Chris Christensen Mails

Just found a piece of literature from District 3 Republican County Board member Chris Christensen that looks as if it was mailed.

The address side of Chris Christensen's mailing.

The address side of Chris Christensen’s mailing.

The back of Chris Christensen's County Board literature.

The back of Chris Christensen’s County Board literature.

Christensen was part of the Cary Grade School Board that retrieved the board from almost bankruptcy after the teachers union candidate took over District 26 and gave away the store.

He was appointed to replace Nick Provenzano when Provenzano resigned to take a full-time job with Congressman Randy Hultgren.


Chris Christensen Mails — 1 Comment

  1. Steve & Renee,great folks.

    CHRIS has shown his leadership
    Against the energy plant project
    And with School District 26 Board.

    Thanks for deciding to run for
    The board !

    More people appreciate you than
    You realize.

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