Sign Obfuscation

Hiding the opponent's sign is a juvenile campaign tactic.

Hiding the opponent’s sign is a juvenile campaign tactic.

Plenty of room on Alden Rd & McGuire, but as you can see, Bartman signs have been put directly in front of Steve Reick’s in order to hide them.

Pretty sleazy way to campaign


Sign Obfuscation — 8 Comments

  1. LOL Mark

    Sometimes when you use a few
    Words It is quite powerful. 😉

  2. Did the same at 120 and Charles Road.

    Evidently, the Bartman supporters had no where else to put their signs.

    Bet it pissed off a lot of undecideds, so maybe it’s good for Reick.

  3. What do you expect from a sleazy guy.

    When his support base is all union thugs, this is what you get.

    The Union supporters did the the same tricks against Bill Prim in the primary when Bill was running and they were supporting AZ.

    Go Steve Reick!!!!

  4. Classy.

    Similar tactics seem to make it pretty obvious who is behind the “safe roads” amendment.

  5. same thing on US 14 today…aslo watched a Guy place 3 Bartman signs on Airport road this Morn and 9:15

  6. Bill:

    Did the guy you saw look like an ‘Illegal’ of have the funny ‘swishy’ walk like the ‘girlymen’ from the LGBT fag group?

    Just trying to figure out who’s supporting these Dems.

  7. Steve Reick is a great guy, no matter what the outcome is!

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