Another Dissatisfied with Huntley Park District Voting Machines

Here we go again.

Another voter yesterday had a hard time voting for Donald Trump for President while early voting at the Huntley Park District polling place.

You will remember that a husband and wife had problems on separate machines late last week.

So did a female friend of  Eileen Giltner.

I figured the problem would be fixed, but discovered that an employee of my dentist, who voted today in Huntley had the same problem.

Three times she tried to vote for Donald Trump.

Three times the vote popped next to Hillary Clinton’s name.

Not until the fourth time did her vote for Donald Trump “take.”

But that was not the only problem.

voting-boothsShe tried to vote for Michael Walkup for McHenry County Board Chairman.

The vote showed up for Jack Franks.

She tried a second time.

The vote showed up for Jack Franks.

She tried a third time.

The vote showed up for Jack Franks.

She tried a fourth time.

The vote showed up for Jack Franks.

On the fifth attempt, her vote finally showed up for Mike Walkup.

McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan says its a “calibration” problem.

“A lot the issue is human error not an issue with the touchscreen,” McClellan wrote when I altered her to the problem.

“We have had 19,000 voters use the touch screen with only 3 to 4 people with issues it is fair to say that it is possible that human error is at play,” she said.

So, I guess if you or your friends have a similar problem it would be a good idea to tell an election judge…and send me the details so we can share them.


Another Dissatisfied with Huntley Park District Voting Machines — 39 Comments

  1. A “calibration” problem ?

    Is that the best excuse (lie) you can muster ?

    My BS meter needs no “calibration”.

  2. So the only people with problems are th ones that report to the blog?

  3. McClellan is a total liar.

    It has already come out that there is NO SUCH THING as a “calibration” problem.

    If she is so stupid that she is touting that party BS then she needs to go.

    AND pronto!

    (Even if there was such a thing, which there is not; it would have to go both ways. Never does. How stupid do these people think the American public is? When was the last time you ATM touch screen had a calibration error and chose the opposite of what you were trying to select!)

    I am furious with all the lies.

    When are the rest of you going to call these liars out?

  4. You need to film it (which is illegal in Illinois on their crooked machines) and send it to Trump.

    He will need all this evidence when he contests the election results when “they” are finished stealing it.

    This is how frightened the cabal is.

    They have to crook everything or they are all going down.

  5. So, Cindy, you believe a Republican clerk is calibrating machines so Democrat Hillary Clinton will win.

    If not, how is it that this election is being stolen?

    I’m being serious, I truly want to understand your rationale. Please educate me on the logistics of this plan.

    Let’s have a serious, civil conversation.

  6. Check out Cindy’s web link.

    Hillary Clinton is a clone!

    (Click on “science” then “cloning.”

    Those dad-gum illuminati!

  7. What does 4 voters who don’t tell anyone but cal skinner have to do with over 19000 voters.

    Why would a person who feels there is an issue not tell judge of elction.

    Why would they not call the clerk, rather why would they call cal skinner and be their only person who is the reporter of issues.

    I think cal skinner has an issue and wants to discredit this election and the clerk.

    We know he supportered nicks Provenzano and seems to have an axe to grind with clerk McClellan.

    In addition he uses this blog as a venue for Walkup so he is mad that his attempt to control the party of republicans is being by 4 votes attacked by the conspiracy machines.

    It is interesting that the issues are in an area where Mchenry has the highest number of senior with no computer experience.

    Furthermore more interesting is that clerk McClellan is reporting record numbers of early voters therefore it seems that these record number of voters are not familiar with touch screens and more pron to misinformation or misunderstand how to vote using touch screen machines that have been in place for over 15 years in Mchenry county.

    Mis informed or new voters are the issue not voting machines.

  8. Sorry, Moderate, I’ll be civil, but this is beyond taking seriously.

  9. Moderate, you are truly an idiot.

    Did I not say that there is no such thing as calibrating?

    Flipping votes has nothing to do with what they are trying to explain away by using that term.

  10. I’m sure if you keep telling the base that elections are rigged that’ll totally make them go vote.


    You’re doing the work of your opponents when you spread this stuff.

    Clinton and Franks thank you!

  11. Cindy,

    Seriously, how does one steal an election?

    What does that process look like?

    I’m truly trying to understand your position.

  12. Message to ‘moderate’, ‘Josewhales’ and some others on this blog:

    I note there are only four comments relative to that post.

    If you have an interest in reading about ‘factual’ information relative to voting ‘machines’ you will go to that link and read it.

    Insofar as the McHenry County Clerk having any control over the machines, I doubt it.

    She does not prepare the test packs to test the machines and she has NO CLUE relative to the software used in the machines.

    You, the taxpayer fund the preparation of those test packs and you the taxpayer fund the contracts to use the software.

    I would like to see the test results for machines used in Early Voting in McHenry County!

    Can find no STATE LAW requiring it.

    We should NOT be using Touchscreens in early voting! We should be using the paper ballot based opti-scanners.

    We should NOT be counting the ballots with machines!

    To add to the so-called ‘calibration problem’ (software for the screen does not properly recognize WHERE the finger touched the screen) we have a bigger issue with ‘fractional counting’.

    The ballots are not actually COUNTED by people in McHenry County.

    The ballots are counted using programs NOT created or controlled by the County.

    McHenry County uses GEMS software.

    Go to the links I previously posted and educate yourself!!

    This is NOT a partisan issue.

  13. Cautious voter:

    I think it’s absurd that one would assert you can’t count votes using a machine.

    People are far more prone to making careless mistakes.

    Also, if you have a paper ballot and fill in bubbles, it’s still counted by a computer – just like your scantron tests from high school.

    We live in 2016, not 1816.

  14. Is it illegal in Illinois to take a photo of your finger on the screen, touching chosen candidate, then the photo of the ballot marked incorrectly?

    Is this a felony offense?

  15. If the machines are in error then YOU as a citizen should check your vote before leaving.

    It is your responsibility to do this.

  16. And Abe, the article you are citing literally says, “Virginia has printed 1 million provisional ballots, an unprecedented number that could allow a large number of previously disqualified felons to cast ballots for president in the potentially crucial swing state.”

    So is your issue with people voting?

    Or the board of elections preparing for such a large number?

    Plus, those ballots may not even be counted if the margin of victory by Clinton exceeds a certain about.

    So what are you even complaining about?

  17. that question is not logical.

    It is like asking, if i think the air is so polluted, why breathe?

  18. Fractional Magic is how they have been doing this for years. Get yourself a little education.

    Click on the video on the top left.

    If people accept this fraud yet again, and do not use their second amendment, there WILL be violence from the oligarchs, and it will be too late to save yourself.

    This is your modern Battle of Athens but the results this time will be fatally final.

    You have one week before the total shitstorm begins.

    What side of history will you be on?

    God bless you and protect you from what is coming down.

  19. From Last Night! The Mother Lode of Election Fraud:

    Google: Infowars Americas elections are hacked

    “Satan’s greatest deception is simply getting you to believe that he doesn’t exist!”

    Look at the actions of Washington’s Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Jonathan Gruber!

    Look at actions of Illinois Democrats Mobster Mike Madigan & Cullerton, Dick Durbin!

    Look at actions of local sleazy politician Jack Franks!

  20. HUMAN ERROR MY A**, if she told ME that the first time this happened to me she would have gotten a face full!

    I’m not illiterate and I know better than her how to use a computer / electronics

    why don’t you she stop trying to play the Hillary game and step up to the plate and admit she is incompetent!

    instead of shoving the blame off on Not Her fault…

    sick and tired of hearing that tune.

  21. Nobody is going to prosecute you for doing this.

    Can you find any recent prosecutions of it?

    Sounds like dead letter law to me.

    Do you think Bianchi/Kenneally would prosecute you for this?

    (These laws are going to get challenged in court under the 1st amendment and be thrown out anyway.)

    Take the pictures. 😀 😀

    Don’t be a puss.

  22. Cindy,
    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I watched the video and it is absolute garbage.

    First, someone SOMEHOW would have to gain access to thousands of voting machines across thousands of counties.

    Thereafter, they would have to then adjust the fraction setting (?) and this is to be believed because Bev Harris somehow knows how computers work…

    Then, she comes up with a Number out of the blue.

    She says 5,000 people may have rigged the election in favor of Clinton.

    Are… You … Serious?

    I also just gave up 24 minutes of my life to watch the DETAILED version.

    It is excruciatingly long and nearly the exact same content as the short video.

    This is garbage.


    I know you all disagree with me a lot, but don’t watch this crap.

    You would be better off boring a hole through your skull than watching it.

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