Realtors Apologize

For 18 years, the state association of real estate agents have known that Jack Franks is a Democrat.

Now the organization’s Political Action Committee has sent out a mailing in support of Franks for McHenry County Board Chairman which starts out,

“Republican Jack Franks…”

Just a mistake, a spokesman told the Northwest Herald.

So sorry.

I don’t know which of the following characters from Laugh-In and Saturday Night Live expresses the right reaction:

"Ver-r-r-r-y In-ter-r-r-r-es-s-s-s-ting."

“Ver-r-r-r-y In-ter-r-r-r-es-s-s-s-ting.”


“Well, isn’t that SPE-CIAL?!” “How con-VEEN-ient!” “Could it be…SATAN?”


Realtors Apologize — 16 Comments

  1. Would a real mistake not be to vote for either liar?

    The broomstick witch or the local liar that works for broomstick?

  2. “Michael Scobey, assistant director of the Illinois Association of Realtors Fund that paid for the mailer, called it an innocent mistake.”

    Bill Clinton said: “I did NOT have sex with that woman”.

    Hillary said: “There were NO classified emails on my server”.

    The Tooth Fairy said : “Put your tooth under your pillow and I’ll leave you a dime”.

    I’m seeing a pattern here, but I never knew the Tooth Fairy was a Democrat.

  3. So the realtors have apologized.

    Is Cal going to apologize for lying about the mailer being from Franks/DPI?

  4. If you don’t like the content, topics, or blog “owner” – stop visiting and commenting on this blog.

  5. alabamashake:

    I don’t think Cal has anything to apologize for.

    No campaign mailer is going to be sent out on behalf of Lying Jack Franks without his knowledge and approval, direct or tacit.

    They are speaking for Lying Jack, so what he should do is man up.

    Oh, wait…

  6. Is Jack Franks going to apologize for the following 3 “lies” that appeared in:

    1. September 20, 1998 Northwest Herald article:

    2. November 4, 1998 Northwest Herald article:

    3. June 6, 2014 Northwest Herald article.


    The Northwest Herald writers have not written an article, and have not noted in their endorsements of Jack Franks over the years, that Jack Franks broke two campaign pledges.

    Which is ironic, as the campaign pledges were captured in the above 3 Northwest Herald articles.


    Following are the 3 broken “promises”:


    Northwest Herald

    Simon: Franks Can Win

    September 20, 1998

    “In his speech, Franks pledged to hold himself to three terms in the Illinois House.”


    Northwest Herald

    article by Jami Peterson

    November 4, 1998

    “Franks, a political newcomer, has said he plans to serve only 3 terms if elected.”


    Northwest Herald

    article by Kevin P Craver

    Franks Asks County for Two Advisory Referendums

    June 6, 2014

    “Franks made clear that he is not pushing for County Board changes as an effort to run for the chairman’s seat in two years, following the footsteps of former state senators Chris Lauzen and Dan Cronin, now chairman of the Kane and DuPage County Boards.

    ‘What I’m trying to do is reduce our property taxes in McHenry County and make it livable so people don’t leave,’ Franks said.

    ‘I can promise you I am not running for county chairman in 2016.

    This has nothing to do with me.

    This is about good government.

  7. The following is a McHenry County Blog post containing newspaper clippings of the September 20, 1998 and November 4, 1998 Northwest Herald articles in which Jack Franks was reported to have said if elected as State Representative, he would limit himself to three terms in office (each term is 2 years, so that would be 6 years).


    McHenry County Blog

    Jack Franks Breaks Term Limit Pledge

    October 30, 2013

  8. There are independent expenditures, but those sending such out are usually in sync with the candidate’s message.

  9. Why don’t they apologize for all the section 8 ‘creatures’ they’ve imported????

  10. This kind of mistake is absolutely in-excusable,

    I’d be sure not to do any kind of business with these types of people now or in the future!

    that can stoop this low and then pretend to play Dumb!

    on top of it.

    no way would I give my $$ to them for anything.

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