times.

I’ve never had this happen before in any election I’ve voted in.

I asked my husband if he had the same problem and he did.

He voted in a separate booth.

[After discussing it in the car] I said, “Take me back.”

I wanted to talk to the election judge.

I went in and told the gentleman what had happened and he was shocked.

He acted as if he had not heard that before.

I went home and called David [David E. Smith, Executive Director, of Illinois Family Action] and told him what had happened.

I called the Governor’s Office and they put me through to the State Board of Elections.

I talked to a woman and told her what had happened.

She said, “Well, there are glitches in the system sometimes and that happens with electronic equipment.”

I said, “I think it’s interesting that this only happened with the Presidential ballot.”

“No.  This happens a lot with these machines,” [the Board of Elections woman replied].

“I find that disturbing.  You really haven’t given any answers here.

“I’ll have to call someone else.”


Eyewitness Details of Huntley Voting Machine Malfunction — 27 Comments

  1. Thank you for the follow up.

    I was that commenter.

    If that is the best they can do, it’s another government agency that needs a top to bottom cleaning.

    If people won’t trust the vote to be trustworthy (yes, nothing is perfect, paper or digital), then we will have

    – even fewer qualified candidates

    – even lower voter turnout

    – even lower confidence in government

    Neither party is more or less corrupt than the other. Both have records of corruption, both can find people smart enough to fool around with software, or paper ballots, or machine counters of paper ballots.

    If you are looking to use this to say one side is evil and the other good, you are not solving the problem.

    Next election, when your favorites are winning, the other side is going to say the same thing.

    The board of elections owes your source, and the rest of us, a specific and credible explanation of how this happens, how it is detected, how it is remedied, and statistically how significant the error is. Without that, this ends in a lot of frustrated name calling and finger pointing.

    I don’t believe the democrats are such geniuses that they can plant fixed machines in a solidly republican precinct.

  2. I wonder how many of the people who post on this blog have a background in computer programming and network security?

    I do.

    What Bev Harris has posted on her website http://blackboxvoting.org/
    the work of Sharon Meroni displayed on her site http://defendthevote.com/
    is factual.

    Anything that is run by a program (voting machines) is subject to the logic inserted into the program.

    Let me clarify that I am not worried about voter id because the law states that if you say are a citizen, you are and an id can be purchased for less than fifty dollars.

    The signature comparison process in place in this state is quite adequate.

    I am worried about the software used by our election machines and the practice of transmitting election counts via telephone or even a so-called ‘secure network’ which is subject to third party interference.

    There is only one way to secure a computer – put it in a locked room with no access to Wi-fi or any other communication network and write the code yourself!!

    The machines used in McHenry County for the paper ballot (machine sits on top of a ‘black box’ which collects the ballots as they are inserted) are ‘tested’ by County election officials by inserting a ‘test pack’ of ballots.

    I have been told that those ‘test packs’ are created by Clarity Elections.

    If that is so, does anyone ‘audit’ the content of the ‘test pack’?

    How are the Touch Screen machines used in Early voting and to some extent on election day tested? I do not know.

    I do know what has been documented by Bev Harris and by Sharon Meroni (two patriots who simply want honest and open elections- one a liberal, the other a conservative) is true.

    We must DEMAND independent citizen presence (citizens who understand how computers work) when the 5 percent audit of the machines is conducted after the election.

    The audit MUST consist of hand counts of the ballots counted by the Opti-scan machines and a hand count of the tape printed by the Touchscreen computers.

    We must demand a FULL documented audit trail relative to ‘custody’ of all of the paper ballots (before and after the election) and a documented ‘custody’ audit trail of the paper tapes generated by the Touchscreen computers.

    We must demand a full audit of all of the POLL BOOKS to ensure that all voter assistance is correctly documented and that the number of ballots cast are confirmed with such an audit.

    Lastly, everyone must come to grips with the fact that voter lists will never be completely up to date. They will contain the names of dead people and duplicates of people who have moved.

    Complaining about voter list inaccuracy and voter id requirements are a diversion from the real problem: MACHINE CONTROLLED VOTING.

    I compare anyone who tells you that voter lists can be kept up to date 100 % to Jack Franks who promises you a ten percent property tax cut.

  3. Lol So the story is either “Huntley Voting Machine Conspiracy!!”

    Or “Old Farts have Trouble with Computer”

  4. On my phone, I sometimes think I am hitting one letter, but I actually get another.

    The screen is tiny and the letters closely grouped.

    Electronic voting machines are large enough scale that one would have to have very poor eyesight and dexterity to do that.

    Accommodations for all possible disabilities are available, but only if one asks for them.

    Blind, paralyzed, amputees…these and more can vote.

    If the error was not in the voter trying to hit a box with a shaky finger, then it is the machine.

    Computers, cars, dryers, “smart” phones, all this stuff malfunctions.

    Some countries in the developed world tried and rejected electronic balloting.

    Old school paper may still be the better method.

    No method is free of possible corruption, but the less centralized the process, the less vulnerable the system is to the single-source widespread national conspiracy some people suspect.

    Since each state controls its own election procedures, subject to a few broad constitutional limits, and counting is done at the county level, widespread cheating would require that a lot of conspirators work in silent collusion.

  5. The only thing Perfect in this world is a A….

    Oddly we have two Perfect people running for President.

  6. The Democrat agitator writes a comment to insult a senior who reports a voting problems.

    But the Democrats have no problem running a Democrat Jack Franks supporter as a Republican in the Republican March 2016 primary, that being Jeffery Lichte.

    McHenry County Democrats, the party of compassion and trust.

  7. If your Party was all about killing babies in the womb, letting grown men pee in the little girls room and protecting marauding black thugs pretending to be protesters you’d probably want to pretend to be a Republican as well.

    But sorry Lying Jack Franks we don’t want you. As they say in England “Piss off”

  8. I’ll have to disagree strongly with Martin (above) when he
    states so foolishly that “neither party is more or less corrupt than the other”
    when the preponderance of facts, evidence and history points to one party in particular – that of the Democrats.
    Case in point would be our own state.

  9. Martin?

    You are REALLY stupid.

    When was the last time your ATM machine chose the wrong thing?

    You can’t really believe that stupid crap you are shoveling.

    They are flipping the election ON PURPOSE!

    Plenty of documentation.

    Malfunctions are a brainwashing ploy.

    Touch screens just do not do that!

    WAKE UP to the fraud!

  10. If you leap from this report to some “they” who are stealing a national election, you are doing it on belief rather than evidence.

    If “they” could steal elections, they would have been doing it: you are not arguing that they stole the last election to give Republicans control of Congress and Democrats control of the White House, are you?

    I’m not on the side of either party here; I want elections in this country to be fair and trusted.

    If they are not fair, then I want to know how and do what I can as a citizen to help fix the problem.

    I want whichever candidate is chosen in whichever race to be the one the majority of qualified voters chose, whether I like that candidate or not.

    That is how democracy works.

    I am trying discuss actual evidence.

    The sort of evidence that an election commission can act upon, or the electorate can insist their government heed.

    If the election commission did not listen to the voter who had the experience that began this thread of comments, then that complaint needs to go up the chain of command til someone does properly investigate and fix the problem.

    However, based on what we have now, I am not ready to throw out the democratic system of government, take up arms and turn our country into Syria.

  11. Oh, yes I am, Martin.

    And I am NOT arguing.

    I am just stating the facts.

    Plus, this is NOT a democracy.

    Every single attempt at democracy that ever existed has failed.

    This IS a Republic.

    (At least it WAS.)

  12. Martin, contact Sharon Meroni at Defend the Vote. She lives in Barrington Hills.

    Based on your comments, you have not spent much time on either website I listed above.

  13. The voter was not giving a tracking number upon complaining, or instructed where to call to or where to go or where to email or what website to log onto to get a tracking number.

    A tracking system is needed to address voting and election problems.

  14. The ‘elections’ are rigged.

    That’s really all there is to it!

  15. big…friggin…deal… how is this any different that any other year when electronic voting systems were used?

    It’s a big deal now, because Donny Trump says so??

    This sort of issue has always been out there, but no one took it to heart until Donny Trump said so.

    Pull a paper ballot and move on.

    And get off my lawn.

  16. Both have the same problem on different machines, but neither addresses this problem immediately.

    Why doesn’t the wife or the husband say something right then and there to an election judge?

  17. After voting just check on who you voted for.

    If a person who votes one way and finds out the machine changed it then tell someone.

    If you walk out and don’t say anything and wait until later you are pretty stupid.

  18. But why rig them in Illinois?

    Not a lot of people think Trump has a chance of carrying the state.

  19. Bebe and Voter:

    You can call them stupid but it comes down to ‘fear of embarrassment’ AND most older voters do not want anyone to know who they voted for.

    It’s that antiquated desire for privacy.


    Maybe it has to do with:

    Should Trump take the Electoral College but lose the popular vote on a national level, the Dems would have a stronger case for a potential Supreme Court case.

    The Democrat goal is to win both the Electoral College delegate vote AND the national popular vote.

    Thereby the Dems would claim THEY are the overwhelming choice of the American voter!

    Chico Esquela and Cindy: Paper ballots are also processed by a computer in this state.

    Insofar as why it is such a big deal?

    Yes, it has a lot to do with Trump talking publicly about a lot of issues the MSM won’t touch but it also has to do with a more savvy public relative to computers and how they can be used to manipulate data.

    There is a reason why Casinos in Las Vegas use the computers they do and why they are NOT connected to the outside world.

  20. I never called them stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please state where I called them stupid!!!

    I just stated that if you have a problem it should be addressed immediately.

    As for not wanted to disclose who they voted for, she admits who she was voting for.

  21. Bebe: My comment was addressed to both you and Voter.

    Does thou protest too much?

    She did admit who she voted for as an afterthought but I suspect her hesitancy may have been due to what I stated.

  22. It sounds like a machine calibrations issue.

    It isn’t a vote stealing scam (if it was, the machine wouldn’t tell you it as doing it).

    The machines bought with the HAVA federal grant funds are getting to the end of their useful life spans, and they get out of calibration a little easier than when new.

    If the votes aren’t registering correctly the election judges should be advised that the machine needs to be recalibrated.

    It is a fairly simple process.

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