Lying Jack Franks’ Vote Early Email Reinforces Image that He Will (Can) Cut Real Estate Taxes 10%

Lying Jack Franks continues his attempt to fool voters into thinking he can cut their homes property tax bill by 10%.

What other conclusion could one reach looking at the Franks’ campaign logo in the upper left hand corner of this email urging people to vote early?

Not to mention the headline’s saying,

Your early vote can help cut county property taxes by 10%!

The email does not say, “County government’s property taxes.”

It says, “County property taxes.”

County taxes include those levied for schools, municipalities, park districts, fire protection districts, library districts, etc.

The headline is a lie, just like the Cut 10 symbol in the upper left hand corner of the email.


Lying Jack Franks’ Vote Early Email Reinforces Image that He Will (Can) Cut Real Estate Taxes 10% — 12 Comments

  1. One reason property taxes are unbearable because State Representatives, State Senators, and Governors created state laws that are unfunded mandates on state and local government.

    So if a state law is passed to hike fire pension benefits, while most of the fire pension funds were already underfunded, a few choices follow.

    – Local property tax hikes.

    – Local pension unfunded liability grows.

    Jack Franks voted to hike fire pension benefits.


    But Jack Franks says he has never voted for a tax hike.

    But Jack Franks has voted to hike fire pension benefits.

    How do hiked fire pension benefits eventually get funded?

    Hiking taxes.

    So Jack Franks passed a law forcing local cities, villages, and fire protection districts to eventually hike taxes to fund the hiked fire pensions.

    But Jack Franks himself did not vote for the tax hike.

    He just passed legislation that passed into law that force local governments to hike property taxes to fund hiked fire pensions benefits.

  2. Well one of the sentences above is not technically correct.

    Jack Franks voted for legislation to hike fire pension benefits, and that legislation that passed into law.

    He didn’t pass the law himself.

    And the law states the hiked benefit levels.

    The law does not technically force the district to hike taxes, but that is the typical outcome.

    Typically when the hiked benefit level is eventually paid, it is funded by hiking taxes.

    Instead of hiking taxes, current services could be cut, efficiencies found, a good samaritan could donate money, some other unit of government such as Federal could bail out local, etc….but the typical method that a hiked benefit is paid is through tax hikes.


    One sentence added to the Illinois State Constitution on December 15, 1970 states the pension and retiree healthcare benefits are contractual and cannot be diminished or impaired.

    The sentence does not state the pensions must be adequately funded.

    The sentence does not state pension benefits are frozen (cannot be hiked) until pension funds are fully funded.

    The sentence allowed unlimited benefit hikes irregardless of pension funding (benefits can be hiked if the pension is 50% funded, for example).

    Thus politicians were tempted to hike pension benefits, hike salaries, divert pension funding to salary hikes, hike current benefits, hike retiree healthcare benefits, not adequately fund pensions, not adequately fund retiree healthcare.

    To make matters worse, collective bargaining does not mandate that pension and retiree healthcare funding levels be taken into account when hiking current salaries and benefits.

    All of those are contributing factor to today’s massive over $100 Billion dollar shortfall in state pension funds only, and that over $100 Billion does not include the local fire pension funds mentioned above.


    Yet what do we get out of Jack Franks for 18 Years.

    I never voted for a tax hike.

    Instead he voted for hiking pension fire benefits for example, which hikes costs at the local level, and local has to figure out how to fund the hiked costs.

    That’s an unfunded mandate.

    Jack is not disclosing how unfunded mandates (such as hiking fire pension benefits) which he voted for that passed into law result in property tax hikes at the local level.


    Obviously that message is not getting through because the Northwest Herald and the rest of the press is not calling out Jack Franks for his unfunded mandate votes.

  3. Want to try for three Mark??

    Maybe then you could actually convince someone that what you have to say is worth reading.

    Better yet talk about his opponents accomplishments or why he has nothing to offer this county on any level.

    He cannot even mow his lawn!

    Try that where you live and see what happens.

    The arrogance!

    Can someone tell me why a libertarian would be putting up walkup’s election signs?

    republican strong?

    I don’t think So!

    Michael Walkup, You LIE!!!

  4. stand4truth (heh): Walkup has lowered taxes by $3 million dollars by trying to straighten out Valley Hi and he has a goal for more.

    That is $3 million dollars more than Jack Franks has lowered in 18 years in the legislature.

    Why don’t you talk about something substantive for Lying Jack Franks?

    Oh, because you can’t.

    But I suspect you know that.

  5. Jack lost my familie’s votes on his continued rant about “corruption” in McHenry County and his intention to cut the real estate tax burden by 10%.

    He well knows that he will have no power to do anything as “Chair” of the County Board and that any action will require the positive vote of a Republican dominated Board.

    More importantly, has anyone calculated what the 10% cut would require EVERY school board to do with regard to teacher salaries or teacher layoffs.

    Since I do think Jack is pretty smart, I can only consider his campaign rhetoric to cut the real estate tax as a fraud on the general public.

    I expect more of my leaders, democrat or Republican.

  6. While I agree that Jack cannot lower taxes as much as he claims, I see little difference in his claims than many others who seek election.

    I remember when Mike Lesperance was running for Nunda Road Supervisor and claimed he would cut taxes.

    That was just a big lie.

    HE is no position to lower my tax bill Much like Skillicorn saying No Budget: No Pay.. Another sly lie bumper sticker quote from someone with no new ideas.

    So the moral of the story is…

  7. How did Jack Franks legislation hike property taxes?

    Unfunded Mandates.

    Even though Jack Franks said he has never voted for a tax hike.

    He has voted to hike pension benefits, such as Downstate Fire pension benefits.

    Legislative pension benefit hikes are the worst type of unfunded mandate.

    One sentence added to the Illinois State Constitution on December 15, 1970 states retirement benefits for government workers in Illinois (pensions and retire healthcare) are contractual and cannot be diminished or impaired.

    Who funds pensions and retiree healthcare?


    Were pension and retiree healthcare benefits repeatedly hiked over 40 years after that sentence was added to the state constitution, even though at the time most the hikes were passed into law, the pensions and retiree healthcare were already underfunded?


    What is an underfunded pension?

    An underfunded pension means the actuarial calculated amount is not in the pension fund.

    The shortfall is known as the unfunded liability.

    The unfunded liability to a pension or retiree healthcare fund is thus a taxpayer IOU to the pension fund.


    The Illinois Municipal League is an organization that represents cities, towns, and villages.

    Many cities and villages in McHenry County participate in the Illinois Municipal League.

    The Illinois Municipal League (IML) submitted an unfunded mandate report to the State of Illinois task force on unfunded mandates.

    Here is that report:

    The name of the report is:

    Report to the Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates Task Force

    The date of the report is March 4, 2015


    The State of Illinois task force to which the report was submitted was named:

    Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates Task Force.

    The task force was chaired by Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti.

    Jack Franks was a member of this task force.


    Jack Franks repeatedly talks about government consolidation.

    Jack Franks does not repeatedly talk about unfunded mandates.

    Why is that?

    Maybe it is because Jack Franks voted for unfunded mandates which lead to hiking local government debt and taxes.


    “Downstate” in Illinois political vernacular typically means anything outside Chicago.

    That is the case here.

    Chicago has a separate fire pension system.

    Note, a few small fire departments or fire protection districts participate in the IMRF pension fund.

    Also note, a fire department is part of a city, village, or town property taxing district.

    A fire protection district is a separate property taxing district.

  8. Actually, road commissioners have control over their tax levies.

  9. Jack Franks is the Cousin Eddie (of “National Lampoons’ Vacation” fame) of McHenry County and his campaign is the junky RV in the holiday movie.

    This “Cut 10%” nonsense is no different than Cousin Eddie, dressed in bathrobe and construction boots, emptying the sewage from the RV into the street. \

    “Hey McHenry voters – sh#tter’s full!”

  10. Franks’ Family and Friends huh?

    Well, if he considers me one, than I want a cush patronage job like he tried to get his Dad (Herbie ‘Daddy Warbucks’ Franks and his wife, and his brother (a corpulent Eddie Haskell, if ya know what I mean)from deposed Guv Blago a/k/a Federal Prisoner #59788623

    On second though, considering these are some of his family and friends, I’ll just pass …..

  11. Time to quit worrying about WHO will and will not do what!

    All this bitching, moaning and complaining means NOTHING!

    Have any of you been to a County board meeting lately?

    A School Board meeting?

    Town board meeting?

    Library board meeting?

    I go and I hear CRICKETS!

    Where is the outcry when and where it is needed?

    Mass up.




    Embolden ALL of our messages and crys of burdens and meet!

    Make your voices heard!

    Go. Go to these meetings.

    Dems, Repubs, Libs, Greens!

    We might have our differences, but we also have common ground!

    Higher taxes, misused funds and fiscal irresponsibility are rampant.

    Grab 10 freinds and have them grab 10 and WE will see you at the Meetings.

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