Bartman Gets Postage from Dems for Five More Mailings

John Bartman

John Bartman

That’s what seems to have been reported to the State Board of Elections on Saturday.

Here are the in-kind contributions from the Illinois Democratic Party for postage reported by John Bartman:

  • $4,769.63
  • $4,769.63
  • $4,769.63
  • $4,781.39
  • $3,693.75


Bartman Gets Postage from Dems for Five More Mailings — 4 Comments

  1. The postage contributions were from the Democratic Party of Illinois PAC chaired by Michael J Madigan.

    John Bartman has publicly stated he will not vote for John Bartman.

    Michael Madigan’s PAC would not be contributing to the political campaign of John Bartman if he didn’t want John Bartman to defeat Steve Reick.


    The Treasurer of the Democratic Party of Illinois PAC is lawyer Michael J Kasper.

    Michael Kasper was the lawyer financed by The Peoples Map PAC that opposed reforming the partisan manner in which legislative boundaries are drawn every 10 years, which occurs after the US Census is completed (the US Census is conducted every 10 years).

    The Peoples Map was financed primarily by law firms and the following five labor unions:

    – IEA (teacher union)

    – Illinois Pipe Trades (plumbers and pipefitters

    – Illinois State AFL-CIO (largely building, construction, and industrial workers)

    – SEIU (service employees)

    – General Laborers Council of Chicago (Laborers umbrella organization)


    Michael Kasper has been pictured on the blog speaking with Jack Franks during a meeting about redistricting in Marengo.

  2. Democrat John Bartman v Republican Steve Reick for 63rd District State Representative.

    Election November 8, 2016.

    Early voting now in progress.

  3. Mark, early voting is having toooo many problems.

    I do not recommend it.

    People voting for Trump had to vote 5 times NOT to have it flip to Clinton.

    Did the first 4 go to Clinton and just one to Trump????

    Happening all over the county.

    Touch screens are easy to mess with.

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