Did You or a Friend Have A Problem with Early Voting?

Votes being cast at the Crystal Lake Park District's Main Beach House.

Votes being cast at the Crystal Lake Park District’s Main Beach House.

McHenry County Blog can point to specific individuals who voted in Grafton and Nunda Townships who had problems with electronic voting.

A half dozen people have reported having trouble getting votes for Donald Trump to “take.”

Four times a husband and wife tried to vote for Trump at the Huntley Park District.

Only on the fourth time was Trump, instead of Hillary Clinton, seen as having been voted for.

Two reports have reached me that people tried to vote for Mike Walkup, but four times Jack Franks’ name appeared to have received the vote.

The question remains whether this was a wider spread problem.

So, this article asks for information to be emailed to me (if one does not want to put the information in a comment).

My email can be accessed by clicking on the left hand side of the screen where it says, “Email Cal.”

And, if anyone has problems on Election Day, please contact me.

Finally, if you haven’t gotten my drift yet, my recommendation is that you vote with a paper ballot, not on the electronic machine.


Did You or a Friend Have A Problem with Early Voting? — 43 Comments

  1. It is likely because nobody who is voting for Trump knows how to operate a computer or touchscreen device due to age or lack of mental capacity.

  2. **Remember, it is a felony in Illinois to take photo in voting booth or of how one voted.**

    Don’t tell Allen Skillicorn, who posted a picture of his own ballot.

    Because that’s exactly what we need.

    A State Rep who doesn’t under the very basics of election law.

  3. Well, two of the young women to whom this happened we not old.

    They work in a dentist’s office.

  4. The County Clerk’s office needs a problem reporting and tracking system.

    Each problem should be assigned an incident number and the person who reported the problem should be provided an incident number.

    If the problem was Clinton votes switched to Trump, then suddenly the detractors would believe there is an issue.

  5. Allen Skillicorn understands annexing a business to a village is not giving away tax dollars to corporations.

    Allen Skillicorn understands that Culture of Africa for Kids Everywhere (CAKE) is not a corporation, and he said he didn’t vote for an incentive for CAKE anyway.

    “He has voted OVER 50 TIMES to give away our tax dollars to corporations.”

    The above were 2 of the 50 examples in the list provided.



    Procedural votes are not giving away tax dollars to corporations.

    The largest privately held indoor firing range in the United States, that includes a gun store, is not simply a gun store.


    Democrat Nancy Zettler v Republican Allen Skillicorn for 66th District State Representative.

    The incumbent 66th District State Representative, Michael Tryon, did not run for re-election in the primary.

  6. Re: “Finally, if you haven’t gotten my drift yet, my recommendation is that you vote with a paper ballot, not on the electronic machine.”

    Are there any precincts in Illinois where ballot ‘tabulation’ is still done by hand?

    If not, even the ‘paper ballot’ is being tabulated by an ‘electronic machine’.

    I have not seen where there is a great demand for a return to ‘hand counting’ ballots but I continue to see a demand for more rapid returns posting by the County Clerk.

    You cannot have rapid result posting without the use of ‘electronic machines’.

    That said, we need better citizen oversight of the voting audit.

    Results are not ‘official’ until the County Clerk completes the ‘canvass’.

    The audit must include a ‘hand count’ of the tapes from the early voting machines. Expensive? Yes.

  7. They are so clever, they rig machines to tally Trump votes for Clinton.

    They do it in solidly republican areas – here, Texas – but they don’t rig it so the T box is checked?

    And they do it right under the noses of the republican election judges.

    Yes, and the Internet is down, as the conspiracy folks predicted. You are hallucinating all this.

    The generals who took charge when Obama secretly resigned will send instructions to you via your goldfish.

  8. That is not a logical comment, if meant to refute the possibility that touchscreen shift is occurring.

    Illinois voters should be vigilant that what they touch on touchscreen is recorded correctly on ballot, yes or no?

    Knowing that photos in voting booth are felony offense in Illinois, voters should call in a witness (election judge) to record any suspected voting machine malfunctions, yes or no?

  9. You get the government you pay for and this includes voting equipment.

    Clearly the touch screens are problematic but this is NOT a systemic issues and there is NOT a coordinated effort to rig the election electronically.

    Cal, quit insulting the intelligence of voters and claiming there is election fraud.

    One of the single greatest moments of our Democratic history was the peaceful transfer of power from Adams to Jefferson.

    Yet, even our founding fathers found a way to question the legitimacy of election results.

    Jefferson moved to deligitimize the midnight judges that Adams nominated therefore potentially setting a dangerous precedent.

    If it wasn’t for the Supreme Court setting the precedent of Judicial review, we might have had more tumultuous endings to electoral contests.

    We might have violence in the streets, which only one candidate has advocated for.

    That is troubling.

    Today, disgruntled white voters who have lost on globalization and have seen wage stagnation are clinging to dangerously charged nationalistic sentiments also interwoven with bigotry, racism and hate.

    These same voters are coalescing around forces who are arguing the results of our election are to be questioned.

    These same forces delegitimized the President nominating a judge to the Supreme Court and now are arguing to directly violate the constitution and not accept a nomination from the next President, WHEN she wins.

    I’m deeply sickened by this lack of leadership and further question the ethical and moral fiber of those, like Cal Skinner, who knowingly perpetrate these troubling views.

    Do not believe the alt-right and those perpetrating he electoral rigging lie.

    If you are doing it out of ignorance, shame on you.

    If you are doing it out of political expediency, shame on you.

  10. There is no logic to rebuttal of voter vigilance for election mechanism irregularity.

    Either way–whether voting D or R, if the touchscreen changes a choice on ballot recording, there is an issue worth investigating.

    I am deeply sickened by the comment above from an American who is so indoctrinated to unsubstantiated self-serving dogma that he advises we disregard vigilance and truth-seeking, and is contemptuously dismissive of demanding evidence-based protocols rather than those protocols that are enriching the regime currently empowered to rule.

    It is sickening when an American citizen is so sociopathically indifferent to the fates of fellow American citizens that he advises disregarding vigilance and truth seeking.

    Moderate, Shame on You.

    It is sickening to contemplate the rationalizations which Americans use to justify the benefits they personally accrue at the expense of fellow Americans.

    It leads to the inference that when food or water or medical resources get REALLY scarce, that rationalization will be indoctrinated: direct those scant resources toward the exclusive use of those Americans whose regime is in power.

  11. Please don’t overlook the two young women who work in my dentist’s office, both of whom tried to vote for Mike Walkup, but the machine defaulted to Jack Franks four times before they got a Mike Walkup vote to take.

  12. The blog reporting problems.

    That’s transparency.

    A big problem is the County Clerk’s office has no way of tracking these problems.

    Each reported problem should be assigned an incident number.

    The person reporting the problem should be given the incident number.


    There is a wide variety of problems associated with political campaigns in the United States.

    A major issue is in the name of free speech, Democrat operatives are inhibiting free speech.

    That was evident with paid Democrat operatives claiming they shut down the Trump rally in Chicago.

    That was accomplished in part by paid agitators.

    Their job was to agitate.

    This is exposed in the undercover series, Rigging the Election.


    Project Veritas Action Fund

    Rigging the Election



    Two of the people involved in leading the Democrat agitation effort are from midwest.

    Scott Foval, Milwaukee

    Bob Creamer, Chicago.


    They are paid by or contract with various organizations.

    There is a network of organizations involved in the effort.

    Bob Creamer is the husband of the US Congresswoman from Illinois’ 9th Congressional District, Jan Schakowsky (Evanston)


    We see agitation on this blog on a regular basis.

    It is happening nationwide.

  13. Susan, I argue that while machines are not foolproof, a malfunctioning machine does not prove a nationwide conspiracy.

    Circumstantially, the evidence is against such a conspiracy, and no direct evidence supports a conspiracy.

    If clever engineers rigged electronic machines to report votes for Candidate A as votes for Candidate B, they would not have the machine’s display show the fraud. Instead, they would rig the machine so that the display showed the vote the voter intended, while the machine counted the vote as the engineer wanted.

    That way, when I vote for candidate A, the machine display shows that, while registering the vote as one for B. To do it otherwise is to red-flag one’s own fraud.

    This is why I say that these reports, whether they are from aged pensioners or nimble young dental techs, are not evidence of fraud.

    You should also consider why anyone would waste the time, money, effort and risk of being caught here.

    Donald Trump would not come close to winning Illinois in an unrigged election.

    Why waste the effort when the electoral votes all go to Clinton?

    That leads to another difficulty in the voting machine conspiracy theory.

    To succeed, the conspirators have to get the rigged machines into the places that would otherwise go to Trump.

    Those precincts are the most difficult places to pull that off.

    I don’t for a moment believe in the conspiracy theories from either extreme.

    The folks who spend their time and effort conducting the elections, the election judges, the watchers, the folks at the courthouses, the tens of thousands of people who do this and who come from both parties as well as unaffiliated folks, all across the country, deserve better than the nonsense spouted by people who do not engage in the system other than by anonymously passing on unverified internet muck.

    Most of them are unpaid, and they do it to support the democracy.

    Yes, the republic form of democracy.

  14. Lol – Susan, I don’t think I’m advocating for the Hunger Games.

    Can you be more specific on what vigilant means?

    I think you fail to consider the rigging an election is impossible.

    There are more than 3,000 different county clerk across the country conducting elections.

    You would need to rig each of these without a SINGLE Dem or GOP official raising concern.

    You would also have to buy off my grandma, who is an election judge.

    Are you calling my grandma a criminal?

  15. There does not need to be a nationwide effort for there to be an issue.

    Democrat paid agitators claimed they shut down the Trump rally in Chicago.

    They did not shut down all Trump rally’s.

  16. Vigilant in that instance meant when you select candidate x on a voting machine, the machine records the vote as candidate x, not candidate y.

    There have been instances this election reported on this blog where voters selected candidate x, but the machine recorded it as candidate y.

  17. You are creating a straw man argument.

    You stated that there might be a ‘nationwide conspiracy’, and I never stated or implied that.

    The issue at hand is this:

    more than two credible citizens claimed to have had touchscreen choice shifts, and these were backed up by poll judges’ statements.

    Citizens must therefore be prepared to be extremely vigilant for such events.

    I believe not everyone knows that photos in election booths in Illinois are felony offenses.

    Therefore, to record an alleged irregular event, the citizen must be prepared to know how to get that event witnessed within the law, and properly recorded (so as to hold up later) for future assessment.

    You are taking an emotional argument and applying it to a logical one: you seem to be emotionally invested in the argument that because we are human and imperfect we must tolerate all imperfections even when skewed to the direct benefit of a few at the expense of the many.

    “Unverified” events are the heart of the matter. Illinois law ensures that ALL voter booth irregularities must be ‘Unverified”, by virtue of photos being a felony offense.

    The argument I made (the ONLY argument I made, I don’t know how you got onto some tangential topic) was that in order to VERIFY irregularities we must devise a legal protocol and know what to do if we see a touchscreen shift happen.

    I think that if there are credible reports of voting booth irregularity, all of us should participate in rooting out such corruption.

    Whether the irregularity falls in favor of our own personal voting preference or not.

    Is your argument that we should NOT be vigilant, and we should NOT call over a poll judge if that happens?

  18. Anyone who claims there is no election fraud anywhere is naive or has an agenda.

  19. adjective
    keenly watchful to detect danger; wary:
    a vigilant sentry.
    ever awake and alert; sleeplessly watchful

    My position is this: Look for anomaly, and if one is noted then record the event as well as possible within the law.
    At voting booth, nearest I can guess is that one should try to call a judge over, get the judge to witness event, make a written record signed by all witnesses.

  20. “…my grandma, who is an election judge. Are you calling my grandma a criminal?”

    Are you calling all grandmothers non-criminals?

    Do you have statistics to support that women who have children who have children are thoroughly devoid of criminal records?

    Emotional, unsubstantiated arguments tailored to deviate the topic from a very simple point do not advance the cause of equity for all citizens.

    If a voting booth irregularity occurs, do NOT take a phone picture (felony offense), call an election judge over, record the event in writing, and submit a report to Illinois or Federal Election officials for investigation.

  21. Look at the pinned tweet in Scott Foval’s main twitter feed (without replies).

    “I pay homeless & mentally ill people more in a week than you make in a year.”


    In a Project Veritas Action Fund video, a Democrat operative was caught on tape stating he pays mentally ill people to be agitators.

  22. So Susan, do you call tech support every time your computer freezes or do you figure it out?

    When you are voting, if the screen mistakenly chooses Trump and you want Hillary, then punch the button until it says Hillary and make sure the ticker tape reflects your vote.

    If the tape didn’t record your vote right, that is a problem.

    Otherwise, the former is simply reflective of the technology and not indicative of fraud, nor should you call an election judge over.

    Just use common sense.

    Also, I was joking about my grandma.

    Chill the hell out, Hal.

    You sound like the checkout machine at Jewel, “unexpected item in the bagging area, unsubstantiated, emotional arguments will be referred to customer service.”

  23. The screen does not mistakenly choose another candidate.

    That is a result of the software code.

    And it certainly could be fraud.

  24. Disenfranchising citizens, including grandmothers who are not adept with buggy new technology, is a serious topic.

    There have been great efforts to obtain voting rights for persons lacking Id, for example.

    Your frantic efforts to divert the topic or diminish the issue will hold water, I suppose, if you will declare that other issues claimed to disenfranchise potential voters are equally frivolous.

  25. There have been no reports on the blog about Hillary votes switching to Trump.

    Only Trump votes switching to Hillary.

  26. Susan,

    Saying that user error with finicky touchscreen technology is an issue of voter disenfranchisement is like saying that Apple is conspiring to send text messages with typos because I text too fast and don’t look at what I’m typing.

    Slow down,
    Choose the box you want,
    Click the box.

    Double Check

    Did it click the right box?


    Click again.

    Did it work this time?



    Next candidate.

    Are you hearing or visually impaired?

    Get help.

    This is simple stuff.

    That is not disenfranchisement.

    That’s not cospiracy.

    It’s common sense.

  27. You are declaring yourself a victor and condescending to the field.

    You are not presenting evidence that there is no possible way a random generator for touchscreen switch line of code can exist in voting programs, you just keep banging the table and saying anyone who thinks that is a possibility is an idiot.

    It is simple stuff.

    Election judges are there for a reason.

    Condescendingly insulting voters who would seek election judges’ verification of incidents and create incident reports is not common sense, it is illogical.

  28. I agree we are responsible for our actions.

    When my typos appear in text, or spell-checker makes embarrassing ‘corrections’, I live with it.

    I do not think requiring photo IDs of voters is disenfranchisement.

    We can all take the time to be careful and do what is required to ensure free and fair elections.

    But you are not following rules of logical argument again, and it is frustrating because it diverts from a problem that may exist, and which has a simple solution.

    When an alleged anomaly occurs, there seems to be no legal way to document that other than to get an election judge over to witness the replication of the event.

    It either happened or not.

    If it did happen, why are you so desperate to pretend it didn’t?

  29. Susan,
    You name the time and place.

    Oxford style debate.

    I would destroy you.

    You sound like a sophomore rhetoric student who learned about fallacies last week.

    There is no coding issue.

    Are you accusing Mary McClellan of conspiring to elect Clinton?

    What happens when Trump wins McHeny County tonight, which he will.

    Is that voter fraud??

    What happens when Trump AND Franks win?

    Were the machines by working for Walkup then?

    Who was trying to rig the vote for only Franks and Trump.

    And, since we are sharing definitions, the root of idiot is from the Latin word idiota means ignorant person, which – when it comes to elections – is you Susan.

    You are and idiot.


  30. Check out what seems to be Scott Foval’s official Twitter feed.

    He was one of the subjects caught on tape in the undercover investigation by Project Veritas.

    “Paid agitators @ every #blacklivesmatter riot last 2 years.”


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