Another Report of Voting Problems in Huntley

Received this email about six hours ago. The problem happened Saturday.

I just wanted to share that when I pressed my vote for Trump, the touch-screen automatically selected Clinton. It took me several times to get the machine to “unselect” Clinton and get the machine to select my intended vote of Trump. This also happened for a few of the other selections I made, with the machine always making the error in the upper-left portion of the touch screen.

I was able to make all my selections, but I did report it. I was told that they already knew about it. This happened at the voting machine at Huntley’s part district on Saturday, November 5, 2016, around 9:15 a.m.

My concern is that Huntley has a large senior citizen population, as well as some first-time voters, and knowing this, what if these folks aren’t able to catch the errors and the machine votes for someone other than the voter’s intention?

Why wasn’t this machine taken out of the voting process, especially knowing there had been a “known” problem?


Another Report of Voting Problems in Huntley — 2 Comments

  1. The County Clerks office needs a computer system to log, identify, and track these problems.

    With such a system, the person who reported the problem would have been given a tracking number.

    The problem could then be tracked through resolution.

  2. Where is the public outcry on this?

    Business as usual in our state…?

    No media coverage other than your blog.

    I’m appalled at the (two) choices we have again for our country’s top leadership.

    Both Republican and Democratic National Committees have let down their constituents.

    Neither candidate is qualified for President of the United States, but these repeated occurrences actually support some of Trump’s incredulous accusations and lend him credibility. I can hardly wait to vote tomorrow!

    Thanks for your efforts Cal!

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